Diet chicken

Often people who dream to lose weight, give up various diets is because their menu does not include the use of meat. If you are a meat lover so it should pay attention to diet to chicken. It will let you have a favorite meat with virtually no restrictions, but while still overweight reset.  Features of diet on chicken

What is the diet on the chicken?

As is known, the chicken is a dietary product. In its structure there are important elements such as proteins, amino acids, B vitamins and many other trace elements needed by the body (calcium, phosphorus, copper, selenium, iron). Moreover, in chicken meat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, and practically no cholesterol. That is why doctors always recommend the chicken patients with various cardiovascular diseases.

Before you go on a diet to chicken, it is recommended to arrange a three-day discharge, during which it is recommended to use only boiled chicken. Moreover, it is desirable to take food little but often, at least 5-6 times per day. Keep the breaks between meals at least three hours.

Then you can start directly to chicken diet, the duration of which is two to six weeks. Diet boiled chicken requires mandatory inclusion in the diet of chicken, steamed or boiled. It is also possible the use of chicken broth. Calories of your daily diet at the same time should not exceed 1300-1500 calories.

What foods are allowed during the diet on cooked chicken?

In addition to the chicken is allowed to use also the following products: a variety of vegetables and vegetable salads with vegetable oil and lemon juice, fresh juices, fruits, cereals. Also allowed once a day, drink a glass of dry wine.

Despite the undoubted benefits of chicken meat diet is recommended to consult with your doctor.

There are other types of diet on the chicken, notably those of Fig diet 3 days and 3 days for chicken and diet yogurt 3 days and 3 days for chicken. If you have time to spare, throw a couple of extra pounds will help in the three-day diet of boiled chicken, for which the food is nothing but her, you can not use. You can drink a variety of juices, water and herbal teas. Such a diet to cooked chicken gets rid of three kilograms in three days.

Fig diet 3 days, 3 days chicken

This diet is designed for chicken for 9 days, during which you can get rid of extra pounds 9. That is, the daily weight loss is 0, 5-1 kg per day. The loss of such a large amount of excess weight is a serious stress for the body, so before you get on this diet, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. Diet rice, chicken, apples contraindicated in gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcers, some diseases of the heart and even the common cold. Diet consists of three phases:

  • Stage 1 - 3 days rice, honey and water .  On one day you need to stock up to 250 grams of rice (preferably white varieties, long grain and wild brown here will not work) .  You must also 2-2, 5 liters of carbonated water and 3 teaspoons honey .  In the evening figure must be filled with cold water .  On the morning of his discard in a colander and rinse under running water .  This is done in order to wash rice starch .  Now it is possible to shift the rice in the pot, pour hot water in a ratio of 1 to 2 and cook for 15 minutes .  Ready figure should be divided into 5-6 portions and eat them throughout the day .  The last meal should take place no later than eight o'clock in the evening .  Water may be parallel with rice drink, and it is desirable to drink a day for at least 2, 5 liters .  The water is distributed evenly to the number is too large it is not necessary for the evening .  In the morning, afternoon and evening should eat one teaspoon of honey .  Such a menu is necessary to observe three days .  Figure in this case, cleans the intestines of all toxins and wastes .
  • Stage 2 - 3 days chicken, honey and water. In the second phase of diet on rice, chicken, apples must be reserved by the three mid-size chicken, weighing less than 1200-1300 g each. In the evening the chicken should be cooked in a double boiler or a boil in a saucepan. The morning to drink a glass of water first 1, and then have to start breakfast, which consists of about a fifth of the birds. The rest of the meat should be separated from the bone and divided into four equal portions, which will make your menu for the remainder of the day. Also during the day you need to drink 2-2, 5 liters of non-carbonated water and eat three spoons of honey.
  • Stage 3 - apples, honey, water. On one day need 1 kg of apples, 3 teaspoons of honey and 2-2, 5 liters of water.  Permitted products in the diet to chicken

If you for some reason do not eat rice, the first step may be omitted and only diet to comply with the chicken and apples. The result will also be pretty good. With precise Dieting Figure 3 days, 3 days for a hen lets throw 9 extra pounds and diet for chicken and apples - 6 pounds.

3 Day Diet yogurt, chicken 3 days

This diet allows you to get rid of the chicken ten extra pounds. This diet consists in the chicken, apples and yogurt are also three stages:

  • Stage 1 - are allowed to use only kefir. To sweeten the pill a few are allowed to add a small amount of sugar yogurt, but it is better suited raisins or dried fruits. It is known that yogurt is very useful fermented milk product that effectively cleanses the intestines, strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the skin, nails and hair. Regular consumption of yogurt has beneficial effects on sleep and relieves chronic fatigue. There are no restrictions in the amount of yogurt does not. Because yogurt has a good diuretic effect, it helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body.
  • Stage 2 - the apple. The food is permitted only eat apples raw, baked or mashed form. Ideal sour apple varieties. Allowed to drink apple juice. The number of apples is not limited. As you know, apples are also a great benefit for the body eliminate toxins, promote the improvement of the liver and kidneys. Apples contain many vitamins and trace elements (iron, manganese, potassium, etc.), which has beneficial effects on the stomach, effectively cleans the intestines and normalizes the liver. In addition, acidic apples excrete cholesterol and relieve constipation.
  • Phase 3 diets for chicken - chicken. This stage is dedicated to saturate the body protein, which is so necessary for human health. Many who are on a diet yogurt 3 days, 3 days chicken, claim that this stage is the most delicious. It is worth noting that the chicken is allowed only boiled or steamed with a little salt added. Baked, fried chicken and grilled chicken are prohibited. It is necessary to consume 300 grams of chicken a day. These 300 g should be divided into several portions and eat during the day. You can drink water without gas, fresh fruit juices, herbal teas and teas with a little honey.