Green tea for weight loss

Green Tea - a unique product, which is used in the East for thousands of years. Everyone knows its beneficial properties. It prolongs life, preserving youth and mobility, has a very pleasant taste and perfectly quenches thirst. Today it became known, and the fact that green tea helps to lose weight. But the problem of excess weight excites a large number of modern people of different ages and social groups.  How to use green tea for weight loss

Green tea for weight loss - is it possible?

Green tea - one of the best tools which easily copes with being overweight. Green tea helps to lose weight almost anyone. In China and Japan it is used since ancient times. There is a tea ceremony, showing clearly how seriously the people of these countries belong to this healthful drink. And the population of Asian countries found obese people very difficult. Slimming Green Tea is ideal: it helps clean the body of toxins and impurities, good regulates the digestive tract, accelerates metabolic processes.

This fine adjusts healthful drink sugar level in the serum, and polyphenol contained therein does not permit to move glucose into fat. What kind of calorie green tea may be involved when one is able to drink the cup to burn up to 80 calories. If you calculate the daily drinking at least one cup of tea per day for a year you can actually lose weight by 4 kg. And if we apply effective measures to lose weight, the result is simply spectacular.

Green tea tones the body better than coffee, and green tea contains calories at least. However, pregnant and lactating women should be careful to take a drink. Do not add sugar to tea. In this case, the calorie green tea will increase.

Green tea for weight loss: diet

If you combine green tea for weight loss herbs and foods can enhance the properties of the drink, the result is even more effective. For example, green tea is perfect hibiscus, hawthorn, cinnamon, flax seeds. They resolves fat, decrease the amount of cholesterol in blood, increase metabolism, and suppress appetite. In the opinion, green tea for weight loss in conjunction with the above herbs give a wonderful effect.

The leaves of green tea for weight loss can also be taken orally. To do this, they need to be crushed into powder and take it half a teaspoon three times a day during meals, washed down with warm boiled water. In the opinion, green tea for weight loss, received by this method reduces the weight of the body without the use of any low-calorie diets. This method has long been used in China.

On the recommendations of nutritionists, green tea for weight loss is necessary to use as often as possible. To quickly and effectively lose weight, you must reduce the consumption of flour products, sweets and emphasis in the diet on a large number of fruits and vegetables. Grilled meat is desirable to replace boiled.  The views of experts on how green tea helps to lose weight

After two weeks of using green tea in the diet, the body slowly begins to get rid of excess weight. In the beginning, there is a clearing and removing excess fluid. Then begins the process of burning fat. Diets with green tea are good that a person starts to get used to a normal diet. Caloric content of green tea is almost zero, and the content of nutrients is sufficiently large.

The use of green tea in cosmetics

Useful properties of green tea are recognized by official sources and folk medicine. All the world famous cosmetics company using the beneficial properties of green tea for making various creams.

When weight loss skin begins to lose elasticity. Therefore, beauticians recommend the morning and in the evening to wash green tea. To the neck and chest had a nice view, you must wipe them with ice cubes of green tea. Also, this type of wiping help remove various rashes on the face. Thus, you can use green tea for weight loss and care for your skin and overall health, cleaning it of toxins.