Diet for stomach and sides

Losing belly fat can be a diet for the stomach and sides. Many nutritionists  Features of diet belly and sides
 They believe that in order to remove the stomach and hips, choose a long-term diet is necessary. Short-term weight loss diet belly and sides create only the appearance of reducing the volume of the abdomen due to intestinal cleansing.

The basic principles of the diet for the belly and sides

Start a diet for abdomen and sides should be a review of the diet .  If the wrong diet disrupted the intestine, the body accumulates harmful substances .  When diet for abdomen and thighs need to have small meals six times a day .  A few hours after eating traditional snack can afford, but the snacks should not be repeated more than three times a day .  The main thing in the diet for the thighs and abdomen - are not hungry and do not overeat .  In the diet is necessary to completely give up alcohol .  During the diet you can not drink whole milk, fried vegetables, candied nuts, meat and canned fish, margarine, confectionery .  Of all the drinks should be preferred herbal or green tea .  These drinks accelerate the breakdown of fats and well burn calories .  During a diet to lose weight stomach and sides should be included in the diet of fruits and vegetables, dairy products in all kinds of cereals, eggs, poultry, seafood, fish, peanut butter, olive oil and sunflower oil .

Diet for hips and abdomen

There are many diets for the thighs and abdomen. Quite often used kefir diet. Kefir diet is necessary to keep five days. For breakfast, drink half a cup of yogurt with a piece of rye bread with bran. For lunch, drink three cups of yogurt, but for dinner - half a cup of yogurt with two rye crackers. During the breaks you should drink as much clean water. Kefir diet is contraindicated in gastritis and ulcers.

Useful for health buckwheat diet. The buckwheat contains vitamins P and B, magnesium, potassium, and other minerals. Buckwheat diet is simple. It consists of one of the discharge of the day. During the day you should eat only buckwheat. A glass of cereals must first brew two cups of boiling water. Then wrap and put in a warm place for ten hours. Buckwheat can not add salt. You can add a little lemon juice or soy sauce. You can drink low-fat yogurt and water.

During the diet you can prepare a drink of turmeric. Half a teaspoon of crushed root of turmeric need to pour 300 ml of boiling water. Let it brew for about 15-20 minutes. Drink a drink after a meal is necessary (one cup).

Cheese diet for abdomen and legs is very simple and effective. The diet is used in conjunction cheese  The results of the diet for the belly and sides
   fruit, vegetables, herbs and berries. It is impossible to combine cheese with melon, raisins and nuts. Cheese diet for belly and legs should be observed for several weeks. It is necessary to regularly massage the legs stiff brush under the shower.

The diet for the stomach and the legs of the American nutritionist Rosemary Conley is no strict menu. Every day it is necessary to include in the diet of salad and vegetables (300 g), the protein products of animal and plant origin (150 g), complex carbohydrates (150 g), fresh fruit and fruit juices (300 g), low-fat milk (250 g). Coffee and tea you can drink without any restrictions. Sometimes you can afford a glass of dry red wine.

Exercise while dieting abdomen and sides

To remove the stomach and hips, the diet must be combined with exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles. You can perform regular twisting and reverse twisting. To perform the first exercise is necessary to lie on your back, put a foot on the floor, knees bent. Pull the hands forward, shoulders off the floor. Neck muscles are not tense. To perform a reverse curl is necessary to lie down on your back, lift legs up and bent at the knees, hands down at your sides. Lift your pelvis off the floor for five to ten centimeters. Each exercise is necessary to perform 20 to 50 times.

The muscles of the abdomen and thighs can be strengthened through the hoop. Diet for stomach and sides combined with the hoop will allow more efficient and faster to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Hoop has a massage effect on the obliques and rectus abdominis. Fifteen minutes of training with hoop burns a significant amount of calories.