Diet 4 days

 Diet for 4 days - a quick way to correct your figure
 In every woman's life there are such moments when you need to lose weight quickly (before holiday on the beach, a corporate party or other events, or just when bought new stunning dress in the store and have to literally throw a couple of kilos, so it is perfectly seated). In such cases, women tend to almost completely restrict themselves in food and can say just bring themselves to exhaustion at the gym. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that it does not give any result - a time to spare. But all the same to throw these hateful few pounds for a couple of days? In this case discussed below are ideal diet for 4 days.

The basic rules of weight loss

Why is it so difficult to lose weight in such a short time? The fact is that during the observance of a strict diet we feel hunger, which our body perceives as stress (oh, come times of famine). As a result, this leads to the fact that the body includes a mechanism for minimum power consumption and maximum postponement "in reserve", which significantly slows down the metabolism. It is a natural reaction to hunger. And what does he care about what you want to lose weight? Therefore, as a rule, very strict diet for 3-4 days, or does not work at all, or lead to the fact that after we start them hard to gain weight, which, incidentally, is much more difficult to throw off afterwards.

So that during dieting for 3-4 days your metabolism is not slowed down, it is advisable to observe two rules:

  • Compulsory breakfast. All nutritionists agree that people who do not eat breakfast, have a slow metabolism until the next meal. This is due to the fact that during sleep all processes in the body slows down. A breakfast just helps to wake him up and get to work.
  • Do not force yourself to endure hunger throughout the day. One of the determining factors of hunger is the level of glucose in the blood. After the meal, the blood glucose level increases, which leads to a feeling of fullness. But our body can cheat a little bit and. For example, instead of lunch or dinner, drink a couple of cups of coffee or tea. In these caffeinated beverages, which promotes the release of glucose from glycogen stored in the liver.

How to lose weight in 4 days? Without physical exercise will not do

For fast and effective weight loss intense physical exercise is a must. It helps to ensure that power consumption is beginning to prevail over her entering the body throughout the day. Especially effective is aerobics: brisk walking, jogging, dancing at a rapid pace, swimming, exercises on a stationary bicycle or a treadmill, cycling, etc.

A day later, after intense physical exercise fat burning process reaches its peak, and the body begins to compensate for the calories expended for training at the expense of internal fat reserves. Exactly at this point is essentially limit itself to the food, as it will lead to the fact that fat tissue starts rapidly consumed.

It is necessary to learn how to properly combine physical exercise with restrictions in food, to not feel at the same hunger. For this purpose, it is ideal diet for 4 days, which will help you to achieve amazing results.

How to lose weight in 4 days? Effective diet

  • On the first day in the diet should not limit themselves, but also undesirable to overeat. Eat as usual. About an hour is to provide intensive physical activities. Pay special attention to the work on the problem areas, since fat faster out of those areas where the muscles work harder. After the class is not necessary to load, but too fast is not recommended. Try to move a lot during the day.
  • On the second day we eat again in the usual way. Despite the fact that the muscles ache after yesterday's activities, go to the gym (for a jog, dance, etc.). Training should last at least an hour.
  • On the third day we start to restrict your diet. Lifestyle change is not necessary and training is also desirable to continue (the effect will be better), but they should not overly burden, or may develop swelling of the muscles (muscles increase in volume due to the accumulation of fluid). Breakfast should be tight (but not to load from the belly), and lunch and dinner can be replaced with strong tea or coffee (without sugar or milk). If during the day there is a feeling of hunger, drink tea or coffee.  Tea or coffee - the best diet for lunch and dinner for 4 days
  • On the fourth day, you also need a hearty breakfast, and lunch and dinner instead of drinking coffee or tea.

Note that this diet is designed for 3-4 days, no more! Otherwise, you threaten to spoil your stomach. In addition, this diet for 4 days contraindicated for people who have problems with cardiovascular system.

How to lose weight in 4 days? Fast diet

Fast diet for 4 days is quite effective, but it can not get too carried away. It can observe a maximum 2-3 times a year. And in order to avoid rapid weight gain at the end of the diet, do not just rub all the forbidden foods, introduce them to the diet should be gradual.

So fast diet for 4 days:

  • The first day - the preparatory. During the day, the body has to adjust to the limit in food and reduce their needs. Permission to eat a variety of vegetables (except corn and potatoes), fruits (except grapes and bananas), meat diet (low-fat fish, turkey or chicken boiled). Pay particular attention to citrus fruits and green vegetables, they are particularly useful for weight loss.
  • On the second day you can eat only vegetables raw, baked or in steamed form.
  • Third day - fruit. You can use any fruits in fresh form (except grapes and bananas).
  • On the fourth day you must go out of the diet. Food can be used are the same as on the first day.

While compliance with this diet for 4 days is recommended to use the order of 2-2, 5 liters of fluid a day. You can drink water without gas, low-fat yogurt, green tea. It is recommended before meals to drink a glass of nonfat yogurt, since it promotes rapid saturation.