Diet for stomach

Diet for stomach - a system of rules of food recommended in the pathology of the digestive organs.  Diet for stomach - diet excluding roughage

When the diet is essential for the stomach

Most often, about proper nutrition and diet to stomach people are starting to wonder if there are problems. The first signs of trouble are usually: the severity of abdominal pain, heartburn, pain or acid regurgitation. Severe pain worried after acidic, spicy, too salty and fatty foods. In this case we are talking about gastritis with high acidity - a chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach in which digestive glands produce hydrochloric acid in excess.

Without attention to these symptoms should not leave as running the disease becomes more severe phase or even stomach ulcer. Your doctor may prescribe additional examinations and medicines for the treatment of gastritis, but a diet for gastric plays perhaps the most important role in recovery. Without dieting stomach gastritis will continually escalate, that sooner or later lead to complications.

General principles of the diet at high acidity

With increased acidity of gastric juice should be very carefully and thoughtfully choose dishes for the diet. They should not cause excessive stimulation of the digestive glands. During an exacerbation recommended to regularly prepare soups and soups on the basis of the mucosa.

Diet for stomach excludes dishes such as:

  • Strong nourishing broths;
  • Mushroom soup;
  • Grilled meat and vegetables;
  • Pickles;
  • Pickles;
  • Sharp and spicy seasonings.

You can not eat too much salt, while sugar much harm to the stomach is not.

Diet for stomach should include first of all the vegetables with a small amount of fiber for their digestion requires less digestive juices. During exacerbation allowed vegetables such as:

  • Potatoes;
  • Turnips;
  • Carrot;
  • Cauliflower.

Better to eat vegetables in boiled or steamed as a finely pureed. Not recommended sorrel, kale, radishes, beets.

From fruit to the diet when the acidity is better to choose non-acidic species, as well as those that quickly and easily digested. They are easier to assimilate, if they bring to the table in the baked or boiled (puree, mousse).

Diet for acidity may include various cereals, cooked in water or milk. In the period of acute gastritis it is better to make mashed. Mucous consistency of porridge effect on inflamed gastric mucosa smyagchayusche and protectively. It is useful to include in the diet diet for gastric cottage cheese, eggs, milk.

When choosing meat or fish for the diet at high acidity, should stay on the low-fat varieties. Although fat is not directly affect the production of hydrochloric acid, products with a high fat content found in the stomach longer, slowing digestion and causing excessive activity of digestive glands. Animal fats in the diet is better for the stomach completely excluded, but 2-3 tablespoons a day of vegetable oil can be added to food.

The most suitable diet drinks at acidity will compote of dried or non-acidic fresh fruits, weak tea, plain water. Particularly worth noting from beverages jelly - it is well envelops the gastric mucosa and reduces abdominal pain. It is also able to exert a therapeutic effect alkaline mineral water without gas. It is prohibited in acidity coffee drinking and any sodas. Immediately after eating, especially during her best not to drink, but do it after 1-1, 5:00 after the meal.

Diet for stomach regulates food intake and frequency. There are better fractional and often - 5-6 times a day, and reduce in proportion to the portion sizes. You should never skip breakfast, it is very important for the health of the stomach. Protein foods is better not to eat at the same time with a meal rich in carbohydrates.

An example of a diet at high acidity for a week

This case clearly shows that diet for the stomach and can be tasty and varied, and useful at the same time.

First day:  Stewed and sour juice - diet drinks allowed in hyperacidity

  • Breakfast - lactic buckwheat (mashed), cottage cheese souffle, weak tea with sugar;
  • Second breakfast - hard-boiled egg;
  • Lunch - oatmeal soup, steam meat dumplings, cauliflower puree, compote of dried fruits;
  • Dinner - pasta, steam fish cakes;
  • The second dinner - a glass of milk or cream.

Second day:

  • Breakfast - milk porridge, meat croquettes steam, carrot and mashed potatoes, a glass of tea with milk;
  • Second breakfast - pancakes made of curd and beetroot;
  • Lunch - soup of zucchini with croutons, a piece of boiled meat, pasta, apricots;
  • Dinner - cottage cheese dumplings, sweet tea;
  • The second dinner - a glass of milk, crackers.

The third day of the diet for the stomach:

  • Breakfast - boiled egg, a piece of dried bread;
  • Lunch - Carrot-apple souffle, glass compote of dried fruits;
  • Lunch - rice-milk soup, chicken patties steamed omelet, sweet tea;
  • Dinner - mashed meat, mashed potatoes, a glass of non-carbonated alkaline mineral water;
  • The second dinner - cottage cheese casserole.

Fourth day:

  • Breakfast - mashed milk rice porridge, stewed fruit;
  • Lunch - a sandwich with butter and cheese, tea with milk;
  • Lunch - soup, vegetables, rice and vegetable mixture with a piece of boiled meat, applesauce;
  • Dinner - baked in foil fish, boiled potatoes, broth hips;
  • The second dinner - cream, biscuits.

Fifth day:

  • Breakfast - cottage cheese casserole, tea with milk;
  • Lunch - berry-fruit jelly with croutons;
  • Lunch - mashed chicken soup, boiled rice with baked chicken, carrot and apple salad;
  • Dinner -myasnye meatballs with noodles, stewed fruit;
  • The second dinner - milk, crackers.

The sixth day of the diet for the stomach:

  • Breakfast - egg souffle, weak tea;
  • Second breakfast - milk pudding;
  • Lunch - soup carrots, mashed potatoes, steam fish meatballs, broth hips;
  • Supper - veal schnitzel, boiled potatoes, milk tea;
  • The second dinner - cream with croutons.

Seventh day:

  • Breakfast - milk semolina with meat souffle;
  • Second breakfast - fruit souffle, sweet tea;
  • Lunch - vegetable soup, baked apple jam;
  • Dinner - minced meat with boiled vegetables, cheesecake, fruit compote;
  • The second dinner - milk.