Diet 3 days

 Meals during the diet for 3 days
 The diet for 3 days is one of the most popular methods of losing weight, since the eighties of the last century. The main advantages are its fast enough results. Due to rapid weight loss low calorie for 3 days can be, in the opinion of many, lose weight 2-3 kg.

According to nutritionists, this rapid diet for 3 days is stressful for the body, especially in the daily habit to eat large amounts of food. This method causes serious psychological problems associated with increased irritability, which causes the feeling of hunger. Start Express follow diet for 3 days from Friday desirable, since performance on these days falls. Also during this period it is advised to observe sleep, giving him no less than 8 hours.

Diet diet for 3 days

The first day of weight loss diet 3 days (1024 calories) includes:

  •   Breakfast - black coffee or tea, half a grapefruit, a toast with a dollop of peanut butter;
  •   Dinner - 100-150 grams of tuna, a toast and black coffee or tea;
  •   Dinner - 50-60 g of chicken or any lean meat, a cup of carrot juice, one apple, 100-150 grams of boiled green beans and vanilla ice cream.

The second day express diet for 3 days (1137 calories) includes:

  •   Breakfast - black tea or coffee, one boiled boiled egg, half a banana, a toast;
  •   Dinner - 100-150 grams of tuna 8 saltine crackers;
  •   Dinner - half a banana, half a cup of carrot juice, 100-150 grams of boiled broccoli, 50-60 grams of ice-cream, 2 slices of lean beef.

The third day of weight loss diet 3 days (924 calories) includes:

  •   Breakfast - black coffee or tea, 5 saltine crackers, 30 g Cheddar cheese, an apple;
  •   Lunch - black tea or coffee, one boiled egg, a toast;
  •   Dinner - 100-120 grams of melon, tuna, boiled cauliflower, a glass of carrot juice and 50-60 grams of ice cream.

According to many nutritionists, this diet for 3 days is not useful and is much more effective to revise their habits that caused the excess weight, than to follow a low calorie diet. However, in cases where it is necessary to lose 2-3 kg in the short term, this diet for 3 days, from the reviews, is quite effective.

In accordance with the basic principles in order to lose weight, diet for 3 days must be followed to the last detail, but, if necessary, some of the ingredients in the diet can be changed. So, tuna can replace cream cheese, grapefruit - orange, broccoli - cauliflower cream - yogurt, carrots - beets, meat and egg - tofu, crackers - toast, peanut butter - almond.

Diets 3 days can stick once a week if the next four days in a week and the fully balanced feed.

The greatest danger to dial back the lost weight are the first three days after the diet. Therefore, to ensure that the efforts were not in vain, and the weight does not come back, the power must be restrained and balanced.

It is believed that the secret diet for 3 days is unique metabolic reaction that allows to burn excess fat, cleanse the body and reduce blood cholesterol. However, nutritionists are inclined to assume that the main cause of weight loss is its low calorie content.

How to reduce appetite during rapid diet for 3 days

Since the diet for 3 days is a low-calorie, during its compliance great difficulties attendant gives her constant feeling of hunger, which is not only physical, but also psychological reasons. To make it easier and faster to lose weight on a diet of 3 days, you can use a few tips to ensure that this process was not as painful:

  • According to the observations, not only those who are dieting, but many physicians naturopaths, thirst and hunger is not so easy to distinguish. Clean water helps to control hunger during the diet for 3 days, if you drink it in sufficient quantity during the day, especially for a while before eating. In addition, many studies show that, subject to proper water balance of weight loss on a diet of 3 days is intense. The daily dose of the water must be not less than 2 liters, the water with fresh lemon or lime juice is especially helpful for weight loss;
  • According to many studies lack of sleep due to psychological causes are often offset by the excess food. In addition, during certain phases of sleep that typically occur between the sixth and eighth hour, calories burned intensely. Therefore, the most efficient to combine weight loss diet for 3 days with a full eight-hour sleep;
  • Overweight is often the consequence of the habit of eating quickly, not chewing food thoroughly. During weight loss diet 3 days is recommended to find the time to enjoy every bite of food, a long and intense chewing it. According to many studies, a feeling of fullness usually no earlier than 20 minutes after starting a meal. Therefore, to alleviate the symptoms of hunger it is recommended to eat at least this time.

Exercises to lose weight on a diet 3 days

Low calorie, which is based on this diet, usually do not contribute to the energy level. Therefore, during the rapid weight loss in 3 days are welcome minor exercise.

According to some studies conducted in the UK, aerobic exercise during this period is preferable to any strength training, requiring a large muscle tension. The most useful for rapid weight loss in 3 days are considered to be walking, swimming, running, aerobic dance, and cycling and skiing.

In cases where such fasting days are held once a week, in the days of good nutrition can be practiced intense workouts that will help consolidate during weight loss on a diet for 3 days for a result.

Cautions for rapid weight loss in 3 days

 Sample menu diet for 3 days
 In the opinion of the diet for 3 days it is quite difficult to observe, because during this time it is accompanied by a feeling of hunger. If you experience severe headaches and dizziness diet is recommended to interrupt. Especially it concerns situations where during dieting necessary physical and mental stress.

On the first day after the diet for 3 days should limit consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates, and you can eat large quantities of vegetables and meat.

Also during the diet for 3 days, from the reviews, often psychological longing for familiar food, often for sweet baked goods. Therefore, especially in the first day after the diet should be careful and try not to get lost again with difficulty extra kilos. Of course, if the taste habits immediately overcome not, then you should try to eat carbohydrate and fatty foods in small portions, alternating it with vegetables and fruits.