Diets for Teens

Overweight adolescents may appear if the wrong or excessive nutrition, imbalance of hormones. If a child or teenager is inclined to corpulence, his power must be under special control of the parents. Different versions of teenage diets for weight loss are completely harmless to the growing organism and absolutely  Features diets for teens
 It does not affect the operability. With the correct diet teenager will not have to go hungry or overeating, to change their habits and hobbies, lifestyle. The diet for teenagers should be drawn up so that new fat cells do not accumulate, and reserves the cells gradually burned. The diet should be developed with the favorite foods and dishes. Then, growing organism will get used to the new diet right. Any kind of diet must be combined with regular exercise.

The basic rules of teenage weight loss diet

During the diet for teens to lose weight need to significantly reduce the amount of salt consumed. Fruits, vegetables and berries are best to eat seasonal. They contain a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients. Put the child in the teenage diet should be very gradual. First, it should be removed from the diet of flour and bakery products, porridge and other high-calorie foods and dishes. Sugar should be replaced with honey. When overweight breaks between meals should be short, and the portions small. By lowering calorie diet while it should be remembered that cutting calorie intake should not be more than 20%. Calorie diet for teenagers 13 years shall be 2600 calories (for girls) and 3,000 calories (for boys). When calorie sports should be increased by 15-20%.

The diet for teens should include protein-rich foods. The menu should definitely include chicken, eggs, dairy products. The diet should be seafood, because they are composed of a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. It is not necessary to transfer the child to full fat products, as a teenager for the formation of the body needs a certain amount of animal fats. The diet of the child must be present plant foods (cereals, raw vegetables, fruits, berries). Raw vegetables withdrawn from the body of excess fluid and toxins, as well as supplying the body a huge amount of nutrients. Do not give a teenager juices and nectars from the store, because they have few vitamins and lots of sugar.

Do not forget that a full breakfast is the foundation of a healthy body. Dining soup should be prepared only on the vegetable broth. The cabbage soup can add (colored or normal), broccoli. These vegetables are very few calories, and use them is undeniable. All meals must try smaller pepper and salt and fill the salad only with olive oil. During the diet for teens to lose weight you need to replace sweets with nuts and dried fruits. Instead of white bread and baking is recommended to give the child the bread from wheat flour. Pork is desirable to replace chicken or rabbit.

Once a week, you can treat a child ice cream or other treats. Useful trace elements and vitamins to the teenage diet can add using multivitamin supplements.

During the diet for teenagers are allowed food in the evening. Diets for teenagers 13 years differ significantly from the diet for teenagers 16 and 17 years old. In later life once a week, you can arrange fasting days and diet can extend the variety of products (coffee, mushrooms).

Effective diet for teenagers from 13 to 18 years

Diet for  Menu diets for teens
 teen weight loss should be aimed at increasing the consumption of protein against a background of reducing carbohydrate intake. The daily ration teenager should consist of 20% of proteins, 30% from fats and 50% from carbohydrates.

On the first day of the diet in the morning need not boil more than a hundred grams of buckwheat. For half an hour before a meal to give the child to drink a glass of tea with a teaspoon of honey. At lunch, invite your child to drink a glass of milk. For lunch, make soup on the basis of podded peas. Small buttered toast. When the feeling of hunger can boil an egg. In the afternoon to give the child a grapefruit or an apple with low-fat yogurt. By suppertime baked potatoes with herbs, garnish the dish with fresh tomato salad and peppercorn.

On the second day of teenage weight loss diet can be cooked in milk or rice porridge. Encourage your child to drink a cup of tea with a little honey. Brunch expanded by apple and yogurt. For lunch, you can cook the soup without meat. Meat is recommended boiled separately (no more than 150 grams). At lunch offer a child a glass of low-fat yogurt. For dinner, you can boil any vegetables.

On the third day of the diet for teenagers for the first breakfast to cook spaghetti with butter and supplement them with tomatoes. At lunch, give a teenager to drink a glass of milk with toast, cheese plastered. For lunch, boil a little bit of lean meat, cut into vinaigrette. At lunch permitted to give the child a small amount of nuts. For dinner, it is desirable to bake the marine fish in the oven, and as a side dish to add to it fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

During unloading days of diet completely exclude sweets, protein intake is increased to 100 grams per day, reduce fat intake to 30 grams per day.