Tough diet

Tough diet - some radical weight loss procedure in which sharply limited calorie daily diet (500 kcal per day). With this type of diet is used the minimum daily amount of food. Thus, the food must contain the necessary daily dose of minerals, vitamins and other components.  Tough diet - radical method of weight loss

Advantages and disadvantages of strict diets for weight loss

Even the fastest hard diet can help lose weight and bring the body to use. However, while such a diet should be limited and the daily diet should fully comply with the individual needs of the body. Therefore, strict diet for weight loss is best done under the supervision of a nutritionist. He will make the menu, considering the individual characteristics of the body and health.

The most dangerous are the rapid hard diet. In these diets, weight loss usually occurs due to a loss of protein and fluids, in particular muscle cells, liver and brain. These cells are then replaced by fat cells. To the category of strict diets may include one component of diet. Without a proper balance such a diet can lead to diseases of the digestive tract, disruption of the immune system, as well as the depletion of the body.

Following such a diet is not allowed a dramatic increase in the amount of food. When using rigid diet significantly slows down the metabolism. After the diet, when a person begins to eat normal food in normal quantities, the body continues to accumulate reserves, but in large quantities. Fat mass increases and expended during dieting protein tissue is replaced by fat cells. Thus there is a very rapid increase in body weight. This is a great stress to the body and damage the health. After all, while dramatically reducing the amount of food during the diet the body begins to make stocks. And the body was stored fat cells. And for energy it uses proteinaceous tissue.

To restore the parameters of metabolism and may require professional help nutritionist. Dietitian to develop individual qualitative and quantitative diet. Correctly made diet will allow to quickly restore the initial level of metabolism.

Menu strict diet for weight loss

The menu rigid diet should include a variety of foods. Meals must be frequent.

The menu diet should definitely introduce products that burn fat - apples, blackberries, asparagus, greens, walnuts, broccoli. You can also include tofu, low-fat dairy products, fish, flaxseed. From drinks for weight reduction perfect green tea and organic coffee. If there are no contraindications, it can be added to dishes hot spices.

Very useful for the organism will diet for one day. Once a week or two it is necessary to arrange a fasting day. During the unloading of the day a small amount of food to be divided into five parts. Eating should be every three hours. This diet will help cleanse the body of toxins.  Sample menu rigid diet for a week

An example of a fast rigid diet

For quick strict diet is the so-called jockey diet. The first day of this diet should eat three meals of chicken, cooked in the oven. On the second day, three hundred grams of beef should be divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the third day of a diet is not allowed to drink more than five cups of organic coffee.

With a rigid diet patterns can be in three days to lose three to five extra kilos. Diet is quite complicated, but very effective. For breakfast, you should eat one boiled egg. The dinner allowed to eat 175 grams of fat-free yogurt, unsweetened tea to drink. During an afternoon snack you can eat even 175 grams of fat-free yogurt, a cup of unsweetened tea. The food can not add salt and sugar. The menu of this diet is not dinner.

Menu rigid diet for a week

Menu rigid diet for a week and should not consist of a limited number of products. A more useful for such a diet will use a variety of products in small quantities (at least five times a day).

During the first day of a rigid diet you can eat one boiled potato, drink about 100 ml of yogurt. On the second day of the diet is necessary to boil 100 grams of meat, drink 100 ml of yogurt. During the third day, you can eat an apple and drink 100 ml of yogurt. On the fourth day to eat 100 grams of cottage cheese, drink 100 ml of yogurt. On the sixth day of the diet resolved to eat hundred grams of sour cream, drink 100 ml of yogurt. For Seventh-day diet should drink at least half a liter of yogurt.