Diets do not work

It's no secret that the world population is rapidly fattening. In one of his reports, the WHO called obesity epidemic of modern humanity. Excess weight leads to a systemic disorder in the body, the appearance of threatening chronic diseases and premature death. This multiple media to limit crammed with all sorts of diets that prove to be ineffective.  Why diets do not work?

Why Diets Do not Work

In this regard, experts understood the University of Massachusetts Medical School. They found ingeniously simple fact that for the normalization of body weight is important not the quantity and quality of fuel, but a way of life in general.

That is the conclusion they came, analyzed hundreds of studies on nutrition and the results of their practical implementation. It turned out that the correction of the power, of course, gave a positive result, but he was not able to maintain a long time, that is, diets do not work in isolation.

Do I need to diet

In cases when a person is completely adjust your lifestyle, of course, including the power supply system, the effect achieved accompanied him all the subsequent years.

Speaking of lifestyle, you should think of a set of specific processes. First and foremost need strong self-discipline. You also need regular maintenance work on its own motivation. Of course, need regular cardio, treatment of existing diseases and scientific approach to diet. Then do not have to ask yourself the question of whether or not to diet or to complain about the fact that diets do not work - on the contrary, any chosen diet will be effective.

Poor diet

Some popular trends in nutrition from the perspective of medical science are poor diet, are able to cause irreparable harm to human health.

The worst diet is the Atkins diet. Its essence lies in the use of hyper-protein and carbohydrates in the diet decrease below the permitted physiological minimum. Such a diet is admissible in certain urgent cases (such as when an athlete is required to compete to lose weight), and then for a limited period and under the supervision of a physician. Otherwise, the objective reality can become chronic gastroenterological and psychiatric diseases. In addition, after the diet by weight is dialed again.

Also, poor diet are all mono-diet, low-calorie diet or a diet with a focus on any exotic product (apple cider vinegar, baking soda, activated carbon, fructose, grapefruit, etc.), as well as a diet with a claim to uniqueness (like "the latest weight loss methods with the latest advances ").  It is worth the weight on a diet - what to do?

On a diet is weight

Many argue that certain diets do not work, because at some point you start to stand the weight on a diet. This effect is called dietary experts plateau. Its appearance is due to the fact that, given the systematic reduction of calories consumed during the initial period the body is experiencing its deficit rapidly and gets rid of excess (especially water).

By the time the excess fluid from the body is derived, it is already time to adapt to some new conditions for themselves. In addition, the utilization of fat tissue much longer process than getting rid of the fluid. Faced with the fact that the diet is weight, do not despair. It should be understood that this process is natural, and you are moving in the right direction. Do not stop exercise and soon you will continue to "melt".

In addition, an unexpected effect in overcoming the plateau give some dietary disorders diet. As it turned out, they serve as a kind of stimulus to accelerate the metabolism and weight loss.

Some violations of diet you can afford one or two times a week, for example, at the weekend. We should not abuse this opportunity in due time necessary to resume the desired mode of food intake.

It is clear that the statement that diets do not work, has no clear interpretation. To eliminate weight gain after the diet should decisively change your own taste habits and lifestyle in general.