Diet minus 60 Catherine Mirimanova

 Catherine Mirimanova - razrabotchitsa diet minus 60
 The essence of the diet

The system power is the name of his razrabotchitsy - Catherine Mirimanova, which managed, adhering to this diet for half a year to lose weight by 60 kilograms.

Diet minus 60, in contrast to many other diets, has no time limits, it should be seen as a system of a healthy diet recommended for prolonged use. Diet Mirimanova -60 truly unique because it does not imply the rejection of any products, it is based on separation of power and the lack of a late dinner. According to reviews, the diet minus 60 allows not only to get rid of the extra kilos, but also to stay in this well-fed, healthy and happy. Doctors confirm that the diet menu minus 60, and the power supply system as a whole does not contradict the dietary canons, so it is not only safe but also healthy.

The basic rules of diet minus 60

To transition to the new system of power was a painless, Catherine Mirimanova advises adhere to three rules:

  • Need disposition to weight loss. The author of the diet minus 60 urges lead your body into shape, not for a certain person or event, and, above all, to yourself. Do not delay the start of a diet tomorrow or Monday, to begin to change their lives and their relationship to food need right now.
  • Changing eating habits should be the beginning of a new life. Diet Mirimanova minus 60 - is not a way to quickly get rid of excess weight in a short period of time, is the introduction of healthy foods in the daily diet for the long term. Catherine Mirimanova study recommends eat small meals, replacing the favorite, but "harmful" products useful analogy.
  • Mealtime should be controlled. The contents of the plates depends on the time of its acceptance - rather than later, the restrictions more.

Principles of diet Mirimanova

Throughout the diet minus 60 must adhere to the following principles:

  • Up to 12 hours of the day diet may be submitted by any dishes and products. On the serving size and calorie content can not pay attention.
  • The water should be drunk in the quantities in which it would be desirable. Rape organism for the use of large volumes of fluid is needed.
  • Salt is not prohibited, but it should not be abused, because excessive amounts can cause swelling.
  • Honey, sugar and all derivatives are only allowed up to 12.00. White sugar is recommended to replace the brown sugar or fructose.
  • Breakfast is a must, because it is a morning meal allows to activate the body's metabolic processes.
  • As the reviews, the diet minus 60 losing weight like many also for the reason that it is not necessary to engage in counting calories. During the day, it is only necessary to follow the principles and diet menu minus 60, not paying attention to calories.
  • The optimal number of single servings of food depends on the needs, activity and metabolic processes of each individual, so the diet Mirimanova minus 60 does not provide some kind of a standard amount of food at one time.
  • The amount of fruit eaten during the day, should be limited to 1-2 units, because a greater extent, they may interfere with weight loss, slowing metabolism.
  • Not recommended fasting days and cleansing of the body, as well as any other abuse of the body.
  • During the day, there are three meal therebetween allowed "snacks" in the form of fruits or vegetables.
  • Do not taste food during cooking. If you have a desire to ignore this principle should drink green tea.
  • If dinner was not held until 18.00, should forget about it at all.
  • We do not eat milk chocolate, including the morning. It is better to choose this product dark chocolate, or, at worst, a cake. Love of milk chocolate Ekaterina Mirimanova explains habit that most people over the diet minus 60 manages to get rid of.
  • This power supply system can adhere to breastfeeding women, however, introduces the principle should be gradually, watching the amount of milk.
  • As the reviews, the diet minus 60 popular among pregnant women, but it is better to refrain from experimenting with power without first consulting a physician.
  • Acceptance of additional vitamin-mineral complexes, not only permitted, but encouraged.

Diet menu -60

Breakfast. You can have everything in any quantity, other than milk chocolate.

Lunch. For this meal all the recipes suggest diet -60 boiled or stewed. Mayonnaise, sour cream allowed, but only up to 14:00 and in a limited number (1 tsp) in a small amount can be used cooking oil and soy sauce. For lunch you can use any variation of sushi or milk products. Author diet recalls that long soups do not saturate, so get involved in are not recommended. If you still want to taste the soup, that preference should be given lean potatoes or no potatoes in the broth.

 The lunch of fruit, according to the diet minus 60, allowed citrus fruits, apples, kiwi, plum, pineapple, prunes, watermelon
 The lunch of fruit, according to the diet minus 60, allowed citrus fruits, apples, kiwi, plum, pineapple, prunes, watermelon.

Vegetables are permitted, but there are limitations. For example, potatoes and beans should not be combined with meat or fish dishes. You can use the corn on the cob, corn and green peas frozen. It should abandon the use of canned peas. Mushrooms should be eaten raw or cooked. Vegetables should be used raw, roasted, boiled or steamed. As for the salt, and pickled vegetables, seaweed, Korean salads, they can be found only in small quantities.

From meat and fish products are permitted sausage, cooked sausage, roasted meatballs, brawn, meat, meat products, seafood, fish, crab sticks, skewers. Allowed the use of cooked eggs.

You can also eat rice, buckwheat, pasta (not a combination of meat and fish), rice noodles.

Permitted drink coffee are presented, any tea, dry red wine, fresh juice, milk and milk drinks.

Dinner. For this meal all the recipes suggest diet -60 quenching water. You can use spices, soy sauce (a little), salt, sugar and here - banned. For dinner, you can choose the kind of products listed. From fruit you can eat the same as lunch. Vegetables are allowed everything except potatoes, corn, peas, mushrooms, eggplant, pumpkin. Vegetables can be combined with rice or buckwheat, it is also possible with a combination of milk products, including cheese allowed, live or unsweetened yogurt (without cereals and muesli), 50 g of cheese crisps. Drink during dinner, freshly squeezed citrus juice, sour milk or dairy drinks, tea and coffee here, do not contain sugar and milk, red wine and water to drink, not only during the evening meal, but after 18.00.

In the process of weight loss Catherine Mirimanova advises not to forget about facial skin care and body, as well as daily exercise.