Description of diet

 Features diet Cindy Crawford
 Cindy Crawford - a famous supermodel, popular host and actress, a figure which has long been a benchmark for many women. However, no matter how perfect proportions of the body may have been in his youth, with time often require the help of professionals, especially nutritionists. So, to help Cindy Crawford in the fight against excess weight came a diet that was developed it together with an expert on weight loss. This system helps to lose weight after the birth of a supermodel in her two children 45 years look just stunning.

Based Diet Cindy Crawford on the daily use of low-calorie cabbage soup, which, in combination with some restrictions in the diet gives excellent "fat burning" results.

As the reviews, Diet Cindy Crawford for two weeks resets about 3-5 extra kilos. The advantage of this system of weight loss is that it does not involve hard refusal to eat soup can be eaten throughout the day in unlimited quantities.

In the absence of the need for long-term starvation diet Cindy Crawford has no strict contraindications.

Menu diet Cindy Crawford

As mentioned above, the main dish, and the same diet menu Cindy Crawford is a cabbage soup, which is required for the preparation of 1 small head of cabbage, 3 tomatoes, 6 pieces of carrots and onions, 6 feathers green onions, 5 sprigs of celery, peppers, and 2 1 / 3 cups of rice. Vegetables should be washed before cooking and cut, then you need to fill them with cold water, put on fire and cook until done. For 1, 5-2 minutes before the end of soup it is necessary to add rice, green onions and celery greens. The important point is that you need to add the washed rice and boiled form, it will get rid of the presence of excess starch in the broth. This dish will be more useful if it does not warm up and prepare new servings daily.

On the first day you can have any number of cabbage soup and fruit (except bananas). Also on this day allowed to drink 250 grams of fat-free yogurt or milk, and unsweetened coffee or tea.

In terms of the second day of the menu is similar to the first, with the only difference being that instead of fruits you should eat vegetables, as well as add to the basic diet of a boiled or baked potato.

On the third day diet menu consists of Cindy Crawford cabbage soup, vegetables and fruit, 250 grams of fat-free yogurt or milk, and unsweetened coffee or tea.

On the fourth day of the diet should be limited cabbage soup, fruits and 1 liter of skim milk.

For the fifth and sixth days, recommended the following menu: cabbage soup, vegetables in unlimited quantities, 250 grams of boiled fish or chicken, the same amount of fat-free yogurt, unsweetened coffee or tea.

For the seventh day provided the use of cabbage soup, vegetables and fruit, 250 grams of fat-free yogurt, unsweetened coffee or tea.

On the eighth day all week diet menu Cindy Crawford plays from the beginning.

Nutritional advice

 Based Diet Cindy Crawford on the daily use of low-calorie cabbage soup
 Very often reviews of Cindy Crawford diet confirm its effectiveness and ease, but after some time, many grown thin complain return of previous forms. In order to avoid this, Cindy Crawford gives recommendations on how to behave at the end of the diet:

  • Preference should be given to natural, not industrially processed products.
  • A sufficient amount of chicken meat in the diet will stimulate the production of serotonin in the body, which will provide a good mood.
  • Do not miss the main meal, otherwise cope with the temptation to eat something sweet or a snack "harmful" products will be very difficult.
  • The amount of vegetables eaten should be four times the quantitative consumption of foods such as cheese, eggs, fish, meat, potatoes, rice and bread.
  • A one-time amount of food should not exceed the value of portions that can fit in with their hands folded.
  • The day should eat about five servings of fruits and vegetables - fresh, frozen or dry form.
  • Do not force yourself and your body - in your daily diet in small amounts can be incorporated favorite food.
  • Eating red meat should be limited to three times a week, it will prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body. This product is better to prefer fish.
  • Should be increased in the diet of nuts and seeds, in parallel to reduce the consumption of cakes and cookies.
  • Cheese, butter and cream should be preferred to vegetable oil.
  • The habit must enter soy sauce, a small amount of white wine, garlic and ginger - these products have a cleansing effect.

If the diet Cindy Crawford adhere to the above advice, you can be sure that the lost weight will not return.