How to lose weight in 13 years

 How to lose weight in 13 years? This can be done without exhausting workouts
 Not only adults are overweight, but also children. In adolescence, as well as in any other, obesity is a dangerous problem that can contribute to serious diseases such as diabetes of the second type. Fortunately, there are many ways to lose a child 13 years of age without constant calorie counting and many hours of training in the gym. You can quickly lose weight by changing their bad habits for a few new ones, benefiting.

Thus, an understanding of how to lose weight baby 13 years begins with the definition of the reasons that there is a process of accumulation of excess weight. Puzzled by the question of how to lose weight a teenager of 13 years in any case you can not use diet pills sit on a low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diet or starve, because such methods of struggle against excess weight only harm the health of the growing organism.

How to lose weight in 13 years: practical advice

Puzzled by the question of how to lose a girl or a boy of 13 years, will help the following tips:

  • Physical exercise for an hour a day. Exercise at least an hour a day will promote the rapid loss of excess kilogram. You can use any kind of physical activity, such as dancing, jogging, swimming, cycling or walking, visiting sports clubs, gymnastics or ballet. In their free time it is useful to move as much as possible and spend time outdoors;
  • It is believed that practicing team sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.) are the most effective forms of exercise that quickly lead into the proper shape. While children in the team, that not knowing, compete with each other, which stimulates and motivates them to train harder, to develop speed and coordination;
  • To reduce the size of servings. In restaurants and school cafeterias often serve food in large chunks, which makes it easy to overeat without even realizing it. In such cases, do not eat all that is on the plate, leaving a quarter of purchased food untouched. Better to bring home ready meals and food for snacking on pre-planned menus for the daily diet;
  • Breakfast must be daily. A nutritious breakfast can increase metabolism, which in the end will allow to burn more calories throughout the day. Ideal cereals high in fiber, and baked whole grains, nuts, fruits and cereals. A hearty breakfast can satisfy your hunger for a long time to save from overeating and eating unhealthy snacks between meals;
  • No distractions during meals. Avoid talking on the phone, watching TV, writing text messages do not play video games while you eat. This will prevent distracting activities to catch the signals coming from the brain to saturation. Eat slowly, chewing 32 times, each slice and savor the food so that you feel satisfied, even if the food on your plate will be less than usual;
  • Often weighed. On average, knowing how to lose weight at age 13 and applying this knowledge in practice, a teenager should lose no more than 1 kg per week, so as not to harm your health. Weigh yourself once a week, but not more, to know how much weight goes. In addition, knowing how much a kilo goes for a month, you can determine the period of the diet and to achieve this goal;
  • Determine the number of kilograms you want to lose and make a detailed plan to achieve the desired weight with a description not only of the daily diet, but also the desired exercise;
  • In order to weight loss in 13 years to be effective, you need to drink plenty of water. Try to drink at least 6-7 glasses of plain water every day. Drink water every time there is a feeling of hunger, sometimes the appearance is due to a lack of water in the body;
  • Try to go to bed every day at the same time, even on weekends, and the duration of sleep should be at least 8 hours a day.

How to lose a teenager 13 years: the daily diet menu

Puzzled by the question of how to lose a girl or a boy of 13 years need to know how to make a product and from which the menu should consist of the daily diet:

  • Breakfast should be the most dense meal of the day. In order to weight loss in 13 years to be effective, you need to think in advance what kind of food is hearty, nutritious and healthy. If preferred, for example, Pancakes with syrup and yogurt, then in that breakfast will only be useful yogurt, as in pancakes and any sweet syrup a lot of calories. Try a healthier alternative chosen pancakes with syrup, for example, syrup can be replaced by whipped in a blender without sugar bananas and oranges, and pancakes - cheesecakes of fat-free yogurt. Useful for breakfast will be any fruit, fresh juices, eggs, meat, green tea with mint, 50 g of dark chocolate, dairy products and cereals;
  • Lunch is best to take with you from home, because the only way to know for sure, from which products it's made. Useful for lunch are vegetables, fish and meat soups, vegetable stew, baked or cooked lean meat and fish, fresh vegetables, salads and seafood salad (without mayonnaise);  How to lose a child in 13 years? Low-fat dairy products - the best dinner
  • Dinner should be easy for a perfect low-fat dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and yogurt. Supper can be for 3-4 hours before bedtime;
  • As a snack, in accordance with the knowledge of how to lose weight in 13 years, it is better to use fruit and nuts.

Bakery products, soft drinks and sweets can be eaten once a week, within reasonable limits, otherwise you can negate the entire week result.

Knowing how to lose weight in 13 years is to think about self-promotion. Each time, reaching a new result, for example, the loss of 1 kg per week, buy yourself something, or mark this event going to the cinema, bowling or to the skating rink with friends.
  It is also important to support the teenager's relatives and friends. Many nutritionists say that a child is much easier to diet and curb appetite when his family go on a diet with it, and use a similar food. At this age, it is quite difficult to keep yourself from temptations, and if relatives are eaten forbidden to use products in front of slimming child is unlikely it will be a good incentive to continue dieting. Support for families is more than ever, will be helpful and cooperative sports, field trips on weekends, as well as any other family leisure. In addition to the family is important to the child's support and friends, which can also help to actively pursue their leisure time.

Another important point for the teenager in curbing appetite, in addition to knowledge of how to lose weight in 13 years, oddly enough, is the lack of boredom. It is proved that it is not knowing how to have fun and interesting to spend leisure time is pushing children to overeating. In the struggle with boredom can help any hobbies or creative activities such as painting, playing musical instruments, origami, sculpture, etc.