Diet Maggi

Maggie Diet is a system of food pertaining to the "non-fasting" low-carbohydrate weight-loss techniques.

Talking about diet  Maggie diet - low-carb weight loss method
 Maggie, is to drop the association with popular bouillon cubes: they do not have anything to do with it. The name of this power supply system, according to one version, gave the "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister. Description of the method and the results before and after the diet Maggie were published in the newspaper «Daily Mail»: the author argued that the system was designed specifically for Margaret, taking into account its taste preferences, and the ingredients are kept in strict confidence.

Description diet Maggi

The secret lies in the method of weight loss diet that is made in such a way as to provoke a certain chemical reactions in the body, helps burn fat and tissue removal from toxins, waste, and their decay products. That is why a strict diet Maggie considered requiring compliance schedule meals and diet. This procedure does not restrict portion sizes, which is especially nice for people who do not discipline other than food.

Not allowed: swap lunch and dinner, as well as to replace the similar products at its discretion.

If you are going to try this technique power, pre-plan your day so as not to deviate from the principles of the diet Maggie: the results are worth it.

Basic principles of diet Maggi:

  • Strict adherence to the food regime;
  • Strict adherence to the daily menu. If you want to be allowed to remove any product from your diet, but do not replace it;
  • Abundant drinking regime. It involves daily consumption of at least 2-3 liters of clean water to prevent the risk of constipation and dehydration. Also allowed to drink tea, coffee without milk and sugar, instead of which it is possible to use a sugar substitute;
  • Cooking food (vegetables, meat and fish products) must be carried out on a couple, without oil;
  • Salt, spices, garlic allowed to eat;
  • A small exercise.

If for any reason in the diet menu included Maggi products are not recommended, compliance methodology power necessary to start from the beginning.

Dieting Maggi does not require additional vitamin complex.

According to reviews, the diet Maggie has a very stable result. Provided gradual increase consumed  Diet Maggie has a very stable result
 daily calories lost 4 kilos a week will not be returned.

Maggie Diet: Menu

So the first week.

  • Monday. Breakfast: one or two boiled eggs and half an orange (grapefruit). Lunch: one of fruit (orange, apple, melon, pear, kiwi, watermelon) in any quantity. Dinner: any lean boiled meat;
  • Tuesday. Breakfast: 1-2 boiled eggs and half an orange (grapefruit). Lunch: boiled chicken (can be fried, but without the skin). Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, half citrus salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, carrots) without refueling;
  • Wednesday. Breakfast: the same. Lunch: toast, tomatoes, low-fat cheese. Dinner: any lean boiled meat;
  • Thursday. Breakfast: the same. Lunch: one of any number of vegetables. Dinner: boiled meat, salad without dressing;
  • Friday. Breakfast: the same. Lunch: two boiled boiled eggs, boiled vegetables (beans, zucchini or carrots and peas). Dinner: 1 whole citrus, salad without dressing, a piece of boiled or fried fish;
  • Saturday. Breakfast: the same. Lunch: one of any number of vegetables. Dinner: boiled meat, salad without dressing;
  • Sunday. Breakfast: the same. Lunch: boiled chicken (can be fried, but without the skin), boiled vegetables, tomatoes, 1 whole citrus. Dinner: boiled or steamed vegetables.

Menu diet Maggi on the second week. Every day for breakfast eaten 1-2 boiled eggs and half of citrus.

  • Monday. Lunch: boiled meat, salad. Dinner: 1-2 hard boiled eggs, 1 citrus salad;
  • Tuesday. Lunch: boiled meat, salad. Dinner: 1-2 hard boiled eggs, 1 Citrus;
  • Wednesday. Lunch: boiled meat, cucumbers. Dinner: 1-2 boiled eggs, 1 Citrus;
  • Thursday. Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, low-fat cheese, vegetables. Dinner: 2 boiled eggs;
  • Friday. Lunch: fried or boiled fish. Dinner: 2 boiled eggs;
  • Saturday. Lunch: boiled meat, tomatoes, citrus 1. Dinner: fruit salad;
  • Sunday. Lunch: boiled vegetables, chicken, tomatoes, citrus 1. Dinner: the same.

Review, diet Maggie the third week is almost vegetarian.

  • Monday. During the day you can eat any fruit except bananas, grapes, figs and dates;
  • Tuesday. During the day you can eat any vegetables, except potatoes, fresh or boiled;
  • Wednesday. Fruit and vegetable menu Monday and Tuesday;
  • Thursday. Cooked vegetables, fish, cabbage salad;
  • Friday. Boiled meat, vegetables;
  • Saturday and Sunday. Fruit menu in any amount and at any time.

And finally, the fourth week. According to responses to diet Maggi, the whole set of recommended products can be distributed on the day on your own.

  • Monday. Boiled chicken, 1 can of tuna without oil, cucumbers, tomatoes, toast, citrus 1;
  • Tuesday. 200 grams of boiled meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, toast, fruit to choose from;
  • Wednesday. Low-fat cheese, 1 tbsp. Spoon cottage cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled vegetables, citrus 1;
  • Thursday. Boiled chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, toast, citrus 1;
  • Friday. 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes, salad, toast, citrus 1;
  • Saturday. Boiled chicken breast, cucumber, tomatoes, yogurt, 2 tbsp. Spoon cottage cheese, 1 Citrus;
  • Sunday. 1 can of tuna, 2 tablespoons. Spoon cottage cheese, cucumbers, boiled vegetables, tomatoes, citrus 1.

Results Maggie diet: losing weight is stable for 4 weeks at 8-10 kg, lasting effect, strengthening the immune system.

Useful tips

  • In order to monitor the results of the power supply system, it is recommended to get on the scale every morning, as well as before and after the diet Maggi;
  • During the 4 weeks of dieting, try to at least 20-30 minutes a day to give physical activity;
  • Remember you are hypersensitive products. At an allergy to eggs or flatulence expressed replace Maggie on a diet more suitable.