How to lose weight in 50 years

 Diet after 50 years does not allow the starvation
 One gets the impression that the diet - a lot of young girls. At the same time, obesity at a young age spread is not as much as in older age groups. In Russia, almost 40% of the population are overweight. Thus up to 20 years with this problem faced by people less than 10%, and after 50 years - more than half. Obesity - is not primarily a cosmetic problem. This condition is a chronic disease, which even by itself causes a decrease in the quality of life. In addition, obesity causes the development of many serious diseases, as they can cause disability and even death. For example, overweight associated diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the joints and spine. The more obese a person exists, the greater the likelihood of developing these conditions. So the question is how to lose weight in 50 years is very important.

Causes of Obesity

You have to understand that obesity - a chronic metabolic disease. In most cases, the disease is primary. His cause became hereditary characteristics and lifestyle. Obesity genes we get from parents. In addition, since childhood in the family can be configured wrong habits: the propensity to overeating, sedentary leisure. Only 5% of cases of obesity is formed due to endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, hypercortisolism), or other diseases. To find out the cause of excess weight you have, you must pass a comprehensive examination by an endocrinologist or physician.

How to lose weight in 50 years

Principles of treating obesity after 50 are the same as in earlier age. First, the doctor determines the degree of obesity. The most commonly used body mass index (Quetelet index). Normally, its value does not exceed 25 kg / m². For obesity characteristic numbers Quetelet index of 30 kg / m² or higher. If the index is greater than 25 kg / m² but less than 30 kg / m², it is possible to talk about overweight.

Even if you do not have associated diseases, prevention of further weight gain change in diet and lifestyle shows already at overweight. Drug therapy is indicated for the ineffectiveness of a low calorie diet, physical activity and lifestyle changes. Sometimes the surgical treatment of obesity.

In any event, the question of how to lose weight at 50, the main response is diet.

Diet after 50 years

Diet after 50 years to be built on the principles of a healthy diet.

People with excess weight should be a low-calorie diet .  This means that with food must be supplied is low in calories, less than would be consumed within the body of the day .  The older a person is, the slower his metabolism, and, consequently, the energy the body spends less .  Thus, caloric intake in one and the same person at 20 years to be significantly higher than 50 .  To lose weight - Reduce your calorie daily diet of 500 kilocalories .  First of all it should be done by reducing the amount of fatty foods and sugary foods .  Remember that even having overweight man after 50 years shows that food restriction .  Such measures help to prevent heart disease, blood vessels and even some cancer diseases .  Diet after 50 years should not be based on the use of starvation or fasting days .  Such measures are too much stress for the metabolism and can cause health problems .  At the same time, the effect of several days starvation is not usually too unstable and too spectacular .

In addition, it is important to organize the food: take food fractional, small portions 5-6 times a day .  This rhythm meal just easier to sustain those who are retired .  It is not necessary to adjust to the schedule, to eat in the dining room .  For 50 years after the diet increased requirements in terms of health safety .  Food should be balanced on the main components, contain a sufficient amount of trace elements and vitamins .  At the expense of carbohydrates should come about 60% of calories from fat - about 25% from protein - 15% .  Thus, it is clear that low-carb diets after 50 years are undesirable .  Such power supply system (Atkins diet, "the Kremlin") in the elderly are transported difficult because of excessive lead to unnecessary load on the kidneys .  At the same time, do not get too limiting protein foods .  Let there in the diet and animal and vegetable protein .  These components are necessary for proper operation of each cell in the body .  A vegetarian diet is not useful after the age of 50 years .  Its long-term use can lead to decreased immunity and, consequently, to the development of severe diseases (such as tuberculosis) .  Dairy products must be present in the diet after 50 years

So, how to lose weight in 50 years, and what products should eat? Daily diet is desirable to include at least a small amount of vegetables .  They contain essential vitamins, as well as give a sense of fullness .  Fruit may also be on the table .  Their only limit in violation of carbohydrate metabolism .  Meat, fish have to choose low-fat varieties .  When preparing to remove a maximum fat .  Skinless chicken is, better to use the breast, rather than legs .  Dairy products are purchased with a minimum fat content, but not fat .  After 50 years, it is important to ensure adequate intake of calcium in the body .  His many and in the milk and cottage cheese and curdled .  Calcium is absorbed only in the presence of a small amount of fat .  Therefore, low-fat dairy products are not very useful .  In case you do not have diabetes, there is no need to completely exclude sweet .  Remember that a minimum of calories confectionery containing marshmallow, candy, fruit jelly .  The principles of how to lose weight after 50 years, 8 of an appropriate diet treatment tables Soviet dietetics .

Diet for women 50 years

The question of how to lose weight in 50 years is more likely to women. It is women who are more prone to obesity. This is especially noticeable during menopause. The cause of weight gain becomes a hormonal imbalance that period. Diet for women 50 years old should not only affect the body weight, but also to normalize the metabolism and hormonal status. It is important to severely limit animal fat, overeating carbohydrates. To diet after 50 years, it is desirable to connect the herbal treatments that contain phytoestrogens, diuretic and soothing ingredients.

How to lose weight after 50 years without dieting?

In addition to the diet helps lose weight exercise. 50 years later and exercise should be moderate, given the comorbidities. Sometimes the desire to lose weight makes buy any biologically active additives to food. Remember that this is not a cure, and therefore the effectiveness of any one means of research has not been proven. But the side effects you probably feel. Laxative and diuretic effects of these drugs, unfortunately, barely tolerated after 50 years, so the effect on electrolyte levels, heart function. There are registered drugs for obesity (sibutramine, orlistat). Their testimony to you by the attending physician may prescribe.