Diet for women

What should be the figure of a girl? Often girls are not very happy with her figure.  Features diets for women by type of figure
 When asked what should be the figure of a girl, you can not give a definite answer. In order to properly correct figure flaws, it is necessary to correctly determine its type. Nutritionists have developed a special diet for women with various types of figures. Diets for women by type figure to help for a short time to correct deficiencies problem areas of the body.

Types of figure girls

All types of shapes are divided into five main varieties. Varieties figures indicate the Latin alphabet or names of fruit. Body type is determined by the proportions of bones (long legs, wide hips), concentration of fat deposits in some places, as well as the general constitution of the girl. Types figures also define the width of the shoulders and the pelvis, on the severity of the waist and thigh bend line. To determine the type of shape girls, you need to measure the waist length and girth of the hips, and then divide the first figure by the second. If the value of the resulting figure below 0, 65, the type of shape - "pear". If this value is greater than 0, 75, 0 but less than 65, the type of figure of the girl called "hourglass", and if the index exceeds a value of 0, 75, the type of figures - "apple."

The girls with the type of shape "pear" heavy bottom, light top, small breasts, small waist, wide hips and narrow shoulders. Fat accumulation usually occurs in the hips and buttocks. Cellulite - the most common problem of women with this type of figure. People with type figure "pear" should always keep the weight under control. They can not gain weight or lose weight. When losing weight fat cells will be burned only in the upper region of the body. Thus the fat in the lower body is not practically burned. Blood flow in the buttocks and thighs is considered less active than the blood flow in the abdominal area. And when the bad blood goes to the fat cells, the fat begins to accumulate, stagnate.

When you type the figure of the girl "hourglass" waist clearly delineated, and hips is the amount of the shoulders. Excess weight in this type of figure is quite delayed in proportion, especially in the hips and chest. Deficiencies in the figure of this type there is little, except for the probability of occurrence of so-called "breeches" or "ears" in the hips.

If figure type "apple" fat cells are deposited on the chest and abdomen, and legs and arms is not fattening. The presence of excess fat on the abdomen and the chest provokes disorders of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes, respiratory diseases. To reduce the risk of these diseases is necessary to strictly control weight, eat right and perform a specific set of exercises.

Features diet for women with various types of shape

Diet for women who have the type of shape "pear", should be aimed at reducing the number of calories and foods containing starch. The diet of the girls with this type of figure you can enter the complex carbohydrates (peas, lentils, grains) and proteins (vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry). Packaged juices are better replaced with fresh fruit. To speed up the metabolism in the body on a daily basis it is necessary to drink tomato juice and tomatoes to eat. In tomatoes contain biologically active substances that contribute to the regeneration of the skin.

The diet for women who have the type of shape "hourglass", there is no explicit prohibition. We only need to reduce the amount of consumed starchy foods and sweets, dried fruits, nuts. Good to eat protein foods - veal, fish, chicken, and eggs. The diet of girls with this type of figures must include parsley.  Types of figures and diet women

During the diet for women with this type of figure in the morning is the best time to use fat and carbohydrates for dinner - proteins and carbohydrates, and for dinner, it is desirable to use only the whites.

The main rule of diet for women with type figure "apple" - reducing the amount of carbohydrates to increase insulin levels in the blood plasma. The diet of the girls with this type of figure must enter as many products containing fiber (root vegetables, legumes, bran). It should reduce the consumption of animal fats. Girls with this type of figure you must eat meat, dried fruit, different kinds of cereals, fish, walnuts, honey and citrus. As for drinks, you can eat fruit, herbal teas, water.

Types figures and diet for girls

When diet for women with type figure "apple" for breakfast, you can eat one egg with one hundred grams of any kind of greens, a slice of diet bread with a thin layer of butter and a small piece of ham. At lunch, you can eat a few walnuts and a small apple. For lunch you can make a salad. To do this, one hundred grams of green peas should be mixed with one tomato, two pieces of chicken, one tablespoon of cheese. All this season with two tablespoons of any sauce. Instead of dessert you can eat six grain crackers. At lunch eat a slice of low-fat cheese and one small bag. For dinner, bake the potatoes in their skins, steamed about one hundred grams of broccoli with the addition of a teaspoon of olive oil. Drink a glass of fresh juice.

When diet for women who have the type of shape "pear", breakfast can be eaten about two hundred grams of oatmeal with one small apple or banana. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

At lunch, you can eat more grain breads with a piece of low-fat cheese. For lunch, you can prepare a sandwich of two slices of bread with a teaspoon of mayonnaise, two slices of boiled meat, a piece of low-fat cheese, celery, tomatoes, carrots and onions, lettuce. At lunch eat one "apple" and drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. For dinner you can eat a small piece of chicken with boiled beans, salad of tomatoes.

For dessert, you can afford to eat a piece of chocolate pudding without sugar.

When diet for women with type figure "hourglass" for breakfast you can eat 100 grams of grapes or a banana, a glass of low-fat yogurt. At lunch, eat one boiled egg or one hundred grams of cheese, one hundred grams of fruit or vegetable salad with olive oil. Drink a glass of juice or tea without sugar. For dinner one hundred grams of boiled fish and one hundred grams of buckwheat. Prepare a salad of any vegetables. Instead of dessert eat one small apple and a glass of water. In the afternoon to drink a glass of kefir or milk. You can eat an orange or 70 grams of nuts. For dinner, you can eat about 150 grams of meat or fish, or about one hundred grams of cheese.