Diet for stomach

There are many techniques that allow  Features of diet belly
 get rid of fat in the abdominal area. This special physical exercises, massage and folk remedies, medication and diet intervention. Any effective diet for a flat stomach should be directed to the normalization of metabolism in the body, as well as to improve the functioning of the digestive tract. Diet for stomach - it's just part of the process of losing weight. To remove the stomach, the diet must be combined with sports exercises can burn calories.

The basic principles of weight loss diet stomach

In most cases, obesity occurs when the wrong diet. The main principle of the diet for the stomach - to adjust the diet. The basis of the diet should be foods rich in fiber (fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, cereals). Protein foods of animal origin should be consumed at least two or three times a week. Protein foods of plant origin during the weight loss diet should include stomach daily. To remove belly fat, diet should be followed for a long time. Restrictions gradually accustom the body to ensure that the metabolism will be more normalized and rebuilt. Later, you can add to the diet of berries and juice, whole-grain bread and cereals. Nutritionists are also advised to include in the diet of nuts and seeds, but not more than 50 grams a day.

During the diet for a flat stomach just need to drink plenty of water. Nutritionists recommend drinking mineral water without gas, melt or purified water. For the preparation of melted water is necessary to take a container with a wide neck. Pour into a clean water container and put it in the freezer. After a while the water is covered with a thin layer of ice. This ice must be removed, and the remaining water to freeze. Once fully frozen water can be thawed and drink small sips (one liter per day). Melt water helps cleanse the lymph and burn excess fat.

During the diet for the stomach can not drink alcohol, as all spirits slow metabolism. It is also necessary to limit the use of flour and sweet products, fatty and fried foods.

To diet for the stomach to be effective, it is necessary to split a meal for four or five points with the conventional regular intervals.

Sample menu diet for three days in the belly

On the first day of the diet for the stomach for breakfast you can enjoy a cup of green tea or a glass of fresh juice from carrots and apples. Between breakfast and lunch, you can eat peanuts (50 g hazelnuts or walnuts). For lunch, it is desirable to boil brown rice and prepare a salad of fresh vegetables. For dinner, bake 50 grams of low-fat varieties of fish with vegetables.

On the second day of the diet you can eat half a grapefruit or an apple. Between breakfast and lunch cook fruit or vegetable salad. You can drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice. For lunch Boil buckwheat. Instead of dessert, eat a small brush of grapes and herbal tea. For dinner, boil or bake two hundred grams of chicken breast. For garnish you can put out any vegetables.

On the third day diet slimming belly can cook porridge and baked apples. Between breakfast and lunch to eat and brush of grapes with a glass of non-carbonated mineral water. For lunch, two hundred grams of boiled fish, cook carrot salad with sour cream. At dinner, drink 250 ml of low-fat yogurt and eat a banana.

Sample menu diet for the stomach for a week

On Monday, make a toast for breakfast, wholemeal, drink 200 ml of low-fat yogurt. Boil the rice for lunch and prepare a salad of peppers, cucumbers, cabbage. For dinner one hundred grams of boiled chicken or beef, baked eggplant. Squeeze 250 ml of juice from apples.

On the second day  The results of the diet for the stomach
 diet stomach for breakfast you can eat low-fat cottage cheese and a cup of weak tea or coffee. For lunch, boil rice (100 g) and beef (100 g). For dinner prepare a salad of tomatoes and onions. Dress the salad with vegetable oil. Before going to bed you can drink 250 ml of tomato juice.

Wednesday breakfast boil hundred grams of turkey. Drink a glass of green tea. For lunch, boil or cook for a couple of 150 grams of low-fat varieties of fish and prepare a salad of pickled cabbage, onions and peas. For dinner, boil the rice and eat an apple. Before going to bed you can drink a glass of freshly pressed apple juice.

On the fourth day diet slimming belly for breakfast can be boiled veal, drinking weak coffee or tea. For lunch cook vegetable soup broth rather weak. You can eat some bran bread. For dinner, boil rice and 150 grams of chicken meat.

On Friday, the breakfast cook toast, drink a glass of nonfat yogurt. For lunch, bake some potatoes, boil 150 grams of fish and make the carrot salad with sour cream. For dinner prepare a salad of fresh vegetables, boil 100 grams of veal.

On Saturday, breakfast can boil an egg. You can eat oatmeal cookies (2 pieces), and herbal teas. For lunch, boil rice and one hundred grams of turkey. For dinner, two hundred grams of boiled chicken. You can make a fruit salad (plum, orange, apple, pear).

On Sunday, prepare toast and drink green tea. For lunch, boil the rice and cook vegetable salad (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions). For dinner, boil 200 grams of beef and prepare a salad of cucumbers and cabbage.

Exercises during the diet for belly

During the diet is very helpful to do exercises for abdominal retraction. On a deep breath to relax the stomach is necessary, as you exhale draw. After one to two weeks the stomach becomes elastic.

Help burn excess fat in the abdominal area of ​​the body twists and side torso alternately left and right, sit-ups. Effective as a circular motion of the lower and upper parts of the body in turn. Fasten the effect of a flat stomach, you can use the exercises with a hoop, jumping rope, dancing, swimming, Nordic walking or jogging.