How to lose weight man

 The best way to lose weight man at home - not to exceed the daily calories
 Men, like women to feel confident and to be always in good shape, you should always monitor their weight. They are important not only to get rid of excess fat, and replace it with muscle mass, which creates a nice relief. How to quickly lose weight man? Let's deal.

Men lose weight easier than women!

It is an indisputable fact that, undoubtedly, will please many men. What is the secret? Everyone knows that the most problematic area in men - a stomach. It is increasingly accumulated fat called visceral. Its accumulation takes place under the abdominal muscles. It is considered metabolically active and burned first.

It was he, laying in the abdomen in large amounts, provoking various diseases: high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks, diabetes, etc. How to lose a man to avoid such troubles?

Action plan to lose weight man at home:

  • To clearly understand the reason for excessive weight and find the answer to the question of how to lose weight the man, it is necessary, first of all, get tested;
  • Seek help from a dietitian who will help you choose the rate of calories for men. Also, it will make an individual program of weight loss, learn more about the specifics of his diet.

Causes of overweight men

The main factors of obesity in men are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Overeating;
  • Stress.

How to lose a man indulging in food?

Refusing food intake to lose weight, no one to call will not. You just need to pay attention to what the volume of food eaten at one time. The ideal option to lose weight man at home - when a portion of the food placed on the palm of his hand. The bigger the man, the respectively. larger than the palm.

Recommendations how to lose weight man using proper nutrition

Eating fractional recommended, two to four times a day. Lose at home to help the man food, including adequate amounts of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Gradually reducing portions, the body will get used to less calorie intake, and you will know the answer to the question of how a man to lose weight quickly. But if hunger is strong, you can snack light salad. To ideal weight for men persisted, you must periodically arrange fasting days.

For the first time unusual to eat smaller portions. From time to time can be constantly felt a slight feeling of hunger. But as the man to lose weight if you do not reduce the amount of food consumed?

The right mix of products to maintain an ideal weight for a man

 How to quickly lose weight man - active exercise
 It should be three times a week to eat the meat and various kinds of fish. It is better to give preference to beef, veal and lamb. But the meat and fish should be oil-rich! Eat them better in baked or boiled.

Do not combine meat and fish and cereals, potatoes and bread. To do this, fit a variety of salads and vegetables. Otherwise fermented in the intestine, that negatively affects digestion.

Try to maintain a healthy weight eat rye bread, as little as possible to include in the diet muffin. Dairy products also contribute to weight loss.

Tea without sugar, and no more than one coffee cup per day.

How to lose a man? Include in your daily diet various cereals: buckwheat, rice, barley and others. But you must remember that the cereals are not combined with meat and dairy products.

Every day you need to eat as much fruit and vegetables. Daily calories for men should not exceed 2 800. Of these, protein should account for 25% to 30% fat, the remaining calories are carbohydrates, as "energy fuel."

Calculation of ideal weight for a man

There are several methods for calculating the ideal weight. They are based on a balance between growth rate and weight. Brock formula used for over 100 years. To do this, the growth of a man is subtracted 100 and get the desired result. But the method has been criticized due to the fact that the calculation does not take into account the male physique. People of small stature often automatically fall into the category of overweight.

Currently we are using a different calculation system: BMI - body mass index. For this purpose the weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared, and. Body weight is considered to be critical if the index has exceeded 30.

Physical activities help to reduce body weight

How to lose a man? Ideal - class swimming and jogging. But to start physical exercises should be without fanaticism and without excessive overload. Starting the day with morning exercise is recommended. Try as much as possible hiking. While you work, periodically take a break for charging: squatting, bending and stretching.

Refusal of bad habits and, above all, from alcohol, especially beer.