How to lose weight in 1 day

 Diet 1 day to lose 0, 5-1 kg
 In order to get rid of a small amount of weight loss, not necessarily sit on a strict diet for a long time or not at all hungry. There are a number of diets that allow to lose weight on a pound or kilogram per day, but practice them often is not recommended, since instead of a positive effect in the form of weight loss, you can enter the body in the stop mode and vice versa, dial a few extra kilos.

How to lose weight in 1 day: cucumber monodiet

Cucumber mono-diet is more than a real way to lose weight in 1 day to 2 kg, without discomfort and hunger. Throughout the day, you must consume 2 kg of fresh cucumbers for 5-6 receptions, among which during the day is allowed bottled water in any quantity. Such a diet to lose weight one day allow at 1-1, 5 kg per day, and to lose one day of 2 kg is necessary in addition to the diet by the end of the day to do a cleansing enema that effectively cleanse the intestines.

Drinking diet for 1 day

Reset a little overweight can be a day with diet for 1 day of potable water, under which it is necessary to drink 6 to 12 glasses. Water should be either plain or mineral, water or can be prepared by specially designed to achieve weight loss recipe. There are two recipes cooking water for weight loss:

  • Recipe 1 - is necessary to mix two large chopped lemon one cayenne, 2 L of water and some parsley, infuse liquid overnight, after which the finished fluid is needed morning strain and use as an ordinary water during the day;
  • Recipe 2 - must be finely chopped small fresh ginger root, a medium-sized lemon zest, two fresh cucumber and 10 g of peppermint. Cut the ingredients you need to place in the three-liter bottle and pour cold water. Infuse the resulting liquid should be refrigerated for several hours, then strain and use as a finished product throughout the day diet.

Protein diet for 1 day

Protein diet allows for a short period of time to lose a fairly large number of excess weight, however, the result of 4-5 kg ​​can be achieved by observing the protein diet for at least a week. Eating with a diet for 1 day eggs, cheese, meat and other protein products, which are allowed in unlimited quantities, you can achieve results in the shelf or even 1 kg.

How to lose weight in 1 day: practical advice

 When diet on day 1 the total number of calories consumed should not exceed 1200 kcal per day
 In order to lose weight per day on a shelf or a kilo, does not necessarily follow a diet for 1 day. You can lose weight by following these tips:

  • It is necessary to consider beforehand menu daily ration from the calculation, the total number of calories consumed should not exceed 1200 kcal per day. The total number of selected food should be divided into five receptions, approximately 250 calories each - it will help boost metabolism;
  • It is necessary to be engaged for an hour of cardio exercise. Suitable jogging, cycling or swimming - anything that can raise the heart rate for an extended period;
  • It is necessary to drink plenty of water, as one of the keys of fast weight loss is hydration of the body. The optimum amount of water consumed per day is 2 liters, which will help not only to reduce the appetite, so the stomach is filled, but also wash excess sodium from the body;
  • Visiting Russian bath will quickly lose a few kilos and get rid of stagnant water and toxins through the pores of the skin.