Diet Foot

Diet slimming legs - complex, combining a balanced diet with exercise and various treatments.  Features a weight loss diet feet

If you do not know how to lose weight in the legs, diet and complexes of different exercises can quickly help you solve this problem.

Diet Slimming Foot

Forbidden foods when dieting to lose weight legs are all kinds of sweets, soft drinks and energy, canned juices and sugar, as these foods contain a lot of calories that can negate the whole workout and dieting day.

Instead of the above should drink beverage plain water as it leaches toxins carries nutrients to cells and provides a moist environment the tissues of the body that need it. Doctors recommend drinking 64 ounces of fluid per day, which equates to 1, 9 liters.

Also useful drinking green tea as it is a source of antioxidants and contains a low amount of calories. Green tea contains ten times more polyphenols than most vegetables, and helps the body protect their cells from free radicals.

A cup of tea or a glass of water, drunk just before food intake will serve feint to the stomach, as it will be at the expense of the water better than it actually is, due to which the amount of food consumed will be less than usual.

Menu diet for legs and thighs

It is widely known that overweight people eat food, which contains many carbohydrates. Meals based on carbohydrate-rich foods causes the body to produce a lot of insulin. The organism, digesting insulin produces glucose (sugar) kotoryya ultimately converted into fat. Low-carb diet is based on protein foods, soy products, vegetables, fruits and nuts, which helps prevent the formation of fat. This diet is for the feet for the week to help get rid of extra centimeters in the hips, buttocks and legs, as well as a few extra kilos.

Thus, the important point is to reduce carbohydrate intake, but can not completely exclude them from the diet, as generated with their help the glucose needed for normal body functioning. Their consumption should be reduced by 80% of the usual dose of consumption.

Products authorized under the diets for legs and thighs:

  • Untreated, high-protein meats such as beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey, steamed, boiled, or baked;
  • Untreated, high-protein fish, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and trout, steamed, boiled or baked;
  • Low-carbohydrate vegetables and herbs;
  • Bold unprocessed cheese and milk cows, goats and sheep;
  • Sweetener (stevia).

Products that are prohibited within the framework of the diet for the legs and thighs:

  • Cereals, pasta, bread, cakes and pastries;
  • Fruit juices;
  • Processed foods (they usually add sugar);
  • Starchy vegetables (potatoes, beets and corn);
  • Sugar, margarine and mayonnaise.

Low-calorie diet for the feet for the week, allowing to lose those extra centimeters, meaning that reducing daily calorie intake should be in the range of 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day, which will help to dump 1, 5-2 kg per week, and gradually reduce the volume of the thighs, buttocks and feet.

It is also necessary to limit the amount of fat consumed from 35 to 60 grams per day. This means that the fat should be from 20% to 35% of calories consumed per day.

The required consumption of carbohydrates is from 170 to 240 grams of complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits, that is from 45% to 65% of calories consumed per day.

The amount consumed low-fat protein contained in meat, poultry, eggs (protein), and fish should be between 55-95 grams, which is 15% to 25% of calories consumed per day. Subject to this diet lose weight legs, thighs and buttocks.  The success of the diet for the legs - a combination of a balanced diet with exercise

Exercise for weight loss leg

Loss of fat on the hips can only be achieved with the successful combination of diet with exercise and massage. Maintaining physical fitness and good nutrition also mean that fat loss will occur in other parts of the body.

It is desirable to select a workout, from which, when combined with diet lose weight legs, buttocks and hips, namely:

  • For starters fit cycling or swimming, it is recommended especially for people suffering from arthritis and have injuries;
  • Sports team games in conjunction with diet leg will help to quickly burn calories. Motivation and competition present in the team games give more chances to burn more calories than hard training;
  • Yoga and Pilates in combination with diet leg will not help to burn a lot of calories, but help psychologically tune in to losing weight;
  • If you would not engage in any kind of sports fit even walking at a fast pace.