How to make yourself lose weight

If you do not know how to make yourself lose weight, then you need to start the process of setting goals and motivations for weight loss. Psychologists  Each girl is not just thinking about how to make yourself lose weight
 They argue that the planning schedule of weight loss and daily self-motivation give the best results in the fight against excess weight. Make sure that the selected targets are really needed and are to be strained, because most of the weight loss will change your life and will take up most of the time. It is better to aim for a specific number on which you wish to become slimmer, then subconsciously you will do everything possible to achieve the desired weight. Then, depending on your personal preferences you need to select a diet and physical exercises that will lead you to achieve this goal.

How to make yourself lose weight: psychology

Before you begin any diet or exercise, make sure that you decide to take this step without hatred and inner self-confidence. This aspect is very important because if one is not to love yourself and accept your body for what it is, on the psychological level, the body will take the diet as a punishment. The more positive and more love you treat your body right now, before you start losing weight, the easier it will be given this difficult period of restrictions in eating and exercise. If you do not love yourself in the form in which the body looks before the transformation, it is unlikely that after weight loss, and this love will come to the updated appearance.

Very correct and effective approach to losing weight in terms of the psychology of how to make yourself lose weight is drawing up a list of 10 traits and body parts, which are intending to lose weight values ​​and loves most about yourself. This can be a laugh, smile, walk, ears, nails, eyes, or something else. Then, should draw up a similar list, but it will need to specify what you in the most appreciated and loved the people around. To do this interview with prejudice of their colleagues or relatives, and based on their responses to find those traits or body parts that are the same. After making two lists need to hang in a prominent place so that visually constantly deal with them again and again to remind yourself of your positive qualities.

Thus, rather than dwell on the hated parts of the body, a person appreciates and thanks himself for what he has and what a love. However, in order to get the most out of any diet or exercise with the time necessary to fall in love with all of himself completely. This can be done by looking at your body in a new way or the other. So if, for example, most of a person do not like thick thighs, the focus should not their entirety, and, for example, color or smoothness in, generally on what part of the body and the like can constantly about itself reminding. With each lost kilogram hip will become slim and fit, and eventually they will start to like a person really no auto-suggestion.

How to make yourself lose weight: motivation

No less  The list of goals - one of the options of how to bring himself to lose weight
 an important aspect of the issue of loss of excess weight is motivation. It can be anything, for example, to lose weight to get into a prom dress that is two sizes smaller than what is sitting on the figure at the moment.

If you put a specific purpose does not work, you need to relax in a quiet place and listen to yourself. Then you need to focus on the reasons why weight loss is so necessary to you, and think about how you will feel when it becomes slimmer, what clothes you wear and how to behave.

To understand motivation, how to make yourself lose weight, it is important to make a list of short-term objectives (to buy new clothes for the summer), medium-term objectives (40 years look better than you looked at 25), and lifetime goals (always look good and feel great) .

Now that you know why you want to become slimmer, choose pleasant daily routines that will stimulate you to achieve these goals, such as body scrubs, pedicures, manicures and tanning.

Reward yourself every time weight is reduced (hiking to the masseur or the beautician, cosmetics or buying smaller clothes).