Diet for blood group 2

Delicate and slim body, good health - the dream of almost every human being. That is why there is so fast  Features of diet on blood group 2
 more and more varied diet, which can be found on radio and television. Recently, however, one of the leading positions occupied by blood group diet.

The key to the popularity of this type of diet is very simple. It is the diet for blood group does not set the framework with respect to any person meal. In addition, sitting at the table, no longer need to count every calorie (without which it is impossible to imagine the other diets) and weigh a plate of food. The main advantage of diet is that it is inherently not a diet in the traditional sense. It is a complex of a healthy diet, which can adhere to every single person in this feeling refreshed, healthy and beautiful.

The principle of diet on blood group

It is not surprising that today the blood group diet is becoming increasingly popular among both men and women, because of the blood groups now speak in virtually every field of science and medicine .  To understand the principle of the blood group diet, you should remember it is only one rule - people with a certain blood type should eat with what people eat in ancient times .  As a result, it turns out that people in matters of your diet should be based on the guidance of nature, which will always help and tell you what to eat at a particular stage of development .  It should be noted also that many clinical studies have consistently confirmed that adhering to the tables for a group of blood supply, improves metabolic processes in the body, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens the immune system .  In medical practice, were cases where such method of nutrition helps to get rid of allergic reactions .  Opting for blood group diet, the person always feels full of vitality and energy, it opens a lot of physical and mental abilities .

Nutrition for blood group 2

2 blood received in the name of science "farmer." The issue is when the old one gradually passed from the style of the hunter to the agricultural lifestyle. This group is observed in approximately 38% of all inhabitants of our planet. For the people of this type have the following traits: sedentary life, organization, consistency, good adaptability to the conditions of the new team. On the plus side easy portability and perception of all the changes and innovations observed in the diet, good digestion and the immune system, which is adjusted after compliance with all of the recommendations listed in the table food on blood groups.

In the event that no diet blood group 2 may often painful condition due to poor immunity weakening digestive system, nervous system hypersensitivity.

The most common disease of people of this type include cancer, heart disease, anemia, gall bladder, liver, diabetes.

Diet for a second blood

To get rid of health problems and have a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to follow some of the recommendations that make up the diet for blood group 2:

  • As a result of  Menu diet for blood group 2
 that the digestive system of people of the "farmer" is characterized by low acidity of gastric juice in the diet for blood group 2 should be preferred vegetarian foods. Otherwise the meat for which you want a high content of the gastric juice, will be digested very long and hard. The daily diet should be preferred light meats: turkey or chicken. Such a choice will make it possible to maintain normal body weight or to lose weight quickly, if needed. One of the principles of diet on blood group 2 is that the meat lowers the metabolic processes in the body and stimulates fat deposition, while vegetarian food fills the body with vital energy and improve immunity.
  • With a sensitive stomach lining, better to eliminate from their menu too spicy food (ketchup, vinegar, pepper, tomatoes, spices, mayonnaise). In addition, the blood group diet recommends limiting the use of two acidic berries and fruits, smoked, pickled foods (pickles, herring, cabbage) and potatoes.
  • Also, small amounts of dairy products should be consumed. Better to give their preference not whole milk and yogurt products (low-fat cheese, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt). The main source of protein should act soy products and eggs (enriched with vitamins Zn, As, Ca, B-carotene).
  • For the second blood group diet means that you can not eat sugar and chocolate, and keep the body in the form of regular exercise will help.

Food for diet in the second group of blood

  • meat products. People with the second group of blood, who want to reduce their weight, will be useful only such meats as chicken, turkey and chicken.
  • Fish and seafood. Diet for blood group 2 suggests the presence in the diet of seafood such as cod, perch, whitefish, trout, mackerel and snails. Exclude should flounder, anchovies, beluga, halibut and scallops. Also, do not help get rid of excess weight shrimp, smoked fish, octopus, crabs, lobster, caviar and oysters.
  • Eggs and dairy products. Extremely rich in vitamin composition and useful properties are soy products and cheese "tofu". Valid are all the low-fat dairy products (yogurt, cheese, goat's milk and cheese out of it) and cheese "feta", "mozzarella" and "ricotta". In the second group of blood diet does not approve the use of whole milk, fatty cheeses, ice cream and butter.
  • Oil and fats. A great benefit for the people of this type bring olive and flaxseed oil. Table food for blood group 2 is excluded corn, peanut, sesame oil, as well as margarine and butter.
  • Breads, cereals, beans, pastries, cereals. Nutrition for blood group 2 involves the mandatory use of buckwheat bread from sprouted grains and soy bread. Also helps to lose weight green beans, black beans and lentils. It is not recommended to use liquid porridge, pastries and white bread.
  • vegetables and fruits. Preference should be given to the menu of Jerusalem artichoke, kohlrabi, broccoli, cherries, lemons, blueberries, cherries, grapefruit, prunes, raisins and figs. Better not eat bananas, mangoes, tangerines, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, chili peppers and olives.
  • Drinks. The benefit will bring juice from pineapple, plums, carrots. Useful broth hips, St. John's wort, red wine, green tea. It should avoid beer, orange and tomato juice, black tea and cola.