Green diet

 Green diet
 The basis of the green diet is necessary approval of nutritionists that the processing of fruits and vegetables green body spends more energy than other types of products, and that the use of green products contributes to changes in metabolism, the rapid "burn" fat.

Reviews of green diet characterize it as efficient in terms of weight and improve overall health. In addition, green positive enough, and it helps to better psychologically move diet.

During green diet are forbidden rice, buckwheat, pork, bananas, corn, butter, sour cream, flour, sweet potato.

Food as in other diets, fractional, about 5-6 times per day. Allowed snacks - kiwi, green grapes and green apples, cucumbers and lettuce. Welcome green tea, as well as clean water without gas. If the blood pressure is reduced or there is a deviation in the kidney, green tea should be replaced by herbal decoction: fit chamomile, St. John's wort, rose, marjoram, lemon balm, mint, etc.

Two basic principles of green diet: salt and olive oil in salads should be a minimum quantity of the ways of thermal processing of products are only allowed boiling, stewing, you can cook vegetables in a double boiler.

Menu green diet

Diet lasts 3-5 days. The menu is varied, the easier it will be to move. Sample menu diet green for one day:

 Menu green diet
 Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese / yogurt (100g), green tea. Instead of cottage cheese or yogurt can take one egg cooked with kiwi, apple or grapes.

Second breakfast. Fresh vegetable salad green. To fill his best olive oil, add salt should be less than usual. For the salad, you can take the green peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, green apples, spinach, peas, beans, green pods, parsley, celery, dill, cilantro, sorrel, dill. As they say nutritionists, salad in the diet should be every day, necessarily, so I was often part of the salad to the diet is not sick ..

Lunch. Boiled fish or chicken breast - 200g, vegetable "green" salad.

Snack. Fruit and vegetable salad. For fruits, you can add low-fat yogurt, to vegetables - olive oil or lemon juice.

Dinner. Steamed zucchini, "green" salad. In addition, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 9th days of the diet, you can eat an additional 200 g of cooked chicken breast.

Before going to bed you can drink 250ml of low-fat yogurt.

Positive reviews about the diet of green indicate that 5 days, you can remove extra 3-5 kilos. It is desirable to use a sufficient amount of liquid. If in addition to diet in sports, need four liters per day, if the work is mostly sedentary, only two liters.

Here's another example of a green diet menu:

Breakfast: oatmeal with boiling water steamed, grated apple with lemon juice and chopped nuts, honey. Yogurt or kefir.

Lunch: green fruit - 2-3 pieces or 250ml juice from them.

Lunch: "green" vegetable salad, boiled egg, juice 250ml.

Dinner: stewed cabbage with baked fish.

Between meals, snacking can be vegetables, fruits, herbs, drink water or tea.

Contraindications green diet

It is impossible to include in the diet foods, which have an allergy, because of the large amount of green fiber diet is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is undesirable to sit on such a diet for children and adolescents, pregnant women, nursing women.

Green diet is considered stiff despite the fact that there are balanced proteins and digestible carbohydrates, so stick to such mode set longer three to five days is not recommended.