Diet Mirkin

 Diet Mirkin allowed to become slimmer and lose up to 10 kg
 Dr. Mirkin Vladimir - one of the most renowned dieticians in Ukraine and Russia. In the book of Vladimir Mirkin "How to lose weight once and for all. 11 Steps to a slim figure "describes not only the supply system, following which it is possible to lose in a healthy weight, and the necessary conditions which take into account the psychological complexity, usually related to weight loss.

Terms slimming diet Dr. Mirkin

According to Dr. Mirkin before you begin to diet, you should perform a number of conditions. They do not relate to diet, and refer to the mental attitude and respect to diet. The doctor said that without them it is impossible to lose weight compliance and any attempt to lose weight fail.

Terms Mirkin Vladimir "How to lose weight once and for all" include:

  • Recognize that being overweight has arisen from the habit overeating and an inability to control your appetite. It should be understood that to overcome this habit can only be yourself, showing the effort of will;
  • Have a strong desire to lose weight, which is not based on the desire of others. The effectiveness of diet Mirkin, reviews, enhanced when the desire to lose weight is caused by a personal desire to change life;
  • Define a personal motive for losing weight. This can be a bad state of health and state of health, and relationships with people. However, this motive has to be strong enough to overcome the desire to write off their failure on bad heredity or failed relationships;
  • Determine the amount of extra padding on the formula Brock and terms of losing weight. Timing slimming may vary and is dependent upon the age, weight, metabolism, and other factors. Most often, at 4 degree of obesity (at 100% or more overweight) dynamics accelerated weight loss, while the degree of weight loss at 1 passes slowly. Typically, when a diet Dr. Mirkin weight can be reduced by 7-10 kg during the month and up to 40 kg in six months;
  • Change model eating behavior to be followed constantly, not only in the diet. This applies to permitted and prohibited products and of fasting days kefir, fruit or vegetables;
  • Stop being afraid of change and to overcome the lack of confidence in their own strength. To do this in the book Mirkin "How to lose weight once and for all," describes a number of examples of successful weight loss, which you can navigate. In addition, in many cities of Ukraine and Russia, there are the so-called club of former fatties where people successfully cope with obesity, psychological support and assistance;
  • Using the techniques of self-hypnosis with a diet Mirkin, develop a negative attitude toward overeating. Sessions meditating doctor advises to spend the morning and evening to help easier to endure fasting days and diet. To do this, products should be forbidden to associate with mental illness and poor health, and has become as a result of weight loss slim figure - to the achievement of the goal and the benefits arising from this.

Allowed and forbidden foods in the diet Mirkin

Diet Mirkin nutritionists defined as vegetable protein and, therefore, from the list of authorized products excluded virtually all carbohydrates and high-calorie foods. Thus, among the forbidden foods diet Mirkin:

  • Wheat, rice, semolina, buckwheat, barley and oats;
  • Ice cream, cream and sour cream, fat cottage cheese, cheese with a fat content of 40%;
  • Bread and bakery products, biscuits;
  • Pasta;
  • Sugar and any sweets - confectionery, candy, chocolate;
  • High-calorie canned fish such as sprats in oil and cod liver oil;
  • crab sticks;
  • Raw fruits - apricots, bananas, dates, cherries, figs;
  • Vegetables - mature beans, potatoes, corn, dried peas;
  • Dried fruit;
  • Nuts;
  • Oils for spreading on bread.

The diet diet Mirkin allowed to use:

  • The meat (red and poultry meat), sausages;
  • Low-fat dairy products - cheese, milk and yogurt (3, 2%), yogurt, cheese (40%);
  • Fish and low-fat canned fish;
  • Fruit - apple, black currant, strawberry, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, plums, watermelon;
  • Vegetables - tomatoes, string beans, asparagus, lettuce, cauliflower, kohlrabi, radishes, carrots, peeled green peas, spinach, cabbage, sorrel, celery, rhubarb, green peppers, beets, cucumbers, onions;
  • Oils and fats (for cooking);
  • Fresh mushrooms.

From drinks in the diet Mirkin allowed juices, which are desirable to be diluted with water, mineral water, coffee, sugar, tea, fruit. The beverages may optionally be added saccharin, but not mannitol, and sorbitol.

The basic rules of diet Dr. Mirkin

To achieve the desired result with a diet Mirkin, reviews, be sure to follow the recommendations:

  • There are really only at the strong sense of hunger, not because of the habit of feeling full stomach;
  • Do not apply large portions of food on the plate, so as not to be tempted to eat large quantities;
  • Stretch mealtimes at least 20 minutes, typically occurs when the signal is saturated;
  • Do not bite on the go;
  • Drink plenty of water, especially for 10-15 minutes before meals.

Vladimir Mirkin believes that rapid weight loss from the first course to exclude the midst of a second - a side dish, but instead should eat sweet fruits.

In the opinion, to comply with the diet Mirkin is not very difficult, as a large enough list of permitted products. In addition, a special convenience is that compliance with the diet is no need to cook separately and can be eaten with the family.

Between meals on the diet are encouraged to eat vegetables Mirkin low carbohydrate (100 g) - cucumbers, cabbage, beets, radishes, peppers, tomatoes.

 When diet Mirkin allowed to use many products
 Before you go to visit, Vladimir Mirkin recommends drinking a glass of yogurt or kefir, it helps not to overeat and do not struggle with hunger. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided liqueurs and sweet wines. Other alcoholic beverages with a diet Mirkin, reviews, can be consumed in reasonable quantities, but not a bite of food from the forbidden list. Besides, usually a great danger in the festive feasts are sweet desserts, from which, as a rule, it is difficult to refuse.

In case of violation of diet Mirkin do not despair and throw it, and the next day should conduct discharge day on kefir.

In general, the diet restrictions in many Mirkin is flexible and allows you to include elements from other diets and proper nutrition experience of residents of different countries.