Diet for the press

 Vegetables and fruits should be eaten in large quantities - it is a prerequisite for media diet for women
 Sleek and trim tummy in a beautiful outdoor clothes - a symbol of the eternal summer, holiday and recreation. However, over the long cold season, during which all activity is reduced to the movement of the vehicle to the office and back home, including brief visits to the store, the figure for the summer usually requires correction, which includes, in addition to diet for the press, binding set of exercises.

If during exercise is better to turn to an experienced coach who will help you choose the optimal set, the menu diet to press for women and men can pick up on their own.

If the goal is not only to acquire a slim figure by the summer, but also a beautiful press, the right to produce diet may need to consult a specialist. This is necessary when you need to make a diet for drying press and diet to swing press.

Diet to press for women

Women, as a rule, before they change something in life, you must carefully weigh everything and think.

In doing so, they can help a food diary, which should first analyze the daily diet. For two weeks, it should record all eaten and drunk, do not forget to fix the method of cooking and serving volumes.

When it's time to analyze the amount eaten useful and insalubrious products, it turns out that it is the traditional diet is the cause of excess weight. Usually it is a powerful incentive for change in life, namely, to go on a diet for the press.

The most simple and safe diet for the press will change in your diet:

  • Bread should not be deleted, but it should be replaced with whole grain or bran;
  • Kashi is necessary to prepare whole grain, it is best to water;
  • It is recommended to add to your diet bran and different presscakes (pumpkin, flax seed or thistle), which will help clean the intestines from the decay products and decay;
  • Meat and fish should also be present in the diet for the press, but we should not at this time to eat pork, better - chicken;
  • Vegetables and fruits should be eaten in a large amount, because they are a source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. It is best to promote weight loss citrus, apples and pears, which is not true of grapes and bananas. It is recommended to give preference to raw vegetables;
  • From dairy products on a diet for the press preference should be given to low-fat yogurt (no more than 2-3%);
  • Because nuts are considered most useful walnuts and almonds;
  • Seafood can be eaten on a daily basis since they with the minimum amount of calories and contain many useful easily digestible protein and unsaturated fat.

 Sports and proper diet - the most effective diet for the press
 Thus, if we exclude from the diet all harmful products, which in addition to weight loss, and round belly causes many serious diseases, it is possible to make a full and tasty diet menu to press for women.

Diet for press men

A list of useful products for women also suitable for the preparation of diets for press men. And if a woman is difficult to give up flour and sweet than they often compensate for the sense of security and protection from stress, the men in the diet for the press more problems cause the rejection of smoked meat and alcohol, especially beer.

It is the frequent use of beer promotes stomach, which can be seen on the figure of residents in many countries in which beer is considered a national product.

Tips for proper dieting for the press

As such, special diets for drying press and diets for rocking the press does not exist. However, choosing your diet healthier foods and trying to use them in the right proportion with the required amount of time, a few weeks you can not only lose weight but also, under constant training, easy to pump up the press. Of course, it is necessary to perform a set of exercises that should be selected with an experienced instructor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

So, diet drying press and diet to swing the press, consider the following recommendations:

  • Gradually reduce the consumption of fat in their daily diet. Most studies suggest that dietary fat leads to obesity. The excess fat increases the fat deposits faster than the excess carbohydrates. You can use a variety of spices, herbs and cooking techniques that would allow to prepare delicious and at the same low-fat dishes. However, this recommendation does not apply to the Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in oily fish and olive oil, as these fats are essential for the body to maintain health and prevention are the development of many cardiovascular diseases;
  • Try to diet during the press respect the ratio of 1/3 of any piece of food - a source of protein (chicken, fish, turkey), 2/3 - sources of carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice). Do not replace two-thirds of vegetables because they do not contain the required amount of calories for training;
  • Eat frequent but small portions. This will help maintain a level of glucose in the blood at the same level and, therefore, prevent acute feeling of hunger, which usually occurs during a meal three times a day. In addition, small portions of food are digested faster and better;
  • For a diet to be observed for the press following ratio of nutrients: 65% - carbohydrates, 20% - 15% proteins and fats;
  • Drink plenty of fluids, because during intense workouts fluid loss sometimes up to several liters per hour. Regular fluid intake will help prevent dehydration, which is bad for the process of burning fat. Preference should be given simple clean water, but sometimes it is possible to use special beverages containing 6 to 8% carbohydrates (glucose polymers) and a small amount of sodium and potassium;
  • Allow yourself once a week to eat what you want. How would it sound paradoxical, but the results of many studies observed that too long a limitation in food can lead to stress, as a result of which the body begins to store fat instead of burning it;
  • Try to connect the fiber and fluid during dieting to press for men and women, as together they contribute to the more rapid movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract. This will reduce the impact of metabolic toxins that are produced during digestion;
  • In order not to overeat, you can not start eating immediately after exercise, when hunger is at its peak. Prior to this, nutritionists recommend to relax and begin to eat slowly and deliberately. Also for the control of satiety during meals it is recommended to make a few breaks.

Proper nutrition, combined with the implementation of the necessary exercise will not only pump up the press and quickly get excellent shape for the summer, but also to strengthen health and immunity.