Diets Effective

Everybody likes to lose weight quickly and easily. That's just whether the effect of such weight loss? Maybe it is better to turn to the slow but very effective diet without the weight of the return?  Particularly effective diets for a month

What is important to know about diets?

Diet - is not only a way to quickly throw a few extra kilos, but the principle of a healthy and proper nutrition. To your appearance for a long time remained a charming, seductive and attractive, you must use the correct method of weight loss. The best option, of course, to choose an effective diet will appeal to the specialist. He will choose for you the most effective diet for a month or at any other time, based on your health status and characteristics of the organism.

You can also choose effective diet at home, good, like there are so many diets. It should only remember that choosing an effective diet, you must make sure that it did not cause irreparable harm to your health.

How to choose an effective diet?

Today, there are so many diets that person firmly resolved to lose weight with their help, often simply lost among so much diversity. Unfortunately, most diets do not bring the desired effect. But how to distinguish effective from ineffective diet? In fact, everything is very simple. The purpose of the most effective diet - is to remove excess fat. And we all know that excess fat - it is not spent by the energy that we get from foods containing carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Proteins are mostly consumed by the body for building tissues and cells, but carbohydrates and fats make up approximately 90% of this same energy is not spent.

Thus, the majority of diets intended to limit the intake of carbohydrates, including all sweet and starchy foods, as has long been proved that excessive consumption of these foods contributes to weight gain. When we consume large amounts of carbohydrates, our body without being able to save them, simply converts into fat. In fact, the supply of carbohydrates in the body is limited to 70 g per 70 g of muscle and in the liver (approximately). So many diets is built on reducing carbohydrate intake to a minimum.

However, a more detailed study of the work of the body revealed that carbohydrates are converted into fat only under one condition - a large one-time consumption (300-500 g, which is equivalent to about 500 grams of sugar). Perhaps not everyone is able to eat so many carbs at one time. We conclude that in everyday life, our body uses carbohydrates to build fat, and burns them. That's why diets based on minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates can be called ineffective.

Therefore, when choosing an effective diet should pay attention that there is a direct link between fat intake and obesity. According to research scientists, the more a person consumes food rich in fat, the more likely it is threatened with being overweight. Fat is the only form of energy storage. Carbohydrates accumulate in the muscles and the liver, and the rest is converted into fat. It can accumulate in the body, not only the tens, but hundreds of kilograms, enough space for this.

Thus, we can safely say that the most effective diet without the weight will return limit fat intake. But carbohydrates are limited to only when minimizing fat did not lead to positive results.

Effective diet for a month

All people who dream to lose weight, you should know that for every person there own effective diet, but all of it can be different.

One of the most effective diets for a month is a comprehensive monthly diet, the main purpose of which is to change the diet. This diet is much like, because it has a varied diet, so do not get bored.

So, when the combined effects of a diet for a month to eat forbidden alcohol, all flour products, sugar, salt, chocolate and mayonnaise. All food is used exclusively raw or boiled. So, this diet can be divided into several stages:

  • Stage 1 (duration 5 days). At this stage, it allowed to eat barley, semolina, potatoes, rice, buckwheat, peas, peanuts, tomato juice, walnuts and pine nuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, corn, oats, millet, coconut, lentils, refined vegetable oil, corn oil , the water boiled.
  • Stage 2 (duration 5 days). At this stage the food should eat radish, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, radishes, beets, greens, pumpkin, squash, vegetable oils, and boiled water.
  • Stage 3 (duration 5 days). In the food should eat a variety of fruits (pear, peach, apple, kiwi, apricots, bananas, plums, grapes, cherries, cherry, peach, mulberry), as well as fruit juices, mineral and boiled water.
  • Stage 4 (duration 3 days). During these three days for food should only eat raisins, dates, apricots, dried bananas, figs, as well as boiled and mineral water.
  • Step 5 (duration 3 days). In the food are only allowed honey (preferably crystalline) and boiled water.
  • Step 6 (duration 12 days). This step consists in the following: 3 days feeding on the rules of step 4, for three days - according to the rules of step 3, three days - according to the rules 2 and three phases of the day - according to the rules of step 1.  Flour products and sugar - a taboo any effective diet

The next month after a similar diet can itself in no limit. It is recommended once a week to arrange fasting and drinking only boiled water.

As a result of this effective diet at home can throw 15-20 kilograms.

Effective diet for 14 days

If the month for you seems too long, it can be considered effective diet for 14 days.

One of the most popular two-week diet is considered the Japanese diet. Its main goal - to change the body's metabolism, allowing you to call it one of the most effective diets without return loss. The main authorized products for a given diet are seafood, are allowed to consume unlimited quantities. Completely banned sugar, alcohol, bread and salt. This diet allows you to get rid of 8 kilograms.

Another effective diet for 14 days is considered to buckwheat diet. Ideal it for those who like buckwheat, as during a diet you can eat as much as necessary. In addition, buckwheat is very useful to the body and helps to eliminate toxins. Within two weeks of such a diet can get rid of 4-10 kilograms. However, it is important to cook the buckwheat. A glass of buckwheat need to pour two cups of boiling water and infuse for 12 hours. This method is very effective weight loss. If someone is difficult to eat two weeks alone, buckwheat, allowed the use of yogurt. Keep in mind that diet is contraindicated in hypertensive patients and diabetics.