Diet for psoriasis

 Diet for psoriasis - the most effective way to treat the disease
 Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the skin, scalp and sometimes the joints. For the treatment of psoriasis diet is very important. If the patient is partially or completely ignores the rules of diet, treatment with medication is useless.

Diet for psoriasis - the most effective method of treatment and prevention of psoriasis today. There are several diets for the treatment of psoriasis, but are considered to be the most effective diet, developed by Dr. Pagano and fire. Both of these diets emphasize the importance of supporting proper acid-base balance in the human body - should dominate the alkaline reaction of the organism rather than acidic.

Proper nutrition, diet for psoriasis

Each day, the diet of the patient with psoriasis should consist of 80 percent of the products which form alkali and 20 percent - of the products which form acid. Both doctors offer their lists of desired products. But, in their listings there are contradictions.

These contradictions do not say that one of these diets is useless. For example, Dr. Fire believes that psoriasis is only useful citrus grapefruit and diet in psoriasis for Pagano also recommends lemons, limes and oranges.

Diet for psoriasis on Pagano recommended to use more non-fried fish: sturgeon, halibut, grouper, tuna and blue fish. This fish Dr. Pagano relates to products capable of forming acid and it is recommended to use it four times a week - it should not exceed 20 percent of the daily diet of the patient. But in the diet for psoriasis on the Firing whole fish for products which form alkali.

Notable cereals are barley, millet, buckwheat, rye, oats, brown and wild rice, corn, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame.

Being aware of all these contradictions in the diets of fire and of Pagano, patients should understand the basic principles on which to build a proper diet for psoriasis.

 Support proper acid-alkaline balance - the basis of the diet for psoriasis
 The main feature of psoriasis - pronounced disturbances in metabolism. People with psoriasis, have a weak immune system, and impaired balance redox processes. Because of all these negative processes in the skin and peel off the stratum.

The diet will help in psoriasis

Through proper nutrition diet for psoriasis adjusts the body's metabolism, and thus prevents acute skin processes. To begin with, before you start using one of the diets for psoriasis, it is necessary to determine the foods that can cause you allergy. Even if they are allowed in the diet diet, their use is necessary to limit or eliminate.

Additional recommendations

People suffering from psoriasis, it is desirable to completely eliminate alcohol from your diet, as it can drastically weaken its control rights in relation to the use of food as well as impair the functioning of the liver and negatively affect the nervous system. But, according to the diet in psoriasis for Pagano, sometimes you can treat yourself to 55-110 grams of white or red wine.

The food is better to take little and often. It should completely abandon the fried foods and replace them boiled, steamed or baked products. It is also necessary to limit or eliminate the use of spicy dishes, smoked meat, spices and spicy vegetables and products containing volatile. Under the ban are also spice and curry spices for grilling and frying.

Diet for psoriasis of the scalp has the same guidance to food.