Diet Lydia Ionova
 The main principle of the diet Ionova Lydia is a comprehensive approach to the problem of obesity, not just a calorie count of foods eaten.

Overweight today - a problem widely disseminated. This is not only a health risk but also the deterioration of the quality of life. People who are obese, try many different ways to deal with it. Ionova method effectively helps to cope with excess weight, without prejudice to its own body, save for a long time result and significantly improve quality of life.

Diet by professionals

Lydia Ionov - the first nutritionist in Russia, trained at the world famous school for the treatment of obesity (Cambridge, UK). Competence in matters of food Lydia ions and specialists Clinic doctor Ionova ®   confirmed by the fact that in 2007, the clinic was awarded the prize "Profession - Life", which is awarded only once for the highest professionalism. In 2008, 5 scientific papers clinics were the first in Russia, adopted by the European Congress of Obesity in Geneva. In 2009, Lydia ions and specialists of the clinic and the first in Russia to receive European certificates in the treatment of obesity in Cambridge.

Dr. Ionova based diet - healthy habits

Lydia Ionova developed power supply system, which becomes part of a healthy lifestyle. When dieting Ionova important to include in the diet of healthy foods at the same time allowing to reduce excess weight and stay healthy, then there is a restriction in calories in the diet Ionova plays not a leading role.

Rapid weight loss is fraught with consequences for their health and lost weight quickly typed back. Diet Lydia ions is not designed for immediate effect, safe speed weight loss in the range recommended by the WHO.

With such a long-term diet the body will have no shortage of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals.

It is generally believed that the power of obesity necessarily involves reducing the number and variety of food eaten. Man while constantly experiencing psychological discomfort, because it is limited freedom of choice.

Diet doctor Ionova based on the free choice of diet. Products therein divided into 6 groups:

  • Starchy;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fruit;
  • Protein products;
  • dairy;
  • Fats.

The man the right to choose eaten foods from these categories, which allows you to choose dishes individually and according to your taste. According to the most ions taste to food is an important key point in getting rid of the extra kilos.

It is important not only to reduce the excess weight, but always keep it in the new boundaries. This can be achieved if a person is set to level mode right habits and a healthy diet. Forming good habits with diet doctor ions occurs constantly, healthy eating becomes an integral part of a new lifestyle. After a while overweight decreases the desire to eat fatty, fried, starchy foods and sugary foods. Therefore, according to reviews, the diet Ionova easy enough to withstand a long time.

Dr. Lydia Ionova not make his method secret. Under her authorship today released two books. In 2013, in his book "Healthy Habits. Diet doctor ions "she opened the secrets of his program. And in 2014 in his book "Healthy Recipes" Dr. Ionova shown that a balanced diet can be delicious and varied!

The principle of constructing diet Ionova

 The principle of constructing diet menu Ionova

The basis of the diet Ionova - specially developed food pyramid, on which it is recommended to prepare the menu for the day. An important requirement is to reduce the consumption of foods with a high glycemic index by replacing them, and the inclusion of foods, which is low glycemic index. Under this rule, favorable conditions for the active weight loss by splitting the excess fat tissue.

Glucose - the fastest and most accessible source of energy for the body. Eating, digesting that released a small amount of glucose, provokes use their own reserves of energy from fat depots. In the opinion, the diet such ions is favorable to health "side effects" as the normalization of blood sugar and blood pressure.

In accordance with the pyramid of healthy lifestyle on a diet of ions to a group of starchy foods include whole-grain or bran bread, pasta, bean products, cereals and potatoes. Starchy foods are not included in the dinner and welcome in the morning.

Fruits and vegetables, according Ionovoj diet must be present in the diet in sufficient amounts on the way to slimness and weight retention step. This vegetable is recommended to include all meals and in any quantity.

Group of protein products provided lean meat, poultry or fish, eggs, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese, and legumes. The recommended way to prepare protein food is boiling, braising, roasting, steaming or grilling. Protein products are distributed in two or more meals during the day, including dinner.

By dairy products include low-fat milk, and various dairy products of low fat content in the absence of their sugar and fillers containing it. Dairy products can be consumed throughout the day, including the evening hours.

On a diet of ions for the normalization of lipid metabolism in the diet must be present fats, but not all, and useful vegetable. By themselves, "bad cholesterol" they contain, thus leading to actively combat them. The group of fats, according diet ions useful include vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, and various salad dressings based on oil.

The amount of water drunk per day by diet ions should not be less than the numbers obtained by multiplying the weight (in kg) at 30 ml.

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