Diet for drying

Diet for drying the body - the maximum forcible burning fat and subcutaneous fat, and excess fluid.  Diet for drying the body - this is a diet designed for the disposal, primarily from the subcutaneous fat
 When fat burning is emphasized muscular relief, as it dries out the body by getting rid of all the excess. This type of diet is quite common among professional athletes. It helps to quickly get rid of fat deposits in problem areas and quickly build muscle. Diet for drying - quite exhausting and difficult process. Drying includes a set of actions, which must be approached responsibly and competently. By drying is meant depriving the body of carbohydrates and stimulate lipolysis. With proper drying occurs fat loss and an increase in lean body mass. With this type of diet you can lose up to 30 kg body weight for two to three months, while retaining muscle. The body after the diet becomes a relief, and the muscles are clearly drawn.

Diet during drying body for girls

Diet during sushkedostatochno strict. From the menu diet for drying should be excluded flour, animal fats and sweets. During the diet can not eat canned, fried, smoked and salted. Food must be boiled or steamed. At the beginning of the diet it is best to completely abandon the use of salt. Daily cooking is not allowed to use more than two tablespoons of vegetable oil or olive oil.

The menu diet for drying should definitely include products containing a part of a large number of protein (low-fat varieties of fish fillets, chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs). Since the egg yolk contains fat, then its use is not recommended.

The diet should also include low-fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese has a relatively high energy value, which is very important for various physical activities. However, we must remember that for one meal a human body can not absorb more than 150 grams of cheese.

The greens, whole grain cereals, vegetables when dried will become the main source of carbohydrates. These products should be used only in the beginning of the diet, and then it is better to gradually remove from edible ratsiona.Tak, in the first week are permitted to consume the diet for two grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. In the second week of diet can be used for drying is not more than one gram carbohydrate per kg body weight. In the third week is necessary to reduce the daily amount of carbohydrate consumed to 0, 5 grams per kilogram of body weight. In the fifth week of the diet consumed daily amount of carbohydrates can be increased to one gram. In the sixth week, it is allowed to use up to two grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight.

During the diet for drying need to gradually reduce the caloric intake. All ration should be divided into shares. 10% of the diet should be vegetable fat, 50% - 40% protein, and - slow carbohydrates. Eating is often necessary (six to ten times a day), moderate portions. During diets must abstain from food for two hours before and two hours after exercise.

During power on drying the body daily for the girls need to drink at least 2-2, 5 liters of clean water.  Feature diet menu for drying the body - foods high in protein

Diet for drying the body comprises three stages. Sticking to a diet is necessary for three months. In the first month of the diet is necessary to use a small amount of hydrocarbon-containing foods. Gradually should go to protein foods with vegetables. By drying the body, it is used in a minimum amount of sweets. Sunflower oil is desirable to replace linseed or olive. Before lunch, the body must fall carbohydrates, and in the afternoon should give preference to foods rich in protein. The most serious is the third month of the diet. At the final stage, diets must not consume more than 5% of the total protein mass of the body. The amount of carbohydrate in the third stage the diet should not exceed 80 grams per day.

Meals on drying the body for women at home

To use the diet for drying the body in the home, you must first learn how to work with tables of bread units, as well as to be able to count the number of carbohydrates in the diet and monitor the percentage of body fat.

In humans lack of glucose primarily uses glycogen. If insufficient quantities of glycogen the body begins to break down fat stores. The process of splitting fat is quite energy-intensive and heavy. In acute deficiency of glucose this process is not completely understood. Remain ketone bodies, the remains unsplit, developing ketoacidosis. At the beginning of ketoacidosis fairly easily eliminated. It is enough to use a little bit of carbohydrate foods and burn ketones. Thus, a diet for drying the body for the girls is really effective. But it is very dangerous because the body puts on the brink of ketoacidosis. Diet for drying the body can not be used in immunosuppressed deficiency of trace elements and vitamins, kidney disease, diabetes, diseases of the stomach and intestines, diseases of the pancreas and liver, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

At home, the drying must be carried out after long sport and a balanced diet for six months. Failure to comply with the conditions of the human body out of shape, and with it the potential for further improvement.