Diet with activated charcoal

Many today  Properties diet with activated charcoal
 faced with the problem of excess weight. Its causes can be very different, including domestic, for example, reduced secretion of the pancreas and thyroid gland, adrenal gland or hypothalamic dysfunction. However, most often to obesity leads a sedentary lifestyle, in which power consumption is lower than the caloric value of the food you eat.

As a rule, a reasonable way out of this situation, it seems the diet, and the woman starts without consulting a nutritionist to try one diet after another, causing irreparable harm to their health.

Consider the risk of using diet from sources on the example of a diet with activated charcoal.

The mechanism of weight loss in the diet with activated charcoal

Diet with activated charcoal is an alternative health practices power. Its authors advocate administration of activated charcoal as a good means of purification of toxins that the body gets from food and water.

Activated charcoal (carbol) - a porous substance made of carbon-containing materials of organic origin, above all from the charcoal. The activation process consists of opening the pores by thermal means, located in the carbonaceous material in a closed state.

The use of activated carbon in a diet based on the fact that he has an adsorbing and detoxification effect. Slimming diet with activated charcoal, reviews its proponents, occurs due to the fact that the adsorbent blocks fats and carbohydrates in the gastro-intestinal tract. Thus, the caloric intake is reduced and there is a natural weight loss.

Regimens of activated carbon in the diet for weight loss

The following regimen of activated carbon in the diet for weight loss:

  • One tablet of coal per 20 kilograms own weight before each main meal, for 20-30 days;
  • On the first day of the course to take one tablet in the second - two and so on, adding each day one tablet. The course lasts for 10 days;
  • Take coal during the course on an empty stomach before breakfast. Root 10 tablets daily adding no more than 2 pieces, while the number of pills reaches 30 pcs. at one time. The course lasts for 10-20 days;
  • Take 6 carbon tablets before each main meal, regardless of body weight. The course is 14 days.

For any scheme should be taken with a glass of water pills and not eat for half an hour after taking activated charcoal slimming. The diet also occasionally allowed to use herbal laxatives.

Recommendations on diet during the diet with activated carbon are characterized, as a rule, the advice to eat less, move more, eliminate sweets and fried.

The result of a diet with activated charcoal, in the opinion of the authors technique will be the loss of 5-6 kilograms.

Actual results diet with activated charcoal

Before  Mechanism diet with activated charcoal
 decides to use slimming diet with activated charcoal, to be understood, in reality the process of weight loss and the consequences can cause excessive use of activated carbon.

You need to know that despite the fact that activated charcoal can be purchased without a prescription and at an affordable price, you need to carefully read the instructions, as the drug has no contraindications. It ulcerative lesions and bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is difficult to predict the impact coal will have long-term use in each case. But in the scheme described diets with activated carbon pills lasts from 10 days to a month.

Indeed, the absorption capacity of activated carbon allows to bind and remove toxins from the body, excess fluid and waste products. However, the danger of this aspect is that with prolonged use in the diet of activated carbon, in the opinion of physicians, absorbed and eliminated not only toxins, and minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Also due to the adsorption properties of activated carbon can reduce the effectiveness of drugs used simultaneously.

According to reviews, the diet with activated carbon does not bring any significant results because the adsorbent does not block the absorption of fat and carbohydrates.

Appetite is reduced during the diet with activated charcoal, but you need to understand the reason that this is happening. As of the above schemes, the coal needed to wash down with water half an hour before a meal. As a result, the stomach is filled with water and a little bit stretched and solid carbon particles, and this leads to a rapid sense of satiety, and thus to reduce food portions. But this effect is also not conducive to weight loss due to the properties of the coal to excrete nutrients. Power will no longer be balanced, and hunger will gradually return.

So, a diet with activated charcoal, in the opinion of doctors and nutritionists, does more harm than good. In medicine, this adsorbent is widely used for rapid absorption of toxins, elimination of waste products of pathogens and neutralize certain poisons in the food poisoning. The use of activated carbon in a weight loss diet is not endorsed by any of the medical school and has no relation to science.