Diet for a year

Diet for a year includes an integrated balanced diet aimed at weight loss and body cleansing. This diet should be followed for 12 months, for each of which there is a special kind of menu.

Features of diet for a year

 By following the diet for a year, you need to eat protein, such as legumes
 Modern diets are aimed at rapid elimination of excess weight, but often worsens after an exhausting fasting of the various systems of the body, and the weight can return to the original figure. Therefore, many nutritionists recommend to develop an individual diet for a year.

With proper choice of diet is eliminated from the body excess liquid fats are broken down and excreted toxins, normalizes metabolism and digestive system. Diet for a year helps people with significant overweight not only restore harmony, but also to improve health and strengthen the body.

A balanced diet for weight loss should be based on a special power circuit, which includes vitamins, minerals, fiber and organic acids. Daily calories daily rate should correspond to the needs of the body in useful substances for energy. As a result, you can lose weight in one year, 15-20 kg, and unleash the power of the body, strengthen the immune system and improve the tone of the muscular system.

Proper planning of a balanced diet for weight loss

Before you start dieting for a year must be carefully planned diet for each month and calculate the required calorie content. The structure of the main menu for the year should include the following nutrients:

  • proteins that are part of the dairy products, cereals and legumes, nuts and raisins;
  • amino acids (liver, chicken, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, beans, banana);
  • vitamins - B12 (yeast, dairy products), D (fish, parsley, mushrooms), C (lemon, orange, broccoli, wild rose, cabbage, pepper), etc .;
  • iron (raisins, lentils, spinach, eggs, lettuce, plum);
  • calcium (fish, fish oil, beans, dried fruits, sesame seeds, herbs).

In order to lose weight 1 year before the normal weight must be properly alternate and combine foods. The most appropriate would be split meals separate type, which should include a variety of dishes with vegetable combinations. Help replenish energy dishes of beans and lentils, as well as soups with cereals and lots of greenery. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins should be the basis of the daily menu.

Proper diet for a year and includes basic fasting days, and consists of a group of foods that should be consumed for months.

Menu diet for a year

Main menu diet for a year shall be calculated for each month. From the diet must completely remove confectionery products, prepared foods, condiments, canned foods with chemical additives, alcohol and carbonated drinks. Products must be used in fresh, boiled and stewed. Smoked and pickled foods can be consumed 5-10 times per year at 3, 7, 9 and 11 months.

 Menu diet for a year must contain fish
 A balanced diet for weight loss is a daily split meals 5 times a day with the obligatory use of the following products:

  • daily alternation of boiled eggs and cheese;
  • chicken 100 grams;
  • 150 grams of boiled fish;
  • 2 slices of rye bread;
  • a glass of low-fat fermented milk product;
  • vegetables and herbs in unlimited quantities;
  • fruit (apple, kiwi, banana, grapefruit, oranges, plums);
  • nuts and dried fruits;
  • copious amounts of fluids (non-carbonated mineral water, green tea, fruit compote).

In every other month, the need to increase the amount of fluids you drink up to 2 liters per day. It should also be consumed daily at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 months to 2 cups frozen or fresh berries, a handful of nuts, seafood, cereals meals, honey and rice.

Proper diet and exercise should be inextricably linked. Daily exercise will significantly strengthen the body, improve skin condition and normalize emotional state.

Summer menu diet for a year must be supplemented by a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some protein products can replace the vinaigrette, vegetable stew, salad with lots of greens, olives, nuts and berries.

If you need a diet of salads dressed with olive oil or lemon juice, and rye bread can be eaten only in the morning hours.

In order to gradually lose weight at 1 year required to comply with all the recommendations for diet and nutrition. The diet should be made in accordance with the condition of the patient and his disease. In the presence of disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system of fresh fruit and vegetables should be reduced, but should be consumed daily vegetable soup and cottage cheese.

Additional components of the diet for a year

Dietary food for a year must be combined with additional means of losing weight and strengthening the body. Several times a week you need to take a bath with herbs for weight loss, swimming, hiking in the fresh air and run in the mornings. In order to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat and sagging skin, you can use anti-cellulite creams, massagers and body wraps.

Diet and exercise are the main components of proper weight loss without stress to the body and exhaustion. Daily exercise should be aerobic type, and the need to stretch and strengthen your abdominal muscles, hips and buttocks. Weekly physical activity should be increased, and one in every month should be given a day intensive training, hike or bike ride.

Additional components are slimming massage and physiotherapy treatments.

When a diet for a year should always control your weight, record the results of losing weight, keep a log of physical activities and sports.