Diet for diseases of the pancreas

 Diet for diseases of the pancreas is one of the points of treatment
 In recent years, people are more likely to suffer from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Doctors generally attributed similar diseases with defective or inadequate nutrition, disorganized way of life. Also, these diseases often provoke organic damage, taking certain medications, poor environmental situation. The most frequently from the gastrointestinal tract occurs lesion of the pancreas. When the disease is swelling and inflammation of the gland, it increases in size, and the deposition of the necrotic foci, from which the infection gets into the body. Early treatment plays a very important role, and in the treatment of pancreatic cancer diet is not the last.

The pancreas performs in our body a very important function - it secretes pancreatic juice, which digests food. In addition, in pancreas are blotches cells called Langerhans islets. These cells are responsible for the synthesis of insulin, without which no normal glucose assimilation.

Diseases of the pancreas

The most common diseases of the pancreas is a chronic or acute pancreatitis. As a rule, the disease causes weakness in the whole body, fever, loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea, as well as aching or sharp pain in his side, which can give back. Treatment for pancreatitis should be operational.

Basics of clinical nutrition and diet in diseases of the pancreas

In addition to the medical treatment of pancreatic cancer diet is also important. Clinical nutrition is an integral part of successful treatment. Diet in the pancreas prevents the development of disease and inhibits the occurrence of chronic processes, and in general, has on the preventive and restorative effect.

Thus, the basic principles of diet in pancreatic diseases include:

  • Compliance with the correct diet. Food must be held at the same clock, to be a regular.
  • The diet is sure to be interesting and varied.
  • When it hurts the pancreas, the diet should be individualized, taking into account the complexity of the disease and the body's needs.
  • When selecting the required products should pay attention to their chemical composition and caloric content.
  • Keep in mind that before serving all products must be subjected to appropriate cooking, diet provided at the pancreas.
  • When inflammation of the pancreas diet should enter the complex of medical procedures (drug therapy, exercise, physical therapy, the use of active mineral water, etc.).

Acute inflammation of the pancreas - a diet

In acute disease of the pancreas diet begins with fasting. In the first few days of the onset of the disease, it is used only mineral water without gas. In the absence of such, you can drink boiled water at room temperature and broth hips or weak tea. The duration of fasting depends on the severity of the disease. Not allowed starvation exceeding two weeks, as the body begins to feel an acute shortage of nutrients coming from the food.

After the end of fasting patient is prescribed diet in diseases of the pancreas. Such a diet does not allow the use of broths, fats and foods prepared by frying. It eliminates the use of salt. The food should be consumed dishes, steamed in a liquid or semi-liquid form, a temperature of about 20-50 degrees. Excellent fit a variety of vegetarian soups with potatoes, zucchini and carrots. Kashi of oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat can be cooked in milk, diluted in half with water. Wheat bread varieties suited 1-2, preferably yesterday, or the dried previously.

Portions should be small, and the number of meals per day - 6-8 times. From drinks to be very useful decoction of rose hips, black currant, cranberry juice, fruit juice. The volume of liquid should be adopted 2-2, 5 liters per day.

On the fourth day of observance of a diet in pancreatic can be gradually introduced into the diet of dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt), and protein foods (scrambled protein for a couple). You can add to the diet of semi-liquid porridge with milk, low-fat cottage cheese, light meats (veal, turkey, rabbit, chicken, beef). The fish should eat low-fat, steamed.

After a few more days of the diet in inflammation of the pancreas can be carefully added to the diet of foods with more calories. You can add a little cereal in a piece of butter, 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream, a little sunflower oil. Permission is granted to make jelly, mashed fruit drinks, various concoctions of dried fruits, weak tea with lemon and raw fruits and vegetables.

Prohibited alcohol, chocolate, mayonnaise, mustard, sweet drinks, various spices, grapes, bananas, raisins, dates.

Diet for diseases of the pancreas: chronic pancreatitis

In chronic disease of the pancreas diet means a complete rejection of fish and meat broths. From diet to exclude all beans except green peas and cabbage, pepper, vinegar, mushrooms, garlic, radishes, onions, radishes and various spicy seasonings. Sweet tooth, unfortunately, have to say goodbye forever with honey, jam, chocolate, cocoa, ice cream and pastry. On alcoholic beverages, beer, kvass and soda - is also taboo.

 Diet for diseases of the pancreas limited range of authorized products, but the diet should be rich in nutrients
 And what if there is? Yes, a lot of things. At a diet in the disease of the pancreas can be used a variety of vegetarian soups and cereals. Meatballs, goulash and various meat dishes can be eaten only boiled. Good to be daily use of a soft-boiled eggs, natural cheeses, low-fat cottage cheese. Permission is granted to use porridge from barley, wheat, rice, oats, but only well boiled. Useful would be mashed potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, green peas, beets. Should eat stewed fruit, baked apples, apricots, pears, various fruit mousses. It will be useful in cooked dishes to add a little butter or oil. But you must have the dried bread.

The most important rule in diseases of the pancreas - do not overeat! Food should be eaten often, small portions, up to 8 times a day. The temperature of the food should be warm, but that's about cold or hot dishes have to forget.

Remember, in the treatment of pancreatic cancer diet should not be neglected. It depends on your health and well-being.