How to lose weight in 12 years

 How to lose weight in 12 years? Engage favorite sport
 Weight loss in children is quite difficult for a child process, as there are not so many children's diets that do not harm the health of the growing organism, and psychologically diet for children 12 years old can not always easily be maintained by them.

Problems of excess weight is not always directly linked to children with a constant feeling of hunger and desire to convey, often lead to this bad relationship between parents, parent and child, even the child with other children. If a family adversity, the parents constantly swearing and shouting at each other when the child is most likely due to the constant stress experienced by 12 year-old child will seize experienced negative emotions.

Before embarking on a diet for children 12 years of age, it is better to go to a psychologist to determine the reasons why a child has a desire to overeat. In addition to psychological causes in the modern world the dominant factors of childhood obesity is a sedentary lifestyle, because children spend so much time playing computer games and snack harmful products (chips, sodas and sweets).

In order to understand how to lose weight in 12 years initially need to clearly set the goal of achieving an optimum weight to maintain a healthy physical condition, ask the child why he wants to lose weight to determine motivation, and then to develop a clear plan for achieving results.

How to lose a child 12 years of age: advice

The following tips will help you understand how to lose weight child 12 years and how to fix the results:

  • Drafting Table, which will be recorded all the results, diet and compliance. If a child knows how to lose weight at age 12 and for several days or weeks of a plan complies with eating healthy foods and a little thinner it must be encouraged, but not great food, but, for example, going to the cinema, bowling or increase the amount of money issued out of pocket expenses;
  • Make sure that the child is drinking plenty of clean drinking water, which will help to reduce appetite and rapid weight loss;
  • Search useful food for snacking. If your child loves to snack between meals, try to choose healthy, low-calorie foods such as fruit or yogurt;
  • Before going to bed not allowed anything to eat. The body burns calories more slowly at night than during the day, so even a harmless apple eventually bring harm. Try to explain the beginning of the diet, how to lose weight 12 year old girl or boy, and what is the harm of night snacking;
  • Calculates the number of calories consumed daily, because it is important that the child's diet was full and was at least 1500-1700 kcal, or forces to study and exercise just will not be enough;
  • It is important as to how to lose weight 12 year old girl or boy to know the meaning and understanding of the concept of measure. Attempts to lose weight does not mean that the child will never eat sweets or desserts. Within reason, small amounts can sometimes allow a child favorite junk food;
  • Find a sport that the child would like to have. Sport football, swimming, basketball, athletics or dance surprise results and help bring the body into a proper healthy appearance;
  • Think about how to lose a girl or a boy 12 years old, you can attempt to exercise and at home, in addition to the previously selected sport. Suit run at their own pace, push-ups and sit-ups, cycling or roller skating or ice skating (in winter);
  • Do not let problems or a bad mood affect Eat and interfere with the earlier plans of losing weight;
  • If the weight has ceased to decline and during any period stood at one place in any case, do not despair and return to normal life. Weight loss does not occur uniformly, will be the week when the weight will go more slowly than usual. This natural process and does not indicate that longer lose weight fail. No matter what stick to your plan and result in the end is sure to come;
  • Also, puzzled by the question how to lose a girl or a boy 12 years old, armed with interesting and informative programs about the dangers of eating fast foods, chips, sweets and drinks and periodically review them with your child;
  • Make sure that the child was sleeping at least 8 hours a day and spill. This will ensure that the growing body enough energy, how to study, and in sports. Moreover, a healthy and restful sleep is an easy way to lose weight;
  • Make a graph of the power which will be described in advance the menu for the day, including snacks. This will help save the child from the immediate impulsive decisions towards junk food, and keep a diary for a day-eat meals and counting calories;
  • Do not eat food while watching, reading or distracted. It is necessary to explain to the child that the focus during the meal is an important tool for weight loss;
  • Ask your child's friends to help and support your child during this period. Children can jointly exercise walks and sports, which will serve as an additional incentive and motivation.  Fresh juices - an alternative to fizzy drinks in the diet for children 12 years

Do not unimportant point in the process of losing weight is an interesting creative activity, with the help of which the child will not be bored. Boredom, as we know, induces frequent snacking, so it would be better if your child is not her time.

How to lose weight in 12 years: the menu children's diet

It is important, knowing how to lose weight in 12 years, to take into account that the child, despite being overweight, should receive all necessary for the body of vitamins and microelements, so strict low-carbohydrate and mono-diet in any case should not be selected as a method of weight loss.

By following a diet is best to follow the well-known rules of a healthy diet - namely, to eat at least 2 liters of water a day, 5-6 meals a day in small portions, do not eat food for 3-4 hours before bedtime, as well as physical exercise.

Sweet, flour and fried have to limit and reduce their consumption to a minimum (1 candy per day), but not to exclude from the diet completely, as such a restriction can lead to failure. Carbonated drinks have replaced fresh juices or plain drinking water, eat fruit, yogurt and nuts while snacking, breakfast should be thick and consist of healthy food for lunch to cook vegetables, cereals, soups, meat and fish, and for dinner suit and milk milk products.