Diet tea with milk

Diet milk tea - a special diet, promotes weight loss, based on the use of a beverage prepared from tea and milk. Efficiency molokochaynoy diet - up to 7 kg for the period. This method of weight loss refers to a strict diet and fast. Terms dieting range from 1 to 10 days, depending on the selected menu.  Features tea with milk diet for weight loss

Diet tea with milk: the basic principles of weight loss

Diet molokochay - is one of the simplest methods of weight loss. Calling such a diet can hardly be complete as from the diet excludes all foods other than milk tea, the use of which is also limited. In fact molokochaynaya diet - a period of fasting, when the body is cleaned and restored. Purification of the digestive tract - the main principle of the diet.

Diet tea with milk is easy to observe, since the milk contributes to the saturation of the body, eliminating the feeling of hunger. Milk and tea perfectly complement the beneficial properties of each other. Tea beverage consisting promotes rapid absorption of milk fat, tannin in its composition protects the gastric mucosa from the fermentation of milk products, which in turn softens the action alkaloid caffeine contained in tea.

To achieve maximum results and benefits of diet tea with milk is better to use varieties of green tea.

Green tea is one of the best sources of antioxidants, helps to eliminate toxins and prevents their formation in the body. Green tea contains amino acids, essential oils, vitamins (vitamin A, maintaining a normal condition of the mucous membranes, and vitamin B1 (thiamine), B9 (folic acid), B2 (riboflavin), B12 and PP (niacin), most of which body a person does not synthesize).

Milk diet diet molokochay comprises lactose, milk protein casein, albumin, globulin, necessary to maintain the functioning of the heart, kidneys and liver. Milk is a source of calcium and vitamins, and contains about 20 amino acids essential for the organism.

Tea in the diet diet molokochay helps to eliminate toxins, while the milk starts the natural processes of cleansing the digestive tract. The main advantage of diet tea with milk is a concentrated portion of vitamins, micro and macro, entering the body with a drink, which avoids the physical and psychological stress during weight loss.

Molokochaynaya diet: indications and contraindications for compliance

Molokochaynaya diet - a safe way to get rid of extra kilos due to the fact that the strict diet can be no more than 3 days. During this period, the body receives the necessary vitamins and elements as well as nutrients, albeit very reduced calorie diet. There are specific indications and contraindications for compliance molokochaynoy diet.

The main contraindications for diet tea with milk are:

  • Allergy to the main ingredients;
  • Problems digesting milk protein lactase deficiency (deficiency of the enzyme that breaks down milk sugar, leading to bloating and diarrhea);
  • Renal dysfunction and problems with excretion of fluid from the body.

The indications for a diet tea with milk are:

  • Excess weight;
  • The long period of overeating;
  • Unhealthy diets on a regular basis;
  • A feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the stomach.

Diet molokochay can be observed as a fast with the purpose of improving the excretion of toxins. In this case, one day diet is observed in the most simple operation. In order to achieve more significant results in reducing weight molokochaynuyu diet is recommended to comply with up to 3 days, while the supplemented diet low-calorie foods.

Tea with milk diet: drink recipes

There are several ways to tea with milk diet. The first method is recommended beverage brewed green tea in the traditional way (one teaspoon of tea leaves sealed in 100 ml boiling water), then diluted milk tea 1, 5% of fat in the dish in a ratio of 1: 1.

The second method of preparation molokochaya diet is bringing the 1, 5 liters of milk to 70 ° C and brew it 1, 5 tablespoons of tea. The drink is infused for 15-20 minutes, after which it must drain and refrigerate.

Many people have tried milk tea for weight loss, it is recommended to prepare a drink by the second method, as tea, brewed directly in milk, it is more effective.

For those who have not tried a diet molokochay, make tea with milk recommend the first method. So it will be possible to follow the reaction of the organism and to select the optimal combination of flavor, without taking food.

Day at molokochae menu, and the recommendations of the Compliance

Diet molokochay offers several options menu that allows you to vary efficiency, intensity and duration of use molokochaya, the results of which reach 5-7 kg in 10 days.  Result molokochaynoy diet - minus 5-7 kg in 10 days

Thus, the most rigorous, effective and rapid way to reduce weight is to eliminate all foods from the diet. Spend the day at molokochae without eating other foods very easily. 1, 6 liter of finished mixture is distributed evenly throughout the day. Recommended portion for single use - 1 cup (200 ml), and the entire volume is divided into 8 molokochaya times. Milk is a part of the beverage helps stave off hunger, tea fills body's need for fluid. During the diet tea with milk is also recommended to exclude all beverages (coffee, juice) but still mineral or purified water. On Day molokochae will reduce the weight from 0, 5 to 2 kg depending on the initial parameters of the person.

For longer dieting molokochay offers the following menu:

  • Oatmeal, cooked in water;
  • Vegetable soup without potatoes;
  • Lean meat in limited quantities (up to 80 g per day);
  • Vegetables boiled or steamed.

This menu tea with milk diet supplemented as 1, 5 liters of beverage. With such a diet is a diet you can observe up to 10 days. The effectiveness of the diet - to 5-7 kg.

Molokochay: results and effectiveness of the method

Subject diet molokochay results are visible immediately, due to the natural cleansing of the bowel due to the consumption of milk. According to the reviews of people tried the diet molokochay, the intensity of weight loss in the first days of dieting is quite high (up to 2 kg per day) and is reduced with each subsequent day (up to 0, 5 kg per day). Eating molokochay, the results of weight loss should be recorded every day to monitor the dynamics of the process.

The method of weight loss on molokochae quite effective, but must also be well out of the diet. Thus, subject to a strict diet tea with milk (1 day) to return to normal diet should gradually within 3 days. Subject long molokochaynoy diet (up to 10 days) during the exit from the diet should be half of its term (up to 5 days). This will build on the results and not to gain weight again.