Diet patterns

 Diet models - low-calorie diet
 The figure of the model is the subject of dreams of many girls and women, because who does not want to look like a mannequin. But even lean on the nature of the girls is difficult to maintain your weight all the time at one point. Models fairly strict regulations, and they can not afford to eat something starchy foods, such as a piece of cake. If the model is gaining weight, it may not even be allowed to show. So sometimes they urgently need to lose a few extra kilos in a few days.

All diets models belong to the category of low-calorie. Here are a few options that are used most often.

Diet models for 3 days

This is perhaps the most rigid version of the diet, which can not be called balanced. It can not be used more than once a month. For 3 days, you can lose 3-4 kg. The basic principle of this variant models of diet - only diet food, and only in the morning.

For breakfast you can eat 1 egg (boiled boiled) and drink tea without sugar.

After 2, 5-3 hours a second meal - 175g fat-free yogurt.

Even after 3 hours again 175 g of cottage cheese and a cup of green tea without sugar.

It turns out that all meals during the diet patterns are held in the morning, and in the second half there is nothing impossible. It is recommended for the diet drink a lot of water and to spend more time outdoors. Such severe restrictions withstand quite difficult, but losing weight 3-4 kg guaranteed 3 days. In the opinion of diet patterns on the 3 day the hardest, while it is the expressed feelings of hunger and weakness. Out of the diet should be gradually increase the amount of food you need to gradually, increasing its calorie content.

Diet models for 7 days

This version of the diet patterns a little easier, per day are allowed to consume 1000 kcal, and the variety of products much more in comparison with the previous one.

During the seven-day diet care model 4-5 kg.

The first day - barley porridge for breakfast (you can add 5g butter), sprinkled with grated raw carrots with ½ slice of rye bread. For lunch - vegetable stew with olive oil (you can substitute a salad of cabbage with onions). At dinner - buckwheat porridge with grated raw carrots or cabbage.  Barley porridge - Breakfast on the first day of the diet patterns for 7 days

The second day - breakfast barley porridge and carrot and cabbage salad, for lunch you can eat porridge on the water (it is possible to highly diluted milk). For dinner, wheat porridge with a salad of beets.

Third day - breakfast with barley porridge and carrot salad (with olive oil). Lunch vegetable soup (no "zazharok 'and broths). The soup can be replaced with baked vegetables. At dinner, let the boiled potatoes with cabbage salad (with olive oil).

The fourth day - breakfast 1 cup of nonfat yogurt or yogurt, lunch of vegetable salad with a small piece of boiled chicken. At dinner - cauliflower (braised or steamed) with tomatoes and a little grated cheese and baked apple.

Fifth day - breakfast of buckwheat porridge and vegetable salad, soup for lunch such as pickle 250g (only without the meat) and a salad of cucumber and tomato. At dinner - salad (without fish) and rice porridge.

Sixth day - breakfast of barley porridge and pickled cabbage, dinner of vegetable soup (no meat) and cabbage. Dinner consists of a vegetable salad.

The seventh day (final) - oatmeal for breakfast, lunch - vegetable soup with croutons. Dinner vegetable salad and 1 boiled egg.

In the opinion of the diet patterns in this version is not very good for you because of the shortage of animal protein. Therefore, we can add to it every day a little bit of meat or fish (boiled or steamed), and then you can be on a diet, and for a longer time. Bread in the diet is only allowed black, and in very small quantities. Besides body during dieting models must receive enough fluid (at least 2 liters), can drink water, tea (without sugar or sweetener). Carbonated beverages are prohibited, as they are very rich in calories.

In addition to these options there are diets models mono-diet weight loss slim girls. Monodiet should be observed 1-3 days, for which you can quickly get in shape.

In the opinion of the diet patterns in this way produces results with the following products: apples, yogurt, oatmeal, fresh cucumbers.

If you want to lose weight, you should also remember that the model does not "seize" hunger sweets and biscuits, to this end, they use raw carrots, lettuce and apples.