Diet for the summer

 Diet for the summer includes only your favorite foods
 In order to get rid of excess fat, the pores better than summer, do not find. A huge number of plant fiber rich coarse fruits and vegetables in the diet is the best help to reduce body weight. In addition, products of vegetable origin rich in vitamins and trace elements, which makes the process of losing weight the most health benefits.

Mechanics summer diet

Slimming subject summer diet passes through a large content of indigestible fiber. On their processing body has to expend a considerable amount of energy. In addition, dietary fiber can swell and occupy a significant place in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby sending a signal to the brain to full saturation. Thus, for a diet for summer hunger hardly arise.

When injected into the intestines swollen tissue plant operates on a panicle, stimulating peristalsis and purification. Moreover, it has the ability to remove excess cholesterol and other harmful substances (in particular carcinogens).

Great content in fruits and vegetables, which are used in the summer diet, various nutrients help the body to compensate for the stress mechanisms - companions of any diets. Diet diet is enough for summer beshitrosten and consists of your favorite fruits and vegetables. They are invited to eat in large quantities at every meal.

Despite the apparent harmlessness, before you start to observe a summer weight loss diet, you should consult with your doctor. Contraindications for it may be diseases of the digestive or other pathological processes.

The process of exit from the diet for the summer should be as delicate as the start. Do not immediately load the body hard and fast food carbohydrates, otherwise a new round of weight gain is inevitable. According to the reviews of the summer diet, a month is quite capable to lose about 4 kg.

Summer Food Products

Also, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables in various combinations, and in the form of a salad dressed with vegetable oils in the summer menu, it is advisable to include fresh juices, but it is necessary to control the number and overused. These juices can be diluted with mineral water or to use as a smoothie, then eat with fiber.

By following a diet for the summer, can not do without cheese and other dairy products. You should also take into account the considerable calorie potatoes and try to eliminate the product of years of supply.

Summer diet - 7 days for health and beauty.

Sample menu summer diet for 7 days can be as follows:

  • for the first day of the chosen one favorite vegetable, which is used at every meal;
  • on the second day choose two kinds of fruits and eat them all day long;
  • on the third day diet for the summer feed exclusively on berries;
  • menu of the fourth day - a fermented milk: whole day eating yogurt and nonfat yogurt;
  • the fifth day of eating vegetables boiled or baked form, as well as steamed;
  • sixth day, as well as a third - berry;
  • and during the Seventh-day diet for the summer allowed only fresh juices, and mineral water.

 Summer weight loss diet will help you bring your body back to normal
 The obvious advantage of the summer diet for weight loss is that the degree of stiffness can be adjusted individually for themselves. Before going to sleep in any of days allowed to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. It is also important not to forget about drinking regime - in the summer of fluid intake should be at least 2 liters of pure non-carbonated - mineral - water per day.

Peeled and cut fruit should not be stored - they must be immediately eaten, but it is advisable to boil vegetables in their skins.

Judging by the positive reviews of the summer diet, in most cases it is effective. Observing further rules of healthy eating, there are good chances to consolidate its results in a normalization of body weight.