A diet of fruits

Modern women often live in a very loaded life rhythm. Work, household chores, constant stress. Free time for yourself, your favorite, is so small that there is no time even to give due time, balanced diet. Naturally, this has a negative impact on the state of the waist and hips. Snacks and sandwiches on the run and fast fudami leads to the fact that in the most problematic areas appear body fat, which is still not a single person has done beautifully.  Use diet of fruits

In this case, it may be an essential diet of fruits containing a large amount of vitamins and not aggravating circumstances stomach.

How useful fruit diet for weight loss?

Fruits are rich in fiber and sucrose, are easily digested and quickly digested. That is why the fruit diet - an excellent option for weight loss.

A diet of low-fat fruit, and its menu is constructed in such a way that there is no need to exclude from the diet of solid food. That is why the fruit diet, reviews, does not slow down your metabolism. Fruit diet for weight loss is perfect for anyone who wants to quickly and easily get rid of a couple of extra centimeters in the waist and hips.

A diet of fruits rich in fiber, which helps normalize the process of digestion perfectly cleanses the body of unwanted bacteria and is the prevention of dysbiosis. In addition, vegetable food has a positive effect on blood purification. The longer the diet of fruit, the more it relieves the body. Thus, the most useful are fruit diet for 7 days and two weeks.

There are different versions of the diet of fruits with a varied menu. Some women prefer to arrange a one fasting day a week, eating only fruit. Other women once every few months, sit on a fruit diet for a week. The most popular today is the fruit diet for 7 days, while the diet of 3, 10 and 14 days and are in demand. Many women prefer a combined diet of fruits, which are allowed to use as vegetables and yogurt.

Seven Commandments effective diet of fruits

  • If you are subject to the fruit diet for weight loss pursues a strong desire to eat something sweet and satisfying, note the different fruit desserts.
  • Throughout the day, try to arrange the apple snack or eat dried fruits (except bananas and figs). This will blunt the feeling of hunger, as well as a positive impact on the value of serving lunch or dinner.
  • If you really want to eat ice cream, prefer chilled or frozen fruit juice.
  • If you are accustomed to snacking on sandwiches, replace them with grapefruit. Believe me, they are also very well saturated.
  • There are many different recipes of fruits, so try not to focus on a single platter.
  • If you wanted something baked, cook the curd pudding with plenty of fruit and sugar.
  • Put in a large flat basket of fruit. So, if you want to eat, you do not have to look in the fridge.

Fruit diet for 3 days

According to reviews, the fruit diet, designed for three days, not only easy to throw up to three extra pounds, but also cleanse the body of toxins and improve it. The main rule of this diet - eat as much fruit. It is desirable to include in the diet as fresh and frozen fruit. Do not interfere and dried fruits. Every morning, you should drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and throughout the day - at least two liters of liquid.

At observance of the diets banned bananas, dates and figs.

Sit on a three-day diet of fruit is not recommended more than once a month.

Fruit diet for a week

There are several kinds of fruit diet for a week. The simplest is this way:  Approximate diet fruit diet for 7 days

  • Breakfast consists of 300 g of cherries, strawberries or cherries without sugar, seasoned with 1 tablespoon sour cream. Toast with yogurt, tea without sugar, or a glass of juice.
  • For lunch, you can combine fruits and vegetables. For example, you can eat a small bowl of vegetable soup, mashed potatoes, 200 grams of lean fish or boiled meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey). For dessert - a plate of fruit salad of pineapple and kiwi fruit and a glass of fruit juice.
  • Snack consists of grated apples and carrots, dressed with a teaspoon of sour cream.
  • For dinner you can prepare fruit salad of pears and apples and fill it with yogurt or low-fat yogurt. Drink salad can be juice or water.

It allowed alternating lunch meat and fish, but do not eat too big portions.

Each diet is associated with some risk to the body. However, a diet of fruits, he kept to a minimum. You should not restrict your diet some fruit for too long a period of time, because due to their chemical composition, they are not able to fully supply your body with essential micronutrients. And at the end of a fruit diet to lose weight should not immediately rush into the pool with his head, and gorge on all sorts of meat and rich dishes. It would nullify all the beneficial effects of a diet of fruit.

Tips compliance fruit diet

  • You should not overeat, even if you eat the fruit permitted.
  • According to reviews, the fruit diet is much more effective if throughout the day to drink 2-2, 5 liters of fluid. The fiber contained in the fruits from the water swells and excreted together with slag.
  • It is not recommended to eat grapes, since it contains a lot of sugar. Menu fruit diet should consist of a variety of fruits. Bananas can eat, but not more than one unit per day.
  • The emphasis is on fresh fruits and canned's better not to drink at all, since they contain large amounts of sugar. Stewed fruits are also undesirable, since stews many calories and not enough vitamins.
  • The diet fruit diet must be present apples, pears, peaches and citrus fruit (grapefruit, oranges, tangerines). Fresh juices are required.