Diet with cheese

Cheese - one of the main products  Features diet with cheese
 a healthy diet that promotes longevity. Can the cheese on a diet? Yes, with the help of this useful and delicious delicacies in a short time you can pretty quickly get in shape. There are two most popular varieties of cheese diet. Express diet usually lasts three dnya.Dieta, consisting of cheese and meat, designed for one or two nedeli.Syrnaya diet - low-carb diet, providing maintenance of the balance of fats and proteins at each meal. Cheese diet is quite effective (ten days you can lose 5 to 7 kilos). Such a diet is particularly useful in the spring avitaminosis, because cheese contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins A and D. Useful cheese components needed for the elasticity of the skin, hair and beauty strengthen tooth enamel. The organism during a diet enriched in protein, which is well and quickly absorbed by the body.

Principles of diet with cheese

The human body receives from food carbohydrates, proteins and fats. When the carbohydrates in the diet is not enough, the body for energy to expend subcutaneous fat (backup source). When choosing a diet of cheese it is necessary to take into account its calorie content. Different varieties of cheese have different calorie: semi-hard cheese contains 360-400 calories, low fat white cheese - 250 calories, cheese - 270-280 kcal. Many people wonder whether cheese on a diet has not in the usual form, and baked or molten? Mozhno.Po essentially no raznitsy.Glavnoe to diet during cheese base diet were cheeses with a low percentage of fat (up to 10-20%). This can be tofu, ricotta, mozzarella, guadette, Cecilia Adygei cheese.

During the diet with cheese it is very important to keep drinking regime. It is necessary to drink plenty of clean water (at least two liters a day). Cheese diet is designed for short-term, and it may only be repeated in two to three months.

Diet menu with cheese

Diet with cheese in the classic version includes a six-or five-single food. During the first breakfast should drink a cup of black coffee or green tea without sugar. During the second breakfast, you can eat a small piece of cheese and one boiled egg. For lunch Boil 200 grams of lean meat. Two hours after lunch, you can eat about one hundred grams of lean cheese. At lunch eat no more than 250 grams of cottage cheese without adding cream, sugar and sour cream. For dinner, a cup of low-fat yogurt.

On the second day at breakfast to eat 50 grams of cheese, one bell pepper, drink herbal decoction. During the second lunch eat a boiled egg, a cup of tea. For lunch Boil 200 grams of rabbit meat, eat 50 grams of cheese, a glass of mineral water. At lunch, you can eat 50 grams of cheese and two cucumbers. For dinner, eat 100 grams of cheese, a glass of kefir.

On the third day of the diet with cheese for breakfast to eat no more than 150 grams of low fat cottage cheese, two small tomatoes, a cup of tea. During the second breakfast to eat 50 grams of cheese 100 grams of asparagus, drink a glass of mineral water. At lunch you can eat a hundred grams of cheese, 100 grams of boiled chicken breast, a cup of tea. For dinner, eat 50 grams of cheese, one green apple, a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Sticking to this diet should be no more than five to seven days. From diet and cheese it is necessary to go slowly. Gradually add food fruits and vegetables, pasta from durum wheat, a small amount of bread.

Diet with wine and cheese

Diet and wine  Diet menu with cheese
 cheese lasts only two or three days. Within two to three days for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is necessary to eat no more than 120 grams unsalted varieties of hard cheese, a toast of white bread and drinking a glass of dry wine. Between every meal should drink about a liter of liquid. During the three days of such a diet can be guaranteed to lose three to five kilograms. A diet with wine and cheese can not be used for longer than two or three days. Between every meal should drink about a liter of liquid.

With a diet of wine and cheese in the body through food arrives almost salt. Intestine is cleaned of toxins, activates the metabolism.

Diet curds and cottage cheese (curds diet 5)

The advantage of diet on curds is the variety and availability of members of the diet products. In five days of the diet will need a bottle of white wine (can substitute yogurt), five hard-boiled eggs, five apples, five tomatoes, cucumbers five, one kilogram of low-fat cottage cheese. The diet must necessarily include greens (dill, chives, coriander, fennel, parsley). Processed cheese can be replaced with one hundred grams of soft cheese.

During the diet 5 cheeses for breakfast, you can eat a processed cheese, a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. Two hours after breakfast to eat one large tomato c any greens, one egg. An hour later, you can eat an apple. For lunch, eat 200 grams of cottage cheese, a pepper, a cucumber with herbs. Before going to bed drink a glass of wine. The water can be drunk in unlimited quantities. At 5 cheese diet is very important not to change the amount of food during the day and between meals to keep the gap at two o'clock. Diet curds can not be used for more than five days. Repeat this diet is permitted on more than once in two months.

Contraindications cheese diet

Diet cheese contraindicated in lactose allergy, hypertension, atherosclerosis, strokes, kidney disease, metabolic disorders, zaporah.V ​​cheese contains a large amount of milk fat and a small amount of carbohydrates required for physical and mental activity.