Diet cleansing

 Features of diet to cleanse the body
 Many people are faced with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after the holidays. There is as a result of excessive use is not too healthy meals. Therefore, cleansing diet these days is particularly relevant.

Today, most people consume refined foods, which are practically absent the necessary vitamins and trace elements .  But a variety of dyes, preservatives and other chemicals in these products abound .  In addition, too sweet or fatty foods is quite a frequent guest on our table, which is not very good, because thanks to it in our stomach and intestines are developing processes of decay .  As a result, throughout the body begin to "walk around" the toxins in the tissues and organs to sag .  In adipose tissue, they also present .  That is why being overweight is often the result of slagging of the body .  Since the body can not cope alone with the elimination of toxins, it leads to water retention and its accumulation in adipose tissue .  Oh, and then begin to develop a variety of chronic diseases .  That is why the diet to cleanse the body is essential for a person .

Who needs a diet cleanses the body?

In fact, nature is conceived in such a way that if you give your body the opportunity, it will be cleaned independently. But with regular overeating, excessive use of high-calorie foods, eating disorders and chronic administration of various drugs need to go on a diet to cleanse the bowel.

It will not hurt as cleansing diet to those who drink coffee, smoke and abuse alcohol. It is necessary to pay attention to diet cleanse inhabitants large cities with unfavorable environmental conditions, as well as those who regularly experience stress.

What are signs that the body needs cleansing diet?

The main signs that the body needs to cleanse diet are constant fatigue and lethargy, malaise, without apparent reason, the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, headaches, rashes on the skin, irritability, bad mood, all sorts of intestinal problems, enlarged prostate, distraction , inability to concentrate.

The main principles of the cleansing diet

There are many diets to cleanse the body, which differ from each other by the power and the duration of the strategy. So, it might just be giving up dinner or cleansing diet, which are held once a week. You can also once or twice a week to arrange fasting diet to cleanse and weight loss.

Typically, the diet for intestinal cleansing are always accompanied by weight loss, although food intake while not substantially restricted, and only excluded from the diet of all processed and high calorie foods. Thus, purification diet menu consists mainly of small amounts of fats, proteins and whole plant products. From the menu, quality of diet cleansing necessarily need to include a variety of herbs that heals and clean tissue and organs.

Mostly all designed cleansing diet for a short period, and the weight loss is due to the removal of excess fluid from the body and get rid of toxins.

To begin with it is recommended to complete a full course of diet cleanses the body, and subsequently every few months to arrange a fasting diet cleansing period of 2-3 days.

Compared with conventional programs for weight loss, cleansing diets are usually more severe. It is best to carry out cleansing of the body in the fall, spring or summer. In addition, it is not necessary to begin to change dramatically the power supply system, and watch the reaction of the organism, as the sudden changes in eating habits can contribute to the emergence of undesired side effects like headache, dizziness, fatigue. Therefore, we recommend a diet to cleanse and weight loss start to the weekend and during the holidays, when there are no physical or mental stress.

Diet cleanse suggest:

  • Mandatory adherence drinking and regular meals. The day should be taken at least 2-2, 5 liters of mineral water without gas, and include in the diet tea hibiscus and green tea, fresh juices of fruits and vegetables, herbal infusions.
  • Exclusion of dietary sugar, salt, chocolate and spices.
  • Daily consumption of foods containing fiber: seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables.
  • Get enough sleep and lack of stress.
  • Eat meals, steamed or boiled.
  • Regular training exercises and physical activities.
  • Frequent walking outdoors.
  • Exclusion from the diet drugs (except vital), cigarettes, coffee, alcoholic beverages, food additives and artificial vitamin complexes.
  • Minimizing animal products (except the yogurt and fish).  Herbal teas - a mandatory ingredient of cleansing diet

Sample menu diet to cleanse the bowel

  • Breakfast includes yogurt, fruit and herbal tea.
  • At lunch recommended nuts and seeds.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, stews, soup. You can complement the menu seeds, yogurt, or a small portion of boiled fish.
  • Snack composed of green or herbal tea and fruit all of average size.
  • For dinner, worth cook any vegetable dish and a small portion of protein. Do not forget about drinking water and herbal infusions.

Out of the cleansing diet should be gradual. Do not immediately begin to eat forbidden foods. Preference should be given to foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and the empty calories it would be better to give up.

Advantages of cleansing the body of diets

  • Fresh and vigorous appearance.
  • Effective weight reduction.
  • Getting the body of nutrients.

Possible problems of cleansing diets

  • At constant constipation diet to cleanse the body, it lasts longer than three days, can cause only harm.
  • There may be discomfort, dizziness, weakness and headaches due to the restriction of carbohydrate intake and reduce calorie meals.
  • In severe slagging of the body cleansing is recommended under medical supervision in order to prevent the development of intoxication.