Diet hemorrhoids

 Features diet for hemorrhoids and constipation
 Hemorrhoids - diseases of the colon, which is a varicose cavernous vascular plexus localized under the mucous membrane under the skin and rectum caused by improper blood flow in the vessels of the pelvis and perineum.

Diet hemorrhoids - balanced diet helps prevent the main factors causing the development of the disease: constipation, diarrhea.

Constipation and hemorrhoids: causes and consequences of the disease

The causal relationship between constipation and hemorrhoids is extremely difficult. Chronic constipation and hemorrhoids are the most common combination of symptoms that lead the patient to the doctor. Constipation is one of the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, along with bloody discharge during defecation, hemorrhoids protrusion from the anus, pain, itching, discomfort in the anus. Often the difficulty and pain during bowel movements contribute to the development of psychological disorders in patients - the fear of going to the toilet. Man afraid to experience severe pain tries to suppress the urge to defecation bowel, thereby exacerbating the strain on the blood vessels of small pelvis and perineum.

Constipation - a violation of the passage of stool in the intestine, which significantly complicates the act of defecation. Constipation can lead to cracking of the rectum, inflammation of the rectal tissue. When constipation stool becomes dense and hard. Their accumulation in the lower rectum compresses large vessels, thereby impairing blood flow. Also, if constipation occurs when you try to involuntary tension of the next stool, which has a compressive force to the pelvic vessels.

The main reason for constipation - an unhealthy diet. Diet hemorrhoids offers a balanced menu, which primarily helps prevent constipation, excluding products that contribute to thickening of feces, as well as enriching the diet product, improves peristalsis (wavelike contractions of the intestine, contributing to the promotion of its contents to the outlet).

Hemorrhoids and constipation require complex combination therapy. If during the treatment of hemorrhoids and constipation left unattended, the high risk of disease recurrence.

Diet for constipation and hemorrhoids: a prerequisite disease therapy

Any violations of bowel function involves a violation of the comfort of the patient, in some cases, lead to the complete isolation of the patient from society. Hemorrhoids cause pain, loss of hemorrhoids, bleeding. Constipation can lead to coprostasis (fecal impaction) and subsequently to fecal incontinence, rectal bleeding, rectal prolapse, intestinal obstruction.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids and its main causes and symptoms of an integrated approach. Currently, there are radical (surgical excision of hemorrhoids) and conservative methods of treatment of hemorrhoids. One of the main methods of conservative treatment is a diet for hemorrhoids and constipation. Many patients underestimate the role of nutrition in the development mode and gastrointestinal diseases. Compliance with the principles of the diet of hemorrhoids will prevent development of the disease, as hemorrhoids affects all age groups. The disease affects equally both men and women. Currently, there is a tendency "rejuvenation" of the disease. Earlier hemorrhoids considered age and occupational diseases. Modern sedentary youth leads to frequent cases of the disease in young people.

Diet for constipation and hemorrhoids will allow to normalize bowel function, strengthen peristalsis, and develop the human right eating habits, which will continue to avoid a recurrence of hemorrhoids and constipation. None of drugs are not able to produce the effect that a balanced diet with hemorrhoids.

Diet hemorrhoids: principles of good nutrition

How diet for hemorrhoids to avoid the development of hemorrhoids, as well as reduce the appearance of its symptoms? The correct diet for hemorrhoids exclude products that can enhance blood flow to the pelvic vessels, resulting in an overflow of veins, protrusion of the walls and the formation of hemorrhoids. So have the effect of spicy foods, condiments, canned food, spices, pickled foods, alcoholic beverages.

The basic principles of the diet of hemorrhoids:

  • Eating foods rich in fiber - fruits, vegetables, cereals, bran. Fiber is not digested in the gut, but a number of important functions: helps soften the stool, lower cholesterol, removes toxins. Fiber is a favorable environment for the intestinal microflora, ensuring full operation of the intestine;
  • Drinking enough water - water helps soften the stool and more easily promote them through the intestine, thus avoiding straining the abdominal wall, and, accordingly, reduce the pressure on the blood vessels of the rectum;
  • Adherence to power - on the system of the body works. Food intake at certain times is part of that system. The body at a certain time begins to produce digestive enzymes at certain times going defecation (purification of the body). Untimely eating violates the integrity of the system, which leads to a malfunction of the bowel.

Diet hemorrhoids offers a balanced diet, rich in fiber, dairy products, providing peristalsis. Diet hemorrhoids also offers a diet providing frequent meals up to 6 times a day.  Sample menu diet for hemorrhoids

Diet hemorrhoids menu, and the recommendations of the Compliance

Diet for hemorrhoids, the menu is very diverse and offers delicious healthy foods in your diet includes the following products:

  • Dark cereals - barley, oats (groats), buckwheat, barley;
  • Bread made from wheat flour (black, bran);
  • Zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, beets, carrots and cheese stew;
  • Apricots, dried apricots, apples, prunes, bananas;
  • Bran and 75 g per day, which satisfies the body's need for dietary fiber;
  • Meat, steamed or boiled;
  • Vegetable oil (sunflower or olive oil);
  • Dairy products (yogurt, yogurt);
  • Juices, fruit drinks.

When a diet for hemorrhoids, menus excludes or limits the following products:

  • Semolina and rice porridge, as they secure the chair that can cause constipation;
  • Fresh pastries, white bread, starchy vegetables (potatoes), pasta;
  • Turnips, radishes, grapes;
  • Roasted meat, fat grades;
  • Strong tea, coffee, jelly, alcohol.

Dieting hemorrhoids promotes exclusion of food a risk factor for the disease, the elimination of its main symptoms - constipation. Radical treatment of hemorrhoids do not exclude the need for dieting.