Diet cereals

Recently diet on cereals are increasingly popular. Primarily, this is due to a variety of significant benefit to the health of cereals.  Features food in the diet on porridges

The use of cereals

Advantages over other cereal products:

• The grains contain all the necessary material for the correct operation of the body;

• Cereals contain a large amount of fiber, which contributes to weight loss, as fat binds and purifies the digestive tract;

• In the cereals contain a lot of the body needs minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins (especially B group);

• Cereals are an environmentally friendly product, which is free of harmful substances, including preservatives;

• Cereals easily combined with other products, as well as they are easy to digest, making their dietary indispensable product for children and the elderly. Also for these reasons that cereal you can eat on a diet seriously ill.

• Dishes from cereals are easy to prepare, they are quite affordable and cheap.

Slimming useful porridge, which are not processed. For this reason it can be used for cooking grains: barley, buckwheat, oatmeal, or lentils. Not helpful for weight loss porridge for semolina and white rice.

Options diets on cereals

On the basis of cereals created several diets for weight loss on cereals. These diets are balanced, easily tolerated, effective and affordable. Often the duration of the diet on cereals is from one to two weeks. This week you can lose three to five kilograms of excess weight.

The first diet on porridges designed for ten days. During these ten days, not allowed to eat meat, poultry, fish, foods that contain sugar, bread and pastries, butter, milk and dairy products, chocolate and potatoes. The basis of the menu - all cereals except the manna. Cooking porridge should be free of oil and salt, you can combine them with fruit, mushrooms and low-calorie vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes and other). If your goal - losing weight, then nuts, vegetable oil and honey are not allowed if you are going just to cleanse the body, you can use them. It is useful to drink plenty of water, you can eat as many times a day as you want, even at bedtime.

According to reviews, the diet on porridges for weight loss of ten days transferred easily. By the second or third day in the body there is a lightness, and by the end of five kilograms of diet as usual. Due to the absence of fats and proteins, as well as an abundance of cellulose whole body refreshed.

Recently it becomes very popular diet 6 cereals. Diet menu 6 cereals:

Day 1 - oatmeal.

For the whole day you need to eat three or four full plate of porridge. It can be boiled and milk, and water without using salt and sugar. In addition, throughout the day you can drink black or green tea and mineral water.  Porridge - the first day of the diet of cereals 6

Day 2 - buckwheat.

For the whole day to eat three plates of buckwheat, cooked in water, which, if desired, can be a little salt the. Permission is granted to black or green tea, low-fat dairy drinks and mineral water.

Day 3 - Fig.

Rice is prepared with water or milk, a day to eat three plates full of the cereal. At the request of porridge can be a little salt. Permission is granted to one cup of unsweetened coffee, green or black tea and mineral water.

Day 4 - lentil porridge.

During the whole day to eat three full plate of lentils cooked with water and, if desired, a little salt. Permission is granted to tea and low-fat milk. If you love the pea porridge, you can use it instead of lentils: and eat three full plates, add salt if desired. You can drink only mineral water.

Day 5 - semolina.

The dose for one day - three full plate. Prepare semolina possible as water and milk. Drinking mineral water is allowed and teas. On the fifth day you can drink a glass of fruit juice lover.

Day 6 - millet porridge.

The dose for one day - three full plate. Prepare mush as possible on the water and milk. Optionally, you can add salt and fructose. Drink low-fat milk, and allowed the water.

According to reviews, the diet on porridges for a period of six days is very easy to carry, as the alternate different cereals.

To fix the result of diet on cereals, preferably even after the diet to adhere to proper nutrition.