Diet for duodenal ulcer

 Diet duodenal ulcer will require you to eliminate from the diet of fried, spicy, hot, salty, sour, fat, etc.
 Many people lead an active life, trying to earn more money and improve their welfare. However, in the pursuit of material wealth, they often forget about proper, balanced diet, suffer a lot of stress, causing the occurrence of duodenal ulcers. This disease occurs in people of all ages. In order to somehow improve your health, you must adhere to an appropriate diet duodenal ulcer.

Symptoms of duodenal ulcers

Most often, the disease manifests itself in schoolchildren and adolescents. The reasons for this lie in the wrong diet, drinking carbonated beverages and eating fast food, constant stress, which adversely affects the not yet fully formed digestive system. The main symptoms of an ulcer are abdominal pain (especially at night), vomiting, belching, bleeding, stenoses. In that case, if there are any signs of the disease, a qualified doctor immediately appoint a special diet ulcer ulcer.

Therapeutic diets duodenal ulcer

In case of an ulcer, you must adhere to the following recommendations regarding food:

  • daily diet should be as balanced (include fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals);
  • ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer diet eliminates eating spicy, too salty and hot food to be overly irritate the digestive tract;
  • food should be small meals every 3-4 hours;
  • food must be good and to chew or eat in a frayed;
  • the maximum amount of salt a day should not exceed '12

The main task of the diet ulcer ulcer is to restore the normal functioning of all body processes. With this copes milk, which should occupy a central place in the daily menu of the patient. When poor tolerability of the product by the body, it is recommended to use it in small portions, warm, with tea or coffee.

Promote healing of sores and animal and vegetable fats.

Diet duodenal ulcer involves daily use of approximately 3,200 kcal (110 g fat, 450 g carbohydrate, 100 g of protein).

Diet with gastric ulcer does not prohibit include in your diet foods such as bread (white, crackers), dairy products (cheese, yogurt), milk, meat (poultry, beef), soups, fish, vegetables, eggs. In addition, security is different vegetables, cereals, berries (strawberries, raspberries), pasta, jelly, juice, cream, jelly, juice and sour water without gas.

It is better not to use pork, fried foods, fatty fish, canned sausage, sweet breads and cakes. You should also forget about the mushroom soup, taking too greasy food (mutton fat, lard), alcohol and ice cream.

Ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer: Diet №1

Diet 1a involves taking just too chopped food, liquid soups and cereals, as well as steam omelettes and scrambled eggs. Daily diet should consist of about 8 a meal. In that case, if the patient's condition improves, you can switch to a less strict diet.

Diet 1b. Permission to use is not very liquid dish of minced chicken, cottage cheese, and mashed potatoes.

Diet №1 should be observed for quite a long time (3-12 months). To prevent. Here, patients can be added to the menu steam burgers, stroganoff cooked meat, slightly dried bread and boiled chicken.

Diet with gastric ulcer, complicated by stenosis

The main symptom is frequent vomiting stenosis, which occurs due to narrowing of the lumen of the duodenum 12. For this reason, in the stomach accumulates a large amount of undigested food. In the presence of such a disease the patient has to follow very strict diet. Because of the constant vomiting should drink plenty of water and vitamins. Daily diet includes necessarily much high-calorie foods that contain animal and dairy proteins, carbohydrates. Drinks, fruit juices are preferred.

Besides, it is not forbidden to use the soft-boiled eggs, meatballs, steam cutlets and omelettes. Sweet - puddings, soufflé and jelly. To the food as best as possible took place on 12 duodenal ulcer, prescribed Nospanum or papaverine.

Diet duodenal ulcer bleeding

In that case, if the patient develops frequent bleeding, he prescribed a special diet, which will help stop the bleeding. Assign it in the first 12 hours after the start of bleeding. The main foods that are included in this type of diet are milk, chilled cream, butter, and foods, which helps reduce colon and stomach muscles, constricts blood vessels. If duodenal ulcer complications has not only as bleeding and vomiting assigned intravenous nutrition. That is the power in this case, can replenish the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

After stopping the bleeding (in the early days) is allowed to add to your diet milk, butter, milk porridge (only provided if they are boiled water and diluted with milk), mashed potatoes, the dried white bread. As for drinks, valid fresh juices are to be diluted in a small amount of water. To maximize blood clotting and reduce the permeability of blood vessels, daily menu can not do without vitamins K and C. After improving the overall health of the patient, he is allowed to go on a diet duodenal ulcer number 1a.

In keeping with the recommendations of experts, as well as a healthy diet, diet tips to keep all duodenal ulcer, patients almost never occurs again signs of complications, allowing bypass surgery.

Drinking regime duodenal ulcer

If you have an ulcer it is strictly prohibited to use heavy and lightly carbonated drinks. Sometimes the health worker can prescribe sick mineral water without gas. In addition to water, it may be welcome fruit and berry juices with mandatory diluting them with water, and weak tea with milk or cream.

 Diet duodenal ulcer should be strictly adhered to from 3 to 12 months
 To eliminate from their menu should be strong tea, alcoholic beverages, cocoa. Regarding the menu, be sure to consult with your doctor, as soon as he will tell you whether a particular patient drink herbal teas and mineral water.

If the patient is showing signs of acute illness, he sometimes prescribed to eat 6 times a day, eliminating the excessive irritation of the stomach wall.

A positive result from the treatment of ulcers, can occur only if at the beginning of the disease to consult a specialist, to comply with all requirements of a doctor and a specific diet.