Diet for gout

 Diet for gout should consist of vegetarian dishes and dairy products
 Diet for gout is an important method of treatment can eliminate the main symptoms of the disease and to make quite long periods of remission.

Features diet for gout

Diets for gout should be followed to prevent disease progression and relapse, which seriously impair the patient's condition. Diet №6 aimed at normalizing metabolism of purines and preventing the formation of salt deposits.

When a diet uric acid is formed in smaller amounts and not alkalizes urine. It is necessary to make a correct diet and to eat regularly, but without overeating or drastic weight loss.

When the diet does not cause uric acid stone formation and eliminated from the body fairly quickly.

During the diet for gout you must drink daily a large amount of water and broth hips, stewed fruit, green tea and fruit drinks.

The use of meat products, flour, fish, fungal broths, offal, sauces and fatty foods should be limited as well as in a small amount should be used cheese and cheese products, figs, cocoa, grapes, coffee and chocolate.

Gout diet and treatment are closely linked, as without proper diet is not essential results of medical therapy. From the diet should exclude canned fish, eggs, legumes, spices and alcoholic beverages.

The daily diet should consist of fractional meals with small portions (3-4 times a day). Regular meals consisting of lung health food, will eliminate the occurrence of exacerbations of gout associated with a sharp increase in the concentration of purine acid in the blood.

Proper diet for gout to progressively reduce the weight of 3-5 kg, but getting sufficient amount of fluid to the body and out of his bad urate.

Dietary menus and recipes for gout

Gout diet and treatment should be based on a vegetarian diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and low-fat fermented milk products. The composition of the diet recommend including boiled rabbit meat, chicken and turkey, seafood, cheese and pasta.

The daily menu should consist of various vegetables, including cabbages, carrots, potatoes, squash and cucumber. Asparagus, greens, radishes and peppers should be consumed in small quantities.

Diet for gout involves the restriction or elimination of the use of salt and spicy dishes and condiments. Because sugary foods can sometimes use candy, marshmallow and marmalade.

Most preferred to eat are fruits and nuts, including pears, apricots, almonds, oranges, plums and apples.

In the treatment of gout should adhere useful recipes, which include fruit drinks cranberry, cranberry mousse, cucumber juice, wheat bran and nuts. Nutritionists are allowed to eat rye bread, olive oil and yogurt.

During the diet for gout should be regular fasting days, there is a vegetable salads, low-fat cottage cheese, fruit desserts, as well as drinking a variety of fruit juices and fruit drinks.

 During the diet for gout can include fish and dairy days
 Between unloading days can stick dairy and fish days. The fish day to eat boiled fish, fish soup, fish cakes and meatballs, and milk a day should be consumed yogurt, skim milk, cottage cheese and yogurt.

When gout preferred dishes, steamed and baked in the oven, as they do not cause exacerbations of purine.

To achieve a high therapeutic effect nutritionists recommend regular exercise, walking, swimming and massage.