How to lose weight in 10 years

How to lose weight in 10 years? This issue is of concern to many parents whose child is somewhat different from its weight peers. Is the child 10 years of conventional diets used by adults for the normalization of weight? What threatens overweight in 10 years? How to explain to the child about the problems of excess weight without hurting his psyche?  Features of living on a diet for children 10 years

How to lose weight in 10 years: the problem of childhood obesity, risks, causes weight loss in children

The problem of childhood obesity in modern society is becoming a large scale. Recently there has been an increasing number of cases, diagnosis of overweight in young children when they are actively growing and developing. More and more parents are turning to doctors with the question of how to lose weight in 10 years baby.

Before choosing a method of weight loss, you need to determine the stage of obesity (BMI and its deviation from the norm at this age). There are 4 degrees of childhood obesity:

  • 1st degree - in the child's weight deviation from the norm is 15-25%;
  • 2nd degree - the deviation of the weight is 25-50% of the common standards;
  • 3rd degree - the deviation of the body weight from 51 to 85% of normal;
  • 4th degree - the deviation in the weight range from 85 to 100% of normal.

The first degree of obesity (mild obesity) can be undertaken independent attempts at weight control by changing the child's diet and way of life. All other cases require a medical examination and identification of the causes of obesity.

The main causes of childhood obesity are:

  • Wrong diet;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • metabolic disease;
  • Lifestyle of modern society;
  • Imitation of life of adults;
  • Physiological characteristics of the body of the child;
  • Diseases of the digestive tract;
  • Violation of the overall development;
  • Hormonal background in the child's body.

The main risks associated with childhood obesity:

  • The development of purely adult diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, and other joint diseases, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac dysfunction);
  • phlebeurysm;
  • Problems with the spine;
  • Infertility in the future;
  • Renal failure.

Diet for children 10 years old: diet menu, a steady diet, lifestyle

When deciding how to lose weight in 10 years the child must take into account all the physiological features of the developing organism. At this age, there is a significant increase in muscle formation of the child's psyche. Problems with being overweight can lead to the development of internal systems, which can affect its character and attitudes. Therefore, it is important not to leave the problem of excess weight without attention.

The problem of how to lose weight in 10 years, it is necessary to appeal to the children's dietician to identify the causes of excess weight, and choosing the right approach to solve the problem. This age precedes puberty, one of the most important stages of development of the body of the child, so at this time it is imperative to ensure the normal functioning of all systems of the child's body.

One of the ways how to lose weight in 10 years, is the revision of the child's diet.

Diet for children 10 years old must provide a diet and nutrition, provided that a sufficient amount of vitamins, micro and macro elements necessary for normal functioning, growth and development of the child's body, weight normalized.

Diet for children 10 years old is very difficult to develop, but the exclusion of certain products and the selection of a "healthy" alternative delicacies significantly help to normalize the child's weight. The following foods diet for children 10 years old should be deleted and replaced by the proposed alternatives:

  • Grilled dishes - chips, burgers, steaks, toast, eggs are not much use for a growing body. Dietary child's diet should contain boiled, baked, steamed foods;
  • Sausages and other semi-finished products should be replaced by low-fat varieties of fresh meat: veal, chicken, crawl;
  • Hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and other fast food meals (as a replacement can serve homemade sandwiches with vegetables and boiled fillet of birds);
  • Sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup (replacement is refueling of natural yogurt with herbs);
  • Confectionery sweets (replaced with honey, nuts, dark chocolate, dried fruit);
  • Sweet drinks are replaced with natural juices, compotes without sugar, fruit drinks.

Also, special attention should be paid to diet. In developing a diet for children 10 years old, you need to analyze the number of meals and the amount of food consumed in each meal.  How to lose weight in 10 years? Replace your child fried foods on Steam

How to lose weight for children 10 years: what measures are strictly forbidden?

Many parents are wondering how to lose weight for children 10 years have resorted to extreme measures, which represent a danger to the child's growing body. These measures include:

  • Grueling exercise - a lifestyle change is necessary for the normalization of body weight of the child. However, excessive exercise can have a negative impact on the mental state of progress of the child at this age;
  • Fasting - a child's body in 10 years has been actively growing and developing, lack of vitamins and macro- and micronutrients may impair development;
  • Application of slimming - any slimming, whether traditional methods or medicines are undue risk to the health of the child. The use of safe cleaning even teas, laxatives drugs significantly disrupt the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, lead to dysbiosis.

How to lose a girl in 10 years?

The issue of overweight in girls 10 years is much more delicate. At this age, girls body is actively preparing for puberty. As overweight and underweight, metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency can lead to abnormal ovarian function, delaying the onset of menstruation. At puberty, high levels of estrogen causes the build-up of fatty tissue. Weight correction younger girls should be carried out under strict medical supervision, in order to avoid violations of her body.

Choosing a way to lose the girl of 10 years, it is necessary to take into account the psychological factor. Many girls are very sensitive about their image at this age. First of all, the girl is necessary to explain that being overweight is not a problem, as the body of a child grows, and finally formed only in 18-20 years.

One of the most effective ways to lose weight girl 10 years old, is the right combination of healthy diet and active lifestyle. For optimal classes for girls are dancing, gymnastics, aerobics, which will not only acquire a beautiful body, but also to facilitate the social adaptation of the child.

Choosing a way how to lose weight at age 10 the child, remember that a little overweight at this age can be compensated by the strong growth of the organism.