Diet for constipation

Causes of constipation

 Diet for constipation in children should appoint a gastroenterologist or a nutritionist for children
 Almost everyone at least once in their lives faced with constipation. If a person has experienced it only once, the substantial harm to the body is not. But if constipation becomes chronic, it is a gradual intoxication. Patients appear multiple skin problems: acne, oily seborrhea, increased allergic reactivity. Therefore, it is crucial to start a diet for constipation in adults.

Most often, this disorder is caused by intestinal nutritional factors, ie, diet-related. Diets for weight loss, inadequate consumption of vegetables, fruits and other foods containing fiber, provokes a decrease in motor function of the intestine.

The next in frequency (after the nutritional factor) cause constipation can become a way of life. Uncomfortable or unusual toilet at the work site, sedentary work, the inability to go to the toilet in time - it leads to constipation. If you adjust the way of life often seems hard enough, then derive a formula adequate nutrition for constipation in adults is not easy. It is more difficult to correct food for constipation in children. However, the doctor or gastroenterologist children dietician will help to do it. In children work intestine differs significantly from the intestine of adults. Many of the products because of their age children simply can not eat. Therefore, make a diet for constipation in children should be a specialist.

Diet for constipation

For the normalization of stool in the alimentary constipation, it is first necessary to change the style of food. It is necessary to add to the menu of dietary fiber.

They should be included in the diet for constipation as:

  •   dietary fibers absorb water and thus swell. Increase the volume of stool and bowel movement passes more easily;
  •   dietary fiber stimulates peristalsis;
  •   they serve as an excellent breeding ground for the normal intestinal microflora;
  •   dietary fibers are capable of absorbing the toxins on its surface and slags. Also, small amounts of excess binding cholesterol, glucose.

To meet the body's physiological need for dietary fiber, must be eaten per day about 1, 5 kg of fruits and vegetables. Do it often is difficult, especially in winter. To help may come specially made fiber, sold in pharmacies or stores. Additionally, they may be enriched with vitamins and minerals.

To prevent constipation is also important to drink enough water. Diet for constipation must include at least 1, 2-2 liters of fluid daily. Water is absorbed and softens dietary fiber. If the liquid is not enough, the stool becomes dense and linger in the intestines. It is very difficult to keep such a diet for constipation in adults, with a number of chronic diseases, which is necessary to reduce the amount of fluid intake.

List of products that are suitable for dieting constipation

  • bakery products. Banned for food for constipation bread from flour, baking, puff pastry. Approved for food for constipation in adults biscuits, bread from wheat flour or rye, nesdobnoe pastries, bread and bran.
  • Soups. Can vegetarian vegetable soups or soups lean meat broth, friedge, fruit soups, and beetroot, and cabbage soup. For proper nutrition for constipation in children is important to remember that with the addition of cabbage soup may cause severe flatulence, so it is not necessary to abuse them. Banned all nourishing fatty soup and borscht.
  • Meat. Allows any lean meat: pork, beef, veal, and poultry: turkey, chicken. Preparation: decoction or baking. When a diet for constipation in adults is contraindicated include fatty meats on the menu, as well as the goose, duck.
  • Eggs. Banned raw and hard-boiled. Perhaps adding to moderate meals. It should be remembered that when a diet for constipation in children about the advisability of including eggs in the diet should consult a doctor. Up to a certain age, the eggs are considered a necessary nutritious food for children.
  • Fish. Allowed all lean fish. Preparation: decoction or baking. Canned fish, smoked and fried and fatty fish are prohibited, subject to a diet for constipation.
  • Vegetables. You can eat the greens, beets, cabbage, carrots and so on. The exception may be the vegetables that cause flatulence in the intestines: beans, cabbage, etc. It is also necessary to limit the radishes, onions, garlic, radishes.
  • Mushrooms. Prohibited.
  • dairy. For food for constipation can be almost all dairy products: milk, cheese, sour cream, milk products are especially welcome: yogurt, acidophilus, fermented baked, etc.
  • Drinks. Good to use as a variety of drinks herbal infusions, juice from the hips, apricots, plums. Also in the diet for constipation can include fruit juices from similar. Good drink juices and fruit drinks with a lot of flesh: carrot, tomato, etc.
  • Fats and oils. All vegetable oils are permitted for use. Animal fats, margarine, lard should be deleted.

Features cooking with a diet for constipation

It is important to note that when cooking is necessary to adhere to the principle schazheniya intestine. It is also necessary to remember that at long constipation often in the intestines sooner or later begins to develop inflammation. Therefore it is necessary to maximally protect the mucosa from the harmful mechanical, thermal and chemical effects of food.

 Diet for constipation particularly welcomes the use of dairy products
 Mechanical sparing means eating foods past grinding, wiping, etc. Such food increases the motility of the gastrointestinal tract and promotes the normalization operation.

Chemical shchazhenie implies an exception to the use of sour, spicy, salty, fried foods, because they are able to enhance the secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract, and some affect exciting the entire body.

Thermal shchazhenie assumes eating food whose temperature is in the range of 15-65 ° C.

It is also important to observe the interval between meals or dine later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.