Diets stars

 Cucumbers - the basis of stellar diet Alla Pugacheva
 All those involved in the entertainment business: actors, singers, dancers - simply can not monitor their appearance. It is their calling card, and from the appearance of a star depends largely on the success among fans. In doing so, they help to special diets stars. It is no secret that the film actors and pop by the nature of their activities must not only often be on tour in the permanent crossings, but also to nocturnal. At the same time the power of stars should be correct and balanced. It should help them to always look perfect and not to gain weight at the same time. Anyone interested to know how the star lost weight.

Who is the diet of stars

Diets stars are varied and quite interesting. All are designed by experienced nutritionists and physicians known and include everything needed for a full life vitamins and minerals. The composition of the stellar diet allows for maximum loads to provide the body with the necessary energy and support weight in perfect shape.

Diets star delight not only for its sophistication, but also the opportunity to achieve excellent results in the formation of a beautiful body and appearance. Look at the photos of stars lost weight, and you will see the result of these diets.

How to get acquainted with diets stars

There are many sites and forums on the Internet, where anyone can learn how thin the stars of show business. On the forums a lot of women share the secrets of beauty and effective weight loss methods, using the power of the stars. In the presented pictures you can see the look of a star before and after weight loss.

Each star has its own way to keep yourself in great shape. The main thing is that the diet of stars allows you to select each option your weight loss.

Diet principles of Russian pop stars

  • Hope Babkin author uses a diet that helped her lose weight at 36 kg, and look much younger than his years. The main principle of this stellar diet is to abandon the sweet, starchy foods, smoked meats, fatty foods and alcohol;
  • Larisa Dolina ever includes within its stellar food herbal infusions and a large amount of yogurt;
  • Lyme Vajkule itself became the author of his own stellar diet. It is to use every three days of a single product in 9-day diet;
  • Stellar diet Pugacheva is based on the presence in the diet of a large number of cucumbers;
  • Ksenia Sobchak prefers to stick to separate food. It is not recommended to mix the acid with an alkaline table and refuse to dinner after six in the evening;
  • Zhanna Friske prefers a menu rich in seafood, fruits and vegetables. Power Star is directed not to the loss of excessive weight, and maintaining a stable body weight;
  • A striking example of the star before and after weight loss is a singer Anita Tsoi. The weight loss helped her fine grapefruit and cucumber;
  • Vladimir Vinokur was able to get rid of 25 kg of excess weight. He advises stars to eliminate from the diet of fatty, sugary, flour dishes and limit salty foods. In his weight loss system includes 1 glass of water on an empty stomach, split meals in small portions of 250 grams.  Cabbage Soup - main dish stellar diet Cindy Crawford

On the Internet there are a lot of photos of stars lost weight, and you yourself can assess the effectiveness of a system power supply.

How thin Hollywood stars

In our country, American actors always admired not only for its great game, but the impeccable appearance. Power star of American cinema involves the use of the right foods and their harmonious combination. Each product is used according to its calorific value. Look at the many pictures of different actors in Hollywood, and you'll look like a star before and after weight loss.

  • Angelina Jolie combines your diet large amounts of protein and carbohydrates. But the percentage of fat consumed is rather low;
  • Cindy Crawford stellar diet consists mainly of cabbage soup;
  • Jennifer Lopez prefers to restore power and at the same time lose weight on a diet of chocolate;
  • Sophia Loren to prove that it is possible to lose weight using the diet pasta.

Power star is different. Each for himself must decide which star it more suitable diet.