Diet for hips

 The basic principles of the diet for the hips
 Thighs, buttocks and abdomen - the most "problematic" areas, gives a woman a lot of grief. Fat deposits in these places appear quickly - because of the physiological characteristics of the female organism, but to correct the figure is extremely difficult.

It helps to lose weight in the hips diet based on - the exclusion from the diet of fatty foods, alcohol, sweets, including chocolate and flour. Allowed to eat rice, seafood, cereals, lean meat, wholemeal bread, vegetables, legumes, fruits.

Calorie daily diet of 1200 calories for women and 1500 - for a man.

The basic rules of diet for the thighs and abdomen

  • The duration of the diet for the hips - not more than 2 weeks. Prolonged restriction of fats and proteins can cause a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and metabolic disorders.
  • At the end of the diet is important to get out of it, and not to abuse in the future flour, sweet and fatty.
  • The rate of protein in the diet to lose weight hips - not more than 25g a day.
  • Power must fractional three main meals and two or three snacks in addition.
  • We can not forget about adequate use of water: 30 ml per kilogram of body weight per day is required to drink - it will provide a good digestion.
  • Daily menu diet for thighs and abdomen should be varied, otherwise there is the psychological discomfort and to lose weight will be problematic.

Menu diet for weight loss thighs

The first version of the diet for the hips:

For breakfast you can drink low-fat yogurt or yogurt (no more than 1%), eat some fruit and a slice of rye bread with tomato.

 Menu diet for weight loss thighs
 For lunch, you can take 200g of boiled chicken, salad with lemon juice, tea and coffee.

For dinner, you can STTS vegetables. Particularly useful broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, beans. You can also eat one baked apple.

The second version of the diet for the thighs and abdomen:

For breakfast you can eat boiled potatoes with boiled mushrooms, rye bread, coffee or tea.

For lunch, bake or fry the meat well, eat a few fresh tomatoes.

For dinner, we can again STTS vegetables, boiled buckwheat porridge.

As a snack in the first, the second half of the day during a diet suitable for the hips cheese, fruit and vegetables, bread or wholemeal bread, low-fat yogurt, cereal.

To lose weight in the hips diet can be based on a single product (mono-diet). Lose weight so it's better in the summer, for example, in the season of ripening melons: watermelon and melon. Watermelon is rich in fiber and a good output fluid from the body and removes toxins melon, has a laxative and diuretic effect. Slimming in the watermelon and melon can "sit" is not more than a week, since monodiet quite poorly tolerated by the body. When the diet for longer thighs should be added to the diet of boiled eggs and black bread.

In the summer you can use a diet to lose weight thighs: use without restriction throughout the day vegetables and fruits green apples, bell peppers, all kinds of cabbage, cucumber, beans in the pods, zucchini, parsley, lettuce, dill and other herbs. An exception is the green beans. It lasts such a diet for two weeks, while once a week can be incorporated into daily menu to choose from the following products:

  • grilled mushrooms, one boiled potato, vegetable salad;
  • diet yogurt, cereals and vegetable salad;
  • lean meat, grilled, boiled corn

What else you need to know about diet for the hips

As in any other case, the only limitation in food will have no effect. Lose weight in the hips diet will help only if the combination of it with exercise. You can use any type of load on the legs: sit-ups, jumping rope, running, walking, swimming, aerobics, dancing, skiing and skating.

To fix the skin after dieting for the hips, thighs and removed from the abdomen to help cellulite wraps with chocolate and algae, massages.

Sport activities should be continued and after the diet and weight-loss courses are conducted periodically once every one or two months.