Diet for obesity

 Features food diet for obesity
 Obesity - one of the main health problems faced by humanity today. Overweight is associated with such serious illnesses as diabetes, deforming osteoarthritis, hypertension, atherosclerosis. In addition, excess weight is a cosmetic defect.


For the treatment of obesity using three types of effects: non-drug, drugs and surgery. Non-drug therapies include patient education individually or in special groups, expansion of physical activity and good nutrition. This is a correction of dietary habits is crucial. No diet can not expect a significant effect. Even if a person lose weight and the result will be temporary.

The traditional diet in obesity

Being overweight - this is primarily an excess of adipose tissue .  To normalize body weight and improve the shape necessary to comply with fat burning diet .  Of course, any system of power, limiting the intake of calories is a diet for burning fat .  After reducing the flow of energy from food, you will get the body to expend its own reserves (adipose tissue) .  Diet for obesity in terms of doctor - a balanced diet .  The basic principle of this diet is to reduce calorie daily menu of 20-30%, which is on average a deficit of 800-1,200 calories per day .  Furthermore, in the diet reduced the proportion of fat, especially of animal origin .  It is assumed that the minimum amount of fatty foods in the diet helps lose weight quickly and permanently .  This diet for obesity contains a relatively large amount of complex carbohydrates, fiber .  These substances reduce appetite and help achieve the fullness without overeating .   Low-carb diet - a diet to burn fat
 Balance basic food ingredients assumes in the daily diet and 60% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 15% fat. Eating is recommended 4-5 times a day in small portions. Breakfast should be about 25% of daily calories, lunch - 35%, dinner - 20%. Two meals - lunch and afternoon tea, everyone should be about 10% of daily calorie menu. Supper is necessary for 4 hours before sleep, preferably before 20 hours. The traditional diet in obesity helps to lose weight by 1 kg per week. Total weight loss over the course of 7-10 kg weight loss, diet and removes fat, not muscle. Tips physicians caloric intake and split meals are often difficult to achieve for the patient with obesity. After all, to eat a balanced health diet, burn fat, requires patience and willpower. The results with this diet will not be too soon, but your health will not suffer.

Fat burning diet

In the modern sense diet, burn fat, to be effective and efficient in the shortest time .  Low calorie diets and fasting in order to reduce body weight can be recommended only when a pronounced obesity in hospital .  Diet for burning fat found low-carbohydrate food .  Methods limit carbohydrates in the diet is based on a scientific understanding of the metabolism .  Scientists know what carbohydrates in food in essentially increased blood sugar and are used as energy .  If they are excluded - the body will have to switch to another energy source to support their livelihoods .  This diet removes fat and helps to lose weight as soon as possible .  A special feature is its fat burning diet imbalance .  Such food is poorly tolerated in the kidney, liver, heart .  It is not necessary to limit the long-carbohydrate food .  Plus fat burning diet can be called its appetite suppressant effect .