Diet for blood group 3

Diet for blood group - one  Features of diet on blood group 3
 of the fundamental discoveries of the 20th century. The theory of correlation of blood group and diet was developed by a doctor Peter D'Adamo, which, based on years of research his father suggested that blood not only determines the predisposition to certain diseases of the body, but also to the use of certain products. It is this theory partly explains why two healthy person with the same diet and nutrition will lose weight or get better.

Diet for blood group 3 - a specially designed diet that includes foods that are suited to the holders of three blood groups. According to the theory of Peter D'Adamo, all products are divided into beneficial, neutral or harmful to a particular blood group. So, observing the blood group diet, a person can not only normalize weight, metabolism in the body, but also to avoid the development of many diseases.

What happens in the blood in unsystematic nutrition and eating foods unsuitable a particular blood group? The protein compounds in foods, when ingested can bind blood cells (agglutination process), resulting in formation of clots, and is a kind of pathological reaction to the precipitation of white and red blood cells. These proteins and glycoproteins are called lectins. According to the theory of Peter D'Adamo human blood are genetically "programmed" to the rejection or acceptance of certain lectins.

Diet for blood group 3 eliminates the harmful lectins, preventing the development of liver disease, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, the immune system. Diet for blood group in general, and blood group diet 3 in particular are somewhat different from the diets in the usual sense.

Diet for blood group 3 - is a healthy diet and a diet recommended for respect for all life. Also, blood group diet 3 is not intended to lose weight. According to the theory of Peter D'Adamo, adhering to a diet, people will be able to normalize the functioning of the body, improve its tone, optimize metabolism and fat deposits, to prevent the development of diseases.

The main advantage of blood group diet is that your own body without stress brings toxins, unlike traditional diets that restrict not only the product range but also the number of meals, as well as the amount of food at one time.

Slimming blood group: basic principles and differences from traditional diets

Blood group diet is fundamentally different from the traditional diets have been directed to cleansing of the body, rather than weight loss. However, in the process of cleansing the body of toxins there is a complete adaptation of systems of a new type of diet, the response to which will be in effect and weight loss, as well as complete freedom from obesity. Slimming blood group To start the natural process of fat metabolism, complete cleansing of the body. But expect a rapid effect, as the subject of traditional strict diets, it is not necessary. Diet for blood group 3 - is a healthy daily diet. Diet itself describes the spectrum of products, allowed and forbidden to eat for weight loss based on blood group.

For people with blood group 3 have a strong immune system, are well adapted to any changes in the diet without too much stress to the body, so the weight loss on blood group does not cause too much difficulty in the process. Adhering to the menu, the recommended diet for blood group 3, the person will lose weight quickly and easily.

3 Winners of blood group also called "nomads" in the theory of the formation of blood groups in the history of mankind. This group is characterized by a kind of omnivorous, whereby the blood group diet 3 contains a very diverse range of products.

When you diet,  Menu diet for blood group 3
 based on blood group, "nomads" should exclude the following products:

  • Corn;
  • Buckwheat;
  • Lentils;
  • Peanuts;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Wheat.

These foods contribute to weight gain. These products contribute to a decrease in insulin production and thereby slow down the metabolism. The total group of excluded products for owners of 3 blood get seafood, pork, chicken.

Foods that help control weight, include:

  • Grass, green;
  • Beef liver;
  • Veal;
  • Soybeans;
  • Eggs.

The most useful drinks in the diet for blood group 3 are:

  • Herbal teas;
  • Natural fruit and vegetable juices (cranberry, grape, cabbage);
  • Green tea.

It is recommended to exclude the tomato juice from your diet.

Badami recommended vitamins and Ginkgo biloba are, magnesium, echinacea, licorice.

For a more effective weight loss on blood group also recommended to follow the basic rules of dieting:

  • Control the amount of food consumed and the number of meals;
  • Physical activity;
  • Exclusion of harmful products (not carrying value to the organism: crisps, sweets, snacks, etc.).

The theory of blood group diet suggests that blood also determines the best type of exercise. 3 Holders of a blood group recommended psychological and physical balance: meditation, yoga, walking, cross-country running, biking, swimming, tennis.

Diet for blood group: reviews, recommendations of doctors

Blood group diet can easily lose weight without significant stress to the body. Shaping the blood group diet, the testimonials of people who hold such power will be very useful. What are the main principles in the selection of products, the preparation of the menu?

The first thing to realize that throughout his life a man consumed lectins, without betraying much importance to their content in the products. Since ingestion of only 5% of lectins penetrate into the blood, the remaining 95% is excreted by the body. The main risk is that lectins tend to accumulate in the kidneys, liver and other organs, leading to disruption of their function.

Adhering to the blood group diet, reviews, recommendations and advice with respect to which can be found on the Internet, a person activates the metabolism, excretion of toxins.

According to the reviews of the blood group diet, there are some rules of compliance with:

  • This diet requires much patience. The process of weight loss and health improvement is very slow. The traditional diet is not able to reconstruct the body as it happens with weight loss on blood group;
  • At the beginning of the diet recommended to phase out harmful products, searching for an alternative to them (if they were present in the diet to diet) among healthy products;
  • Since diet matched by blood group, is a constant for the man, before the transition to a new type of food, you must be examined by a physician, endocrinologist, nutritionist, gastroenterologist. There are a number of diseases in which exclude certain products is extremely undesirable.