Diet for blood group

 Eating a diet according to blood group determines the blood of every person
 What is the diet for blood group

The developer of the system power supply is an American doctor Peter D`Adamo that is sure is that the blood group depends not only on the state of the body, but also the character of the person. For example, blood affect the body's response to certain products which may manifest as raise antibodies or clumping of erythrocytes.

Blood group diet is positioning its author as a system of a healthy diet, adhering to which you can not only lose weight but also improve your health.

Despite the fact that classical science denies the dependence of nutrition and well-being of his blood, Peter D`Adamo sure that the connection still exists. In support of its theory, the author of the diet for blood group pays attention to all the genes responsible for the production of antibodies, B, and O. A person can inherit one or two of these genes, and determine the blood group - O (first), A ( Two), The (third) and AB (the fourth). As close to a gene on the chromosome of blood group and other genes are located, it is possible that he has the ability to influence them. For example, the influence of gene O on a gene that regulates the level of acidity of the stomach, Peter D`Adamo explains the fact that the stomach ulcer often affects people with first blood.

Menu diet for blood group assumes a sufficient quantity of meat for people with first blood that explained by the fact that they have the gastric juice is produced in the greatest quantity in comparison with others. But the blood group diet 2, on the contrary, recommended to give preference to plant foods, because these people lack the acidity of the stomach to digest animal protein.

Diet 1 blood group

Justifying its diet by blood group, Peter D`Adamo based on the feeding habits of dependence and stages of human development at a time when there each blood group. So, I blood group is the most ancient, it arose when the staple food of the people had meat. For this reason, according to the theory of Peter D`Adamo, people with first blood myasoedstvo caused genetically.

Thus, the diet menu 1 blood group should include all kinds of meat (pork should be excluded), marine fish, rye bread, fruit and vegetables. But to give up 33, 5% of people (that is how much the owners of the first group of blood among the inhabitants of our planet) should be from the use of products such as peanuts, lentils, wheat, cereals, potatoes, dairy products, coffee.

Diet for blood group 2

The second group of blood appeared later, when our ancestors began to engage in agriculture. Among the owners of modern people of this blood group has about 38%. They are characterized by the sensitivity of the nervous and digestive systems, but at the same time, they easily adapt to changes in their diet.

Diet for blood group 2 involves the use of fish, fruits, vegetables (other than potatoes and tomatoes), cereals, dairy products, legumes, nuts and seeds, soy products.

People with the second group of blood is not recommended to eat meat, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, drink milk.

Diet for blood group 3

About 20% of people living around the world have a third group of blood that arose during the active migration of different races on the territory of the planet. People with blood type III is also easy to adapt to various changes in the environment and changing the foods in the diet. As this blood group emerged in the era of wandering and wandering, her first owners ate a variety of foods, so predisposed to omnivorous and passed on to future generations.

 Diet for blood group
 Diet for blood group 3 involves the consumption of dairy products, meat (except for chicken and pork), fish, green vegetables, cereals and eggs. But the menu should be excluded from corn, buckwheat, wheat, lentils, tomatoes, sesame seeds, peanuts.

Diet for blood group 4

The youngest is a fourth group of blood that flows through the veins in 8% of our contemporaries. The issue is a result of the merger II and III blood groups that supply is a problem. For example, people with fourth blood group as the holders of the third can eat meat, but on the other hand, they, as well as in humans with a second group of blood, too reduced gastric acidity for the digestion of animal food.

Thus, the menu diet for blood group 4 should include meat (except poultry), fish, tofu, dairy products, seafood, green vegetables. But the problem for digestion and overall health may be products such as buckwheat, corn, drink, milk, coffee, sesame.

Diet for blood group, which is a positive side is the lack of quantitative and time limits in food intake, is easy to comply with, but at the same time, an effective system of weight loss.