Diet for a month

Diet for a month - the right diet and nutrition, calculated on monthly, providing  Features of diet for a month
 purification and full adaptation to a new type of food. The main advantage of a diet for a month it is a term that allows the body to gradually get used to the new regime.

Diet for a month: advantages and disadvantages

Diet for a month - a special balanced diet and diet, allowing the body to completely restructure without stress and dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Subject prolonged diet rarely discomfort in the stomach and intestines, as diet does not require the adoption of drastic measures for drastic weight loss.

The main advantages of a diet for a month:

  • The least stressful for the body;
  • A sufficient period for adaptation and adjustment functions of all body systems;
  • Achieving sustainable results;
  • Development of new eating habits;
  • The ability to significantly reduce the weight.

During prolonged diet body gets used to the new diet, which allows after the diet to stay in shape without gaining weight.

The main disadvantages of the diet for the month are:

  • The duration of the strict observance of the diet;
  • Slow dynamics of weight loss;
  • Psychological stress that a person experiences while staying in constant dietary restrictions;
  • The complexity of the combination of long-term diet and work schedule, family traditions.

Long-term diet is much more difficult to comply with. Diet for a month requires a high organization, self-discipline and willpower. It often happens that by starting the process of weight loss, a person does not notice the dynamics and stops the observance of dietary intake, which is a major mistake. The diet for a month, as a rule, is based on principles different from the principles of most traditional fast diets: starvation and a dramatic cleansing of the body. Diet for a month - this is a decision that many nutritionists and marketers call "to lose weight without hunger." Such a diet does not restrict the meals, and offers to move to radically different principles of nutrition.

Choose a diet: how to lose weight effectively over the last month

Diet month does not guarantee a significant weight loss. Efficacy diets primarily will depend on the causes of excess body weight. When choosing a diet to lose weight in the past month, it is necessary to adhere to the main rules:

  • The diet should offer an affordable menu - all the products at the heart of the diet should be made available and not to be new to the person in order to avoid allergic reactions, dyspepsia;
  • Diet must be the same way of life;
  • Calorie diet should be offered below the amount of daily calories expended.

When a diet to lose weight in the past month, it is necessary to adhere to the most basic rules of supply:

  • Excluding useless products: chips, nuts, snacks, sweets;
  • Adherence food (three meals a day, split meals) and the exclusion of snacks;
  • Correct unwarranted hunger relief;
  • Drinking enough water - with any diet increases the risk of dehydration. Another distinctive feature is the replacement of the body thirst hunger, so nutritionists recommend when feeling hungry between meals, drink non-carbonated water.

Diet 1 month: how to comply with the diet long

1 month - enough time to get rid of bad habits. Proper diet for 1 month includes:

  • Adherence  The results of a diet for a month
 Power provided by diet, as well as respect for fasting days;
  • Observation of the body and its reaction to the proposed diet;
  • The use of complex vitamins to maintain a balance of vitamins, macro- and micronutrients;
  • Do not use drugs and herbs to cleanse the body, if it is not provided by the diet itself. Cleansing the body in a nutritional deficiency should be carried out with extreme caution. The best way to gently cleanse the body is the constant use of dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Do not starve. Fasting days on the diet for 1 month suggested as the monopitanie and days in which the consumption of food is limited, but the complete elimination of food is strictly prohibited.

Diet for a month has almost no restrictions and contraindications to comply as it offers relatively gentle treatment. Such diets can also observe people with disabilities gastrointestinal ulcer disease, kidney disease, liver after consulting your doctor.

Weight loss diet for a month: the principles of stable weight loss

Before starting a weight loss diet for a month, you should understand that every body is different. Diet for months is the general principle. All diets are only of recommendation character. The basic principles of dieting to lose weight for the month are:

  • Blog weight loss will avoid unnecessary meals and to build up the regime and diet for a month;
  • Weight Control - with a diet for a month to follow the recommended weight (weighing at the end of each week), and record the results in the diary weight loss;
  • Promotion - during the diet for a month is necessary not only to arrange fasting days and rest days on the diet, when the allowed use of illicit products in small quantities (sweet, nuts).

Diet for a month: menu by week

Diet for a month is easier to comply with than the fastest strict diet. The diet for a month, the menu is prepared by week, it allows the body to gradually adapt to the new diet, getting rid of bad habits and unnecessary snacking, as well as to overcome the psychological dependence on food.

The diet for a month, the menu is divided by week, it is:

  • Week 1 - Introduction. Breakfast - juice, 1 boiled egg, toast. Lunch - vegetable soup, 100 g of boiled meat, vegetable salad. Snack - citrus. Dinner - low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt;
  • Week 2 - a fermented milk food. Breakfast - a cup of yogurt. Dinner - 100 grams of boiled meat, lettuce, cheese and honey. Snack excluded. Dinner - citrus, lettuce, cottage cheese, yogurt or yogurt;
  • Week 3 - vegetable. Breakfast - steamed vegetables, buckwheat porridge, yoghurt. Lunch - vegetable soup, salad, buckwheat porridge, fruit. Supper - stewed vegetables, fruit;
  • 4 weeks - the period of preparation for the exit from the diet. Breakfast - steamed vegetables, buckwheat, yogurt. Lunch - soup, boiled meat, salad, fruit. Dinner - steamed vegetables, salad, cottage cheese with honey, yogurt.

Lose Weight in a month: diet and a healthy lifestyle

Any diet becomes more effective in combination with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The program "Lose Weight in a month," a diet which provides a loss of 7 to 12 kg of weight, also implies a lifestyle change: walk instead of spending time on the computer, prefer hiking transport, outdoor recreation visit the cafe. Lose Weight in a month - a diet backed by physical exercise, which will help both to fix the weight and to simulate a beautiful body contour, avoiding sagging skin after significant weight loss.